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Trump responds to Bannon’s arrest

Steve Bannon, a former senior adviser to trump, was arrested for defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors in a fundraising campaign. According to AFP news agency, trump responded that he had “no idea” about Bannon’s fund-raising activities.
AFP said trump told reporters in the White House Oval Office that “we have no idea about that project.” Trump said he felt “very bad” and called it “a sad thing.”.
In addition, trump also said that he had lost contact with Bannon for a long time, “I haven’t dealt with him for a long time, I haven’t dealt with him at all.”.
According to a previous report by the U.S. Bloomberg, the New York District prosecutor said in a statement that former U.S. President Trump’s former political adviser Bannon was arrested with three other people on suspicion of participating in the “we build a wall” project. The online donation program raised $25 million to build the U.S. southern border wall, but Bannon was accused of using the money for personal expenses, the statement said. According to the prosecutor, Bannon will appear in court on the afternoon of 20 local time.

Millions of us netizens want to change the national flag

After toppling down many celebrity statues and questioning the legitimacy of the national anthem, many American netizens began to make fun of the American flag. Recently, a joint campaign called “changing the U.S. flag” received more than 1 million Internet users’ response on the famous petition collection website in the United States.
The so-called “revised draft of the United States flag” information map, source: Twitter
Recently, in the United States famous petition collection website“ Change.org ”A call for a change of the national flag and Anthem of the United States was issued on the.
The content of this initiative can be described as serious and indignant. At the beginning of the initiative, the author said passionately: “we teenagers are the future of the United States, and we should put forward our national flag design scheme.”. Later, the author criticizes the original American Star Spangled Banner as “not only ugly, but also very bad”.
In response to the protest that “the lives of black people are also lives”, the new design of the “national flag” has replaced the blue and five pointed star patterns in the upper left corner of the original national flag with black “representing black people”. The pattern was changed to a cartoon character named “Manny” and the stripes between red and white were changed to “yellow and white stripes”.
According to the design draft, this image, called “Manny”, symbolizes the pro youth in the new era of “justice, unity and fearlessness” in the United States, while the yellow and white stripes symbolize happiness, enthusiasm and wisdom.
Image taken from“ Change.org “
In addition, with the new flag, the original American National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, does not live up to its name. The author suggests that black and yellow, a black pop singer, should be chosen as the National Anthem of the new generation according to the color matching of the “new national flag”.
Up to the time of publication, the initiative has collected the support of 1 million Internet users. According to the page, the target number of the petition is 1.5 million.
This time “modifying the national anthem and national flag” is not groundless. On June 19, a statue of Francis, the songwriter of the US National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, was toppled by protestors in San Francisco. On the 24th, Lindsay Parker, the music editor of Yahoo, said in a column that the American National Anthem “the Star Spangled Banner” was “obviously” racist, “and” it may be time to change it. “.
The protestors believed that Francis had once supported slavery. In the lyrics of his national anthem, “those slaves and mercenaries who have no place to hide will inevitably fail and die”, which is “discriminating against slaves” with colonial color.
Source: Fox News Channel 8
Therefore, whether or not to change the national anthem and national flag because of Francis’s behavior and the controversial lyrics has become a hot topic on American social networks.
However, the author interviewed several friends from the United States. The above-mentioned initiative to give a “draft of the national flag” is likely to be an “anti string black”.
The cartoon character named “Manny” in the “national flag” is from the 2004 cartoon “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. In the book, Manny is a selfish, irascible “bear child” who nearly set the house on fire because of quarreling with his family and opening the gas valve.
Therefore, in American subculture, “Manny” is often used to refer to the irresponsible and willful “giant baby”. This is exactly what many conservatives in the United States are saying about the current anti discrimination protestors.
I don’t know how many of the 1 million people who supported the change of the national flag and national anthem, how many of them knew the meaning of “Manny”, and could not verify whether their motivation to join the joint signing was to ridicule the current protestors in the United States. However, judging from the speeches made by many American netizens on social networks, this initiative is still quite hot.
Some people said: “to change a new national flag is to move in the right direction.”.
A more common way of playing is to deliberately put the American flag and the “mani flag” together, mock the Star Spangled Banner in a pretentious way, and pick up a passage to praise the “mani flag”.
However, some people expressed their dissatisfaction with the “flag changing Carnival”. The netizen said, “you would rather participate in the boring proposal of” using the Manny flag as the national flag “than really help people in need. I can go to you!”
Because these netizens’ speeches are so “serious”, passers-by don’t know whether it’s their real idea or just joking.
In my opinion, this strange state is also a reflection of the mentality of some American protestors. With the spread and expansion of the protests, they don’t know what they should support or oppose. The only thing they want to do is to be busy on the way of Carnival and finding new topics.
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More than 10 million new crowns have been confirmed worldwide, and fudge warned: the problems in the United States are very serious
The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by the Johns Hopkins University in Beijing on June 28th afternoon shows that the total number of confirmed cases has exceeded 10 million. Among them, the number of confirmed cases in the United States is more than 1 / 4, reaching 2.51 million.
Source: Johns Hopkins University
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed for more than 40 thousand cases in two days on 25 and 26 days, according to BBC. At this time, the head of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, Antony Fauci, gave a stern warning: the United States is facing a “serious problem” and 16 states are suffering from the surge of confirmed cases of new coronavirus.
At the first white house working group briefing in two months, Dr. forge said, “as you can see, we’re in some

2.5 days off in multiple places

On April 1, Hebei Province encouraged 2.5-day flexible vacation to be on the hot microblog search list. Before that, Jiangxi Province, Longnan City, Gansu Province, Zhejiang Province and other places successively implemented the 2.5-day holiday system to stimulate consumption.
With the situation of epidemic prevention and control continuing to improve, economic activities in various regions gradually returned to normal. In order to boost consumption and promote stable economic growth, new measures of 2.5-day flexible vacation were introduced.
Experts interviewed by the Legal Daily said that the implementation of the 2.5-day flexible leave system is a special strategy adopted by local governments to promote economic recovery. It has a certain mass base and is not a “paper talk”. For the employees who can’t take 2.5-day flexible leave on trial, we should strengthen the protection of workers’ rights and interests, and use sharp tools to protect consumers’ right to rest. At the same time, we should use a more detailed and operable system to implement the paid leave system.
Implement 2.5-day holiday system in many places
The purpose is to promote stable consumption growth
After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, tourism is facing “life and death”. According to the calculation of China Tourism Research Institute, affected by the epidemic, in the first quarter and the whole year of 2020, the number of domestic tourists will be reduced by 56% and 15.5% respectively, and the domestic tourism revenue will be reduced by 69% and 20.6% respectively. How to stimulate consumption to achieve rapid return of tourism has become another examination question for local governments.
Since March, Jiangxi Province, Longnan City, Gansu Province and Zhejiang Province have issued notices to encourage the implementation of the 2.5-day holiday system and stimulate consumption.
Jiangxi was the first to go. On March 19, Jiangxi Province issued the notice of the people’s Government of Jiangxi Province on improving tourism consumption through “combination boxing”, which proposed that all units in all regions should optimize their work arrangements in combination with the actual situation. In the second quarter of this year, we will try to have 2.5-day flexible work and rest on weekends, and actively guide cadres and employees to go out for leisure holidays on weekends.
it happens that there is a similar case. The notice of Longnan novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation that promotes the consumption and steady growth of Longnan is also put forward by Longnan municipality, Gansu province. It also encourages the vacation consumption. Every week, when administrative institutions complete the tasks and arrange the duty staff, they can encourage other employees to take a vacation tour.
On March 24, the implementation opinions of the general office of the people’s Government of Zhejiang Province on boosting consumption and promoting stable economic growth issued by Zhejiang Province also mentioned that the implementation of the 4.5-day-a-week flexible work system was encouraged, and the implementation of the paid leave system was supported by qualified organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions.
The two and a half day holiday system was introduced successively in three places, which caused hot discussion. “Zhejiang encourages 2.5-day-off a week” has been quickly listed on the hot microblog search list, with topic reading of 240 million and discussion of 18000. “2.5 days off” peaked at 52.23 in 72 hours, becoming the hot word of microblog on March 26.
Wang Qiyan, director of the leisure economy research center of Renmin University of China, believes that vacation days have a positive impact on the tourism consumption of Chinese residents. Increasing the supply of vacation time will help to release the consumption potential, transform the centralized consumption into decentralized consumption, reduce the pressure of businesses and improve the quality of tourists’ consumption.
“The introduction of the 2.5-day holiday system, from its original intention, is to promote the development of tourism and leisure industry, while allowing workers to share the fruits of social and economic development, has certain positive significance.” Shen Jianfeng, Dean of the Law School of China Institute of labor relations, said.
In fact, the 2.5-day holiday system is nothing new.
As early as August 2015, the general office of the State Council issued several opinions on further promoting tourism investment and consumption, proposing for the first time that “encouraging flexible work and rest, conditional places and units can optimize and adjust summer work and rest arrangements according to the actual situation, so as to create favorable conditions for employees to go out for leisure and vacation in combination with next Friday afternoon and weekend”.
Subsequently, more than 10 provinces have officially issued opinions, clearly proposed to encourage conditional local and units to implement the 2.5-day leave mode. The public opinion is hotly debated. It was once interpreted as a signal to popularize the 2.5-day holiday system in an all-round way.
“Although the 2.5-day holiday system has been mentioned for many years, it has been difficult to implement. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia may promote the 2.5 Day holiday system to be applied. Zhang Liyun, associate professor of Law School of China Institute of labor relations, told the Legal Daily, “from an economic point of view, the 2.5-day holiday will certainly play a greater role in boosting consumption and promoting stable economic growth than the two-day holiday. If the 2.5-day holiday will reduce the income of the enterprise, it is necessary to carry out specific measurement and analysis. “
Zhang Liyun further explained that from the perspective of the enterprise, after improving the efficiency of the infrastructure, such as the mechanization rate, 5g application, etc., the time required for the original same job to complete has indeed declined. It is not very difficult for enterprises to give employees 0.5 extra days of vacation for a long time. In addition, with the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, the mode of economic growth will enter a new era of consumption driven, so it is the general trend to increase the independent control time of employees.
According to the experts interviewed, during the epidemic prevention and control period, the 2.5-day holiday system was proposed again, which is obviously different from the original intention of the original design of the system.

Japan 100000 Marathon

On June 16, the marathon competition was held in 11 places in Japan (Tokyo, Qingmei, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, Gaozhi, Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Okinawa). According to the statistics of the Organizing Committee of the conference, there are nearly 100000 participants.
Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the athletes were sterilized before the Kyoto marathon, and some wore the mask.
A novel coronavirus pneumonia case occurred in the first hospital staff in Wakayama Prefecture, 3 days ago (13 days), and 4 people were diagnosed as of 15 days later.
On the 15th, renban Jishin, the county governor, changed his previous denial that “nosocomial infection” had occurred, saying that “nosocomial infection may have occurred”. Kyodo News Agency reported that this is the first time in Japan hospital infection. Novel coronavirus pneumonia response strategy will be adjusted to prevent further spread of infection.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by a more than 50 year old male surgeon who worked at the Tian Tian hospital in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. 13 days ago, A man in his 70s was diagnosed Thursday.
On the 15th, the hospital was confirmed as a surgical department, a male doctor in his 50s and his wife, and a male patient in his 60s. Three patients had mild symptoms. The newly diagnosed patient was hospitalized in the surgical ward and had close contact with the doctor who initially diagnosed the infection.
Kyodo News Agency reported that the doctor who had been diagnosed initially said that he had developed fever symptoms and had been at home since February 6. However, it was learned that he actually worked in a hospital outside the county. The name and address of the hospital were not disclosed. It wasn’t until the 8th that he found pneumonia on CT.
NHK reported that in order to investigate whether there are other cases of infection in the hospital, rinsaki said it would give priority to the doctors and nurses of Youtian hospital for testing. If the infection is confirmed, it will be treated in a special hospital to try to prevent the spread of infection.
Two doctors from the National Institute of infectious diseases have gone to Youtian hospital to investigate the infection and find out the path of the infection, he said.
Tokyo Olympic Games held as scheduled
At present, it is more than five months before the opening of the 2020 summer Tokyo Olympic Games. Recently, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee jointly said that the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in Japan from July 24 to August 9, and the Paralympic Games will be held from August 25 to September 6, “we have no plan B.”
As early as early February, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also stressed that he had not considered canceling the Tokyo Olympics.
On the morning of February 17, Japan added two new infected persons, one of whom was the quarantine officer of the diamond princess cruise ship. So far, the novel coronavirus pneumonia infection in Japan has increased to 416, and Japan has become the largest number of confirmed cases abroad.
In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic in Japan, the Japanese government has stipulated that, in addition to Hubei Province in China, foreigners who hold passports issued by Zhejiang Province and who have stayed in Zhejiang Province will also be refused entry. The move took effect at 0 a.m. on the 13th.
In addition, the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games revealed that visitors from outside Japan can buy tickets for the Olympic Games through the Internet from mid May, and foreigners who happen to be in Japan can also rush to buy tickets on site. According to reporters, about 4.48 million Olympic tickets have been sold to Japanese residents. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee did not disclose the number of remaining tickets. According to Japanese media estimates, there are about 9 million remaining tickets.
Local sponsors in Japan have invested at least $3 billion in the event. They all hope to enhance the global popularity and international image of enterprises through the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Previously, rumors that the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympics will be closed once circulated online. Almost immediately, the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games issued a statement saying: “it has never considered the cancellation of the Olympic Games.”
Subsequently, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee made it clear that it would take “all possible measures” to deal with the threat of the epidemic. These measures are mainly focused on two aspects: one is to prevent the internal infection of the Olympic Organizing Committee, so as to prevent the preparations for the Olympic Games from being hindered; the other is to prevent the athletes from being infected during the Olympic Games, and put forward response plans for the possible infection.
Almost at the same time, the International Paralympic Committee also said: the impact of the epidemic on the preparation of the Tokyo Paralympic Games is very small.
Novel coronavirus infection has little impact on the preparations for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, and the preparations for the Paralympic Games will follow the prescribed order, said Craig Spencer, spokesman for the International Paralympic Games.
Earlier this month, novel coronavirus pneumonia was also reported by Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in parliament, and it would not affect the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.
First case of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan
In novel coronavirus pneumonia, a more than 80 year old woman living in Kanagawa County died in February 13th, according to the people’s daily. This is the first novel coronavirus pneumonia death in Japan.

College Students’ expected monthly salary

A report released in the same city on May 25 showed that in 2019, college students expected an average monthly salary of 7409 yuan for job hunting, and 87.42% of them expected housing subsidies. The Internet industry is the first choice for job hunting, and it / Internet graduates are the most popular. According to reports, from May to November this year, 58 cities have gone deep into 651 colleges and universities, conducted a comprehensive survey of more than 200000 college students and more than 2500 enterprises, and depicted the best employers of Chinese college students from four dimensions and 16 indicators, including public influence, work income, corporate culture and career development. Salary is a very concerned content of college students. According to the report, the average expected monthly salary of college students is 7409 yuan, and the average monthly salary paid by enterprises to college students is 7094 yuan.
According to the analysis, the income level of college students is basically in line with the expected concept. The report also shows that the higher the city level of employment choice, the higher the salary expectation. The average expected monthly salary of college students who choose to work in the first tier cities is 8151 yuan, 7394 yuan in the new first tier cities, 6478 yuan in the second tier cities, and 5696 yuan in the third tier cities and below. The most expected company benefits for college students are housing subsidies and supplementary medical insurance, 87.42% of them are looking forward to housing subsidies, 77.34% of them are looking forward to supplementary medical insurance, and the third and fourth are respectively physical examination benefits and office environmental protection measures. In the minds of college students, first tier cities are still the first choice for job-hunting.

Hao Lei announces divorce

On November 20, Hao Lei’s mountain and water echo studio announced her divorce, saying, “my marriage with my father stopped a few years ago. There was no reason for dog blood or so-called character conflict.” It is a good choice to be friends from husband and wife. As parents, they will give their children the greatest love and the best protection.
Recently, a gossip media shot Hao Lei and a slightly fat mysterious man in the same frame. They held hands when waiting for the elevator. According to the media, on the day of Hao Lei’s birthday on November 1, the man drove with his food to Hao Lei’s house. Hao Lei’s twin sons were also very happy to see the man. Four people drove to a parent-child swimming pool. Two hours later, four people left together. The man still carried a cake.
It is reported that in 2007, Hao Lei and actor Li Guangming got married in a low-key way, and they parted ways two years later; on November 11, 2012, Hao Lei announced her engagement to Liu Ye, her boyfriend outside the circle, according to her wedding ring photo; on August 8, 2013, Hao Lei gave birth to her twin son.

Beijing dismantling toll stations

Beijing, Nov. 1, Beijing (reporter Du Yan) today, Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission introduced that, as of October 31, 2019, in the process of canceling provincial toll stations of expressways in Beijing, 341 sets of etc gantry system have been built and 1076 etc / MTC lanes have been reconstructed, all of which have completed the tasks related to canceling provincial toll stations nationwide on schedule; the overall goal of canceling provincial toll stations will be achieved by the end of the year.
On September 4, the Liyuan toll station in Jiangxi Zhejiang Province, located on the G60 Shanghai Kunming expressway, was officially demolished. The toll station is the first provincial boundary toll station to be demolished in Jiangxi Province, and also the largest one in Jiangxi Province. Photo by Xia Ruide
Four provincial toll stations have been demolished
According to the implementation plan for Beijing to deepen the reform of toll road system and cancel the provincial boundary toll stations of expressways, Beijing will cancel 8 provincial boundary toll stations of expressways by the end of 2019, namely, Simatai exit toll station of G45 Jingcheng phase III, Yongle exit toll station of S15 Jingjin expressway, Lixian exit toll station of G3 Jingtai expressway, Yulong south exit toll station of G45 Jingkai Expressway and G5 jingkungao Jiangying outbound toll station in Suzhen, Kangzhuang outbound toll station in G6 Beijing Tibet expressway, Jingping outbound toll station in S32, and Caiyu South toll station in g95 capital ring expressway.
Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that on October 31, the physical demolition of four provincial boundary toll stations, including zhenjiangying toll station of Beijing Kunming expressway, Yongle toll station of Beijing Tianjin Expressway, Lixian toll station of Beijing Taiwan Expressway and Caiyu South toll station of shouhuan expressway, had been completed successfully.
The entity demolition project mainly includes toll booth, mechanical and electrical equipment, toll island and toll shed. At present, the four toll stations have completed the demolition and pavement reconstruction within the scope of the main line, and the subsequent guardrail and protective net construction is being implemented. It is planned to complete all the construction tasks within the scope of the main line before November 15. At present, the lane reconstructed by “main line straightening” is in a closed state, and passing vehicles still need to pay for normal passage from the reserved toll lane.
341 etc gantry systems need to be built
In order to successfully achieve the goal of canceling the toll station of Beijing Expressway by the end of the year, Beijing needs to build 341 sets of etc gantry system, including 47 sets of provincial boundary and 294 sets of non provincial boundary. At the same time, Beijing needs to reconstruct 1076 toll lanes, including 483 etc special lanes and 593 etc / MTC mixed lanes, involving civil construction, equipment installation, antenna pole lifting and other specific work.
On the basis of the completion of lane reconstruction on schedule, the next step will be to organize the joint commissioning and test work, including the joint commissioning and test of two cascades of ministry and province, which will be completed steadily and orderly by stages and steps.
After the completion of lane reconstruction, there are 1239 etc special lanes and 596 etc / MTC mixed lanes in Beijing, totaling 1835. By the end of this year, after the provincial toll stations are cancelled, the expressway traffic mode will be realized, which is mainly electronic non parking toll collection (etc), supplemented by multiple payment means of manual toll collection (MTC). Only one or two etc / MTC mixed lanes will be reserved at the entrance and exit.
It is reported that vehicles without etc can only pass through the mixed Lane queuing for payment, not only can’t pass through the toll station efficiently and quickly, but also can’t enjoy all kinds of preferential policies such as toll reduction.
The construction of entrance overload control system will be completed by the end of the year
Beijing Municipal Commission of transportation said that at present, the demolition work of 8 provincial toll stations has been started in an all-round way, among which the demolition of 3 toll stations and the reconstruction of road surface have been completed, and the rest are expected to be completed by December 20; the construction work of 264 sets of entrance weighing and testing systems has been steadily promoted, and is expected to be completed by December 20; the construction and transformation of toll system has been gradually implemented, and has been tested by Beijing Municipal and national joint commissioning After the operation is good, it will be officially switched to operation at the end of the year.
Comprehensive promotion of etc service for freight cars
In order to ensure that trucks can also pass through the expressway without parking and payment, Beijing will comprehensively promote truck etc service.
Different from the traditional stored value etc card, the truck etc card adopts the issuing mode of account card. When the truck passes through the highway toll station, it enjoys the service of toll account, and pays after passing. This payment mode of etc account card not only enables trucks to pass without stopping, but also relieves the financial pressure of truck drivers to recharge the stored value card cash in advance.
According to the unified deployment of the Ministry of transport, trucks will continue to drive the manual toll lane before the end of this year. After the system switch on January 1, 2020, etc users of trucks will be able to pass the special lane of etc trucks to realize fast and non-stop traffic and enjoy the preferential policy of no less than 5% of the toll. Trucks without etc vehicle mounted devices (including etc single card users) will no longer enjoy the preferential policies of toll reduction and exemption Policy.
At present, Beijing is carrying out relevant system transformation and operation preparation work, and the truck etc will be put into operation in early November 2019.
Beijing Municipal Commission of transportation said that after the abolition of provincial toll stations, traffic efficiency will be significantly improved, traffic congestion in toll station areas will be avoided, high-quality development of expressways and improvement of operation service level will be further promoted, cost reduction and efficiency increase of logistics will be promoted, and social and economic development and people’s safe and convenient travel will be better served.

Swiss Resistance to 5G

On September 23, according to the Global Times, thousands of people in Switzerland recently protested against the construction of 5G base station network. People worried that 5G base station radiation is strong and energy-consuming. Although researchers believe that 5G network radiation is not much different from previous 3G and 4G, they still can not prevent the continued fermentation of the demonstration.
According to Switzerland’s Sunday Weekly, Switzerland is one of the earliest countries and regions in the world to introduce 5G. By July 2019, Switzerland had put 334 5G launching stations into operation. One third of the 5G antennas have been suspended due to public protests.
The protest was launched by Frequencia, a Swiss environmental and consumer organization. “It’s a strong protest against 5G building that so many people are gathering today,” said Woolman, chairman of the organization. In May this year, the organization organized a protest rally. The Swiss Federation of Doctors also advocates caution with regard to 5G new technology. In addition, some people launched online petitions, hoping to collect 100,000 signatures to request the government to hold a referendum, so that the public can decide whether to suspend 5G construction. Critics argue that electromagnetic radiation from 5G networks poses unprecedented health and environmental risks compared with previous generations of networks.