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Official response to sack money

In view of the fact that the villagers at the site of relocation compensation put the compensation money in hand bags and gunny bags, the Propaganda Department of Lianchi District, Baoding City, Hebei Province reported the turbulent news on the afternoon of October 23 (), and the compensation money could be transferred to the villagers’ bank cards, and some villagers proposed to receive cash. He said that the payment is Shenzhen Park demolition compensation, a total of 338 households have been issued.
According to a video broadcast on the Internet, villagers lined up to collect cash with hand bags or sacks. Some villagers packed several bags, and the scene was very lively. This triggered heated discussion, and some netizens asked, “why not transfer money directly from the bank? This is more convenient. “. Video capture
The above-mentioned serious person sent a written report on the incident to the turbulent news. According to the report, on October 22, all 338 households in Dongyaozhuang, Lianchi District, Baoding city signed a contract, marking a crucial step in the reform of villages in the city.
According to the boiling point video reported on October 22, a love affair official in Lianchi District of Baoding City, Hebei Province, claimed that the compensation was made on a per capita basis, with a person of 400000.
According to the official website of Baoding Municipal People’s authority on September 3, Lianchi district Party committee and district authorities established a leading group for the reform of urban villages, with eight special classes under it. All district level leaders and relevant leaders directly under the district will work together with the village level to arrange the operation mode, fund-raising channels, demolition and placement of urban villages. It is mentioned in the article that Shenzhen garden, wumazhuang, Donghu District, old residential area reform and promotion, and urban village reform are regarded as touchstones to review the speed, quality and handling of Lianchi.

Investigation of Mao Hongtao’s death in Chengdu

At about 6:00 on October 15, Mao Hongtao, Secretary of the Party committee of Chengdu University, lost contact after releasing information on wechat. Chengdu municipal Party committee and government attached great importance to it and quickly organized forces to go all out to carry out the search. At about 6:00 on the 16th, the remains of Comrade Mao Hongtao were found in a river course of the Wenjiang section of the Jiang’an river. After the on-the-spot investigation by the public security organ, it was preliminarily judged that he was drowned and the criminal case was ruled out. The relevant rehabilitation work is in order.
Chengdu has set up a joint working group composed of the supervision committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party committee, the Education Working Committee of the municipal Party committee, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and is conducting a comprehensive investigation on the relevant situation.

Wanghong burned by her ex husband

Blue sky and white clouds, snow mountain grassland, herbs gathering and grazing
She always updates and brings her works to netizens on time. She shares her life in the mountains and her joys and sorrows with the netizens outside the mountain through video and live broadcast. “Primary school culture, Putonghua is not very good, we are more inclusive.” Unlike many Internet Celebrities, Lam’s videos are more about recording life, and many videos are plain faced. Because of sincerity, netizens saw her reality. Many people say that she is tiktok in the most natural and simple.
However, an accident happened. On the night of September 14 this year, ram was burned with gasoline by his ex husband when he was broadcast live at home. He was severely burned and in critical condition. After the doctor was sent to the hospital, his family started to raise money on the Internet, and netizens relay donated 1 million yuan of love fund within one day, which relieved the urgent need of this poor family.

Secondary infection of meixinguan

Overseas network 28 August novel coronavirus pneumonia in a Nevada, a new study found that two cases of infection and symptoms were detected in the first month of the disease, the first two cases of infection found in the United States, a report from 28 US media reported on the afternoon of March 2, 2008.
Screenshot of the report
According to the US “Newsweek” report, the study showed that the patient is 25 years old, From Reno, Nevada. The patient was tested positive on April 18 and presented with sore throat, headache, nausea and diarrhea. By April 27, the symptoms had subsided, and the two tests received on May 9 were negative.
On May 31, the patient again reported fever, headache, dizziness, cough, nausea and diarrhea. Five days later, the patient was hospitalized after the symptoms worsened, and the new coronavirus test was positive again. In addition, analysis of samples from patients showed that there were antibodies against new coronavirus in their bodies. The study said the patient did not have any immune system diseases and did not take immunosuppressive drugs. Scientists analyzed the virus gene in the patient’s body and concluded that the difference in the virus was enough to indicate that the patient was infected twice. The researchers also said the data supported that this was “a case of secondary infection with the new coronavirus”, but also called it “possibly rare”.
Newsweek pointed out that the study is currently in a pre publication state and has not been peer reviewed. U.S. media said that in view of the rapidly changing situation of the epidemic situation, the release of research in this way can allow scientists to discuss as soon as possible. “This is just a study, but it shows that people can be re infected with the new coronavirus,” mark pandoly, director of the Nevada public health laboratory, said in a statement. If secondary infection can occur in such a short period of time, it will bring significance to vaccine research and development and population immunity At the same time, pandoly stressed that this is a single study, and it is impossible to determine whether secondary infection will occur.
On the 24th, the microbiology team of the University of Hong Kong reported the world’s first case of secondary infection. Following media reports, the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil also reported cases of secondary infection or suspected secondary infection. Who has also stated that there will be secondary infections, but not necessarily often.

Take the watermelon peel to the canteen for dinner

A superb collection of beautiful things make complaints about the quality of the food and drink.
Chinese college canteens have always been full of fantastic dishes, which are nicknamed by netizens as “creating the ninth largest cuisine in China.”.
However, for the dining room aunts, for the university cafeteria with dark cooking and college students entertaining themselves, they use all kinds of funny videos to fight against the old problem of Auntie shaking hands.
Recently, a girl in Yunnan Province “half an orange” uploaded a video of herself and her classmates beating rice with watermelon peel. As soon as the video was uploaded to social network, it immediately aroused the great attention of netizens.
The girl “half an orange” is Dong Rong, a college student in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. She and her classmates go to the canteen with watermelon peel to get rice. Later, Dong Rong and his classmates took the video on their mobile phones and uploaded it to the network of their personal social platform. Dong Rong said that at that time, my aunt was laughing and eating. She thought it was very funny.
In the video, the girl brushes the rice card and hands the watermelon peel to her aunt. After receiving the watermelon peel, the aunt was smiling and playing rice, and she also filled the students with meals. See here, netizens said with a smile: Auntie played the spoon did not shake.
Dong Rong said that using watermelon peel as a rice bowl is definitely one-time use. As for the amount of food that Auntie plays, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this bowl absorbs oil! There are also netizens jokingly said, this all of a sudden, finally found a rice bowl without washing dishes.
Dong Rong said that at that time, she and her roommates in the dormitory ate watermelon together. Later, they saw the complete half of the watermelon peel, and they had an idea. They wanted to see what the aunt would do with the watermelon peel as a bowl for rice.
Dong Rong and her classmates also hit it off, so she and her classmates in the same dormitory took half of the hollowed out watermelon peel and went to the canteen for dinner.
Dong Rong said: however, using watermelon bowl to serve rice and watermelon peel to serve rice is the same as usual. It doesn’t have the special flavor of watermelon. She just thought it was fun, and she and her classmates would continue to try.

Women’s gambling king’s Lingtang

Recently, the funeral of the gambling king, Mr. Ho, was held as scheduled. His friends came to mourn for him. The richest man of all previous dynasties of Tianwang superstar came one after another. Audiences and reporters were crowded in front of the funeral parlor. Some citizens also went outside to mourn him.
At about 3:40 p.m., some troublemakers appeared at the funeral, and some people made a fuss in the funeral hall, which attracted netizens’ heated discussion.
Among them, a woman surnamed Zhou, who claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of Mr. Ho, stood at the door of the funeral home and refused to leave.
This woman, surnamed Zhou, was dressed in colorful cheongsam and had short hair. When interviewed by a reporter, she claimed to be the biological daughter of Mr. ho. She also explained her misfortune to reporters and said that she had been taken away as a child.
But when the reporter asked her some more detailed questions, she was evasive and could not answer. She even called her husband Mr. Tan Yonglin’s younger brother.
The couple eventually led the police to her. However, Ms. Zhou did not give up. She threatened to see he Chaoxiong and he Chaoxian. Finally, they were expelled.
Some netizens speculated that these two people must be deliberately to make trouble. They want to divide the family property by the funeral of the king of gamblers. Their mental state is not very good. Is there a mental problem?
Some netizens also speculated that the king of gamblers had a biological daughter. Of course, this is also possible. Some time ago, the name “he Youbang” suddenly appeared in the obituary of the king of gamblers.
When people talk about who he Youbang is? Four too Liang Anqi stood up to admit that it was her eldest son. At this time, netizens knew that the king of gamblers had a son who had been hidden for more than 20 years. Today, she was well known.
But Angie Leung’s admission did not dispel the doubts of netizens. Some netizens speculated that this person was the illegitimate son of the king of gamblers, but was hung in the name of Liang angqi.
Those who came to mourn the king of gamblers were also gathered with celebrities. Huo Zhenhuan, the chief executive of Huo Yingdong group, and his wife sent a wreath. Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang attended the funeral of the king of gamblers. However, they only stayed for a short time, let the media take pictures and did not make any speech. After that, they left in a low profile.
As we all know, the two legendary figures, Huo Yingdong and he Hongshen, who died of the Huo family, started from scratch and forged a deep friendship. Therefore, Huo Qigang attended the funeral of Mr. ho.
Xu Jinheng, the former husband of the new gambling king he chaoqiong, also showed up with the former Secretary for justice, Elsie Leung. It was strange that Michelle Li did not accompany her husband.
There will be a funeral for the hero of the next generation, Mr. ho. However, according to feng shui master, there is no suitable time for his burial this year, so his body will be temporarily placed in the village. However, he has chosen a cemetery before his death and will be buried in the Hejia cemetery in Zhaoyuan cemetery, just next to his parents’ grave, and very close to the cemetery of his eldest daughter, he Chaoying.
I hope the king of gamblers has a good journey!

Pompeio has been exposed again

U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio used taxpayer money to host dinner parties and entertain politicians, business people, media and entertainers after he was revealed as secretary of state Tuesday. Some US media believe that these dinners are held by pompeio to realize his personal political ambitions. After this incident was exposed by the media, the public opinion rebounded greatly and there were four criticisms.
“Madison dinner” of pompeio Edition: only 14% of the invitees are from the diplomatic community
According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, NBC has held a dinner with his wife Susan since 2018 as secretary of state, and has been held 24 times until March, due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The dinner was not disclosed on the public agenda of pompeio. An internal schedule from the State Department before the outbreak obtained by NBC shows that the dinner will last at least until the end of October.
△ nbc20 daily report
These dinners are called “Madison dinners.”. James Madison is the fourth president and the fifth Secretary of state of the United States. During his tenure, he has the habit of inviting foreign diplomats to exchange ideas at dinner parties.
Promote the three evil chaos, save the lives, don’t give up, to the end!
△ invitation letter of “Madison dinner party” of pompeio Edition (picture source: NBC)
The database of dinner invitees obtained by NBC details the name, title, spouse, eating habits of each invitee and the date of invitation and acceptance. The database will be operational from July 2018 until the beginning of 2020.
According to the report, at the “Madison dinner party” in pompeio, about 29% of the invitees were from the business community, including Texas real estate tycoons and hedge fund managers. About 23% of the invitees are from the media and entertainment industry, of which conservative media accounts for the majority and about 39% are from Fox News.
About 30% of the invitees are political related. They are current or former government officials, judges and their spouses. The invited members of the Senate and the house of representatives are Republicans. Only 14% of the invitees are diplomats or foreign officials, and nearly two-thirds of the invited ambassadors are from European and Middle Eastern countries, while only a few are from Asian, Latin American and African countries.
In November last year, President Trump’s impeachment hearing was in full swing that month, and Trump’s main defenders in the impeachment process were also on the invited list.
The cost of each dish could be as high as a few hundred dollars, and so far the total cost of the dinner has been about six figures, the source said.
The dinner also bypassed the normal process of holding formal events for the Secretary of state, but was arranged informally between the office of the chief of protocol and the office of pompeio, which meant there was no coordination with State Department regulators.
U.S. State Department officials question: the dinner is for the benefit of pompeio
Pompeio’s way of hosting these dinners has raised many concerns, such as the use of taxpayer funds. According to NBC, the cost of the dinner is paid for by the State Department’s emergency diplomatic and consular services. Current and former State Department officials said that in order to comply with the funding requirements, State Department officials usually ensure that a considerable proportion of foreign dignitaries or officials are present.
But historians point out that no Secretary of state has hosted such a frequent dinner, funded by the State Department and attended by political and business leaders.
State Department officials at the dinner said they were concerned that the activities were essentially using federal resources to build contacts for pompeio’s political ambitions. Forbes magazine’s website also believes that the move “is clearly to win influential friends in the future political campaign.”.
In addition, the outside world also questioned pompeio’s wife, a non-governmental official, but became the leader of the “official dinner party”. Susan’s previous appearance at the State Department’s official visit also raised questions. Susan plays a central role in the Madison dinner, where she communicates directly with State Department officials, lists guests and dates, and arranges menus.
All information obtained during the invitation process, including the name and contact information of the guest, will be sent to Susan’s personal email account, officials said. Some congressional officials worry that if Mr. pompeio runs for office again, the information could become a list of potential donors. According to NBC, pompeio is considered a potential presidential candidate in 2024.
On the 15th, State Department inspector general Steve lenik was dismissed suddenly. The White House didn’t give the specific reasons for his dismissal, but Elliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress, said in a subsequent statement that lenik had launched an investigation into pompeio, suggesting that lenik’s dismissal was related to the investigation of pompeio.
NBC reported that it was not clear whether lenik was also investigating the “Madison dinner party”, but two government officials said that lenik had made some investigations to the concierge in charge of the dinner party before being dismissed, and the office of pompeio was informed later.
Several congressional committees are also reportedly investigating the dinner.
A senior trump administration official said: “if the president knew that, he would have fired pompeio a few months ago.”

Who expert group arrives in Italy

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was issued by the WHO’s European Regional Office on 24 April. The group of experts jointly sent by who and CDC arrived in Italy to help Italy control the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The expert group will mainly provide support in clinical management, infection prevention and control, epidemic monitoring and crisis communication. The statement said that the focus of the current work is to control the further spread of the virus between people. The statement also said that while the rapid growth of confirmed cases in Italy over the past two days was worrying, it should be noted that 80% of these cases had no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

Ma Yun’s first African variety show

On the evening of November 16 local time, the final of “Ma Yun African entrepreneur competition” was held in Ghana. After fierce competition, 10 entrepreneurs stood out from more than 10000 competitors from more than 50 countries in Africa, and received a $1 million prize from Ma Yun African entrepreneur fund. Ghanaian President Akufo Addo and former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon attended the competition to cheer on African entrepreneurs.
13 years ago, Ma Yun served as the judge of winning in China, the most popular entrepreneur competition in China. Since then, he has aroused a wave of entrepreneurship in China. Today, Ma Yun also hopes to inspire the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young Africans through such a competition.
It is worth mentioning that the shortlisted players are from all walks of life in Africa, and their original intention is to solve social problems. Temie GIWA tubosun, the founder of the champion life bank, is a mother who has experienced dystocia. In order to solve the problem of blood shortage in African hospitals, she founded the “life bank” to help hospitals find healthy blood sources in Nigeria and build a logistics system for efficient distribution. Since her start-up, she has tried to use cars, boats, drones and other means of transportation to deliver blood bags, saving thousands of lives. The second and third place entrepreneurs are dedicated to helping African scientists build scientific laboratories and providing clean water for Africans.
In the final of more than four hours, Ma Yun, together with CAI Chongxin, huntslav mashiwa, the telecommunications giant of Zimbabwe, and ibukun awahica, a Nigerian female banker, served as judges, giving a lot of pertinent suggestions to 10 entrepreneurs.
In his comments, Ma Yun said that participating in the competition will give him more confidence in the young people and entrepreneurs in Africa. He hopes that these “African heroes” will become the seeds of hope in Africa, inspire more people and awaken more people. African entrepreneurs are the hope of Africa.
Ghanaian President Akufo Addo attended the Ma Yun African entrepreneur competition in the morning and rushed to the final in the evening to cheer for African entrepreneurs. Akufo Addo once again thanked Ma Yun for launching the Africa entrepreneurship fund to encourage and encourage African entrepreneurs to develop African economy.
Ban Ki Moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations who served as the consultant of the competition, said that encouraging entrepreneurship and training young people are of great significance for the development of a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Africa, which is what Ma Yun does.

The Russian Central Bank cut interest rates by 25 basis points to 7%.

The Central Bank of Russia cut interest rates by 25 basis points to 7% (five and a half years low), in line with market expectations, for the third consecutive meeting. The central bank said further interest rate cuts could be made at future meetings. The dollar fell to 65.86 against the Russian rouble USD/RUB short-term.
The Central Bank of Russia expects CPI to be 4.0% – 4.5% in 2019, compared with 4.2% – 4.7% previously. GDP growth is expected to be between 0.8% and 1.3% in 2019, up from 1.0% to 1.5%. GDP growth is expected to be between 0.8% and 1.3% in 2019, up from 1.0% to 1.5%. Based on the expectations of the central bank and considering the monetary policy position, the annual inflation rate is expected to remain near 4%. In the interest rate decision, the central bank will consider real inflation and inflation expectations, as well as economic development.
Reportedly, the Central Bank of Russia did not mention neutral interest rates in its statement.
As global economic growth slows down, central banks around the world have been cutting interest rates to stimulate economic activity. Among developed economies, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan expressed their willingness to further relax monetary policy, while the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time in 10 years in July. In emerging markets, central banks in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia have cut interest rates this year.
Russia’s Economic Challenge
Russia’s economy is facing double challenges: global uncertainties such as trade wars and sanctions from the United States.
Over the past five years, Russia has been working hard to deal with the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies on Russia. Some of these sanctions include restrictions on Russian banks’access to international capital markets.
Andrei Costin, chairman of Moscow’s VTB Bank, said the sanctions had “dramatically changed our financing policy” and that his bank found it difficult to continue borrowing large amounts of dollars and euros.
“We learned how to raise money, which is helpful in times of crisis.” He said.