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Japanese employees should not forget national humiliation

On the afternoon of the 19th, @ Panasonic China released a microblog saying that Panasonic attached great importance to the interference of Panasonic employees’ legitimate statements recently, and would further verify the facts with the parties concerned and take them seriously. Matsushita thanks all circles for their attention and will continue to contribute to China’s development.
Previously, a netizen posted that an employee of Panasonic in Hangzhou was threatened and warned by the company’s Chinese leader for sending a picture of “918 do not forget national humiliation” in the circle of friends on September 18.
The leader pointed out that the employees violated the previous requirements of “pay attention to the guidance of public opinion and try to reduce sending in the circle of friends”, and said “are you ready to leave?”
The employee thinks that his circle of friends has no problems and will never be deleted. Neither the leader nor the company has the right to interfere. Even Japanese enterprises should respect the history and the past, and propose to the leader to leave.
According to public information, in 1918, Matsushita group (Matsushita Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd.) was founded by Matsushita in Osaka, Japan. At present, the company is a global electronic manufacturer, engaged in the production and sales of various electrical products. Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 and became a sole proprietorship in 2002. It is mainly responsible for the sales and after-sales service activities of household appliances, systems, environment, components and other commodities.

Cecilia Cheung is suspected of having four children

In the early morning of August 28, 40 year old actor Cecilia Cheung exposed a video on the social platform, which instantly attracted the attention of many netizens.
In the video, Cecilia Cheung, dressed in a suit jacket and hot pants, is showing her beautiful legs in the “missing under clothes” show. She is shooting an advertisement for her own brand. It has to be said that Cecilia Cheung has been “hidden” for a long time in the near future, and his appearance is still as good as ever.
It is worth noting that when Cecilia Cheung lifted his coat, he accidentally exposed his slightly convex abdomen. From the side, the bulge was still very obvious. Some netizens even said frankly: there will not be a fourth child again, right?
When Cecilia Cheung turned to the front, the protrusion of his abdomen was still very conspicuous. I wonder whether it was the problem of too much clothing or too much food during the stay at home. In the face of the discussion, Cecilia Chang himself did not respond.
It is reported that Cecilia Cheung’s studio published an article in mid December two years ago confirming the news that Cecilia Chang was born with three children, and said that the little prince was already in the full moon. Therefore, it can be judged that she gave birth to her third child in mid November that year. In this way, it’s not surprising that we are pregnant with a fourth child.
However, it is still a mystery who is the father of Cecilia Cheung’s third child. If there are four children now, I don’t know if it is the same father.
Now that Cecilia Cheung has three sons, she often shares her daily life with her baby on social platforms.
In May, she aired a video that accidentally exposed the appearance of her third son. The youngest son Marcus is plump and cute, just like his mother Cecilia Cheung. He doesn’t have the feeling of mixed blood, which breaks the rumor that the child’s father is a foreigner.
Some time ago, she also showed the trend of swimming with her sons. Luacs, the eldest son, had obvious abdominal muscles at the age of 13. Although the whole body bone was still somewhat thin, it still showed a kind of beauty of strength.
As for whether there is a fourth child, we still don’t know, but Cecilia Cheung is indeed a great mother, which deserves our affirmation. We wish her and her children a better and better future.

A new investigation into the case of kicking indecent men

Yongzhou news network news (reporter Tang Botao) the reporter learned from Yongzhou public security bureau that the recently concerned case of “male students kicking and injuring indecent men” that netizens pay close attention to, has ordered Lengshuitan branch to cancel the case, immediately lift the criminal detention of Hu, and promote the investigation by the municipal public Security Bureau. For Lei’s indecent act, Lengshuitan sub Bureau will take administrative detention for 15 days according to the law of the people’s Republic of China on public security management punishment.
Yongzhou Public Security Bureau said it would adhere to strict standards, fair and civilized law enforcement and respond to netizens’ concerns about the case.

Brazil’s first lady is infected

The first lady and bosonaro’s wife, Michelle bosonaro, is in good health and will be treated in accordance with “all established norms,” the Brazilian presidential palace said on Sunday. The day before, Michelle and bosonaro attended a public event, both wearing masks.
Bosonaro announced on July 7 that his new coronavirus test results were positive, since then has been in the official residence isolation treatment and work. On the 25th, the last test result was negative. Brazilian media said bosonaro had been living with Michelle and their two daughters at the official residence.
So far, Brazil has more than 2.256 million confirmed cases and more than 90000 deaths. Brazil’s minister of science and technology, Marcos pentes, announced Monday that he was infected with the new coronavirus. So far, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the senior ministers of the Brazil citizen ministers, education ministers, minerals and energy ministers, the president’s chief safety advisor and the head of the media office of the presidential palace.

North Korean bomb building deployment Army

According to the KCNA news agency, the general staff of the Korean people’s army issued a press release on the 16th, saying that the Korean army has maintained a state of readiness for war.
According to the communique, the North Korean army has closely watched the recent relations between the two Koreas and has maintained a state of readiness for war in order to ensure any foreign measures taken by the party and the government militarily.
The DPRK military will promptly and thoroughly implement any decisions and instructions of the DPRK party and government.
The North Korean army accepted the opinions of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Korean labor party and the working department of the South Korea, studied sending troops into the demilitarized zone of the South Korea again, and took measures to further strengthen the military vigilance against the South Korea.
The North Korean military will also open the land front and many areas in the south-west sea of the country, take security measures, and assist the North Korean people in large-scale struggle against hostile leaflets.
According to the communique, the DPRK military will work out a plan for the rapid implementation of relevant military operations, which will be approved by the Central Military Commission of the Korean labor party.

Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing break up

Zhou Yangqing announced that he broke up with Luo Zhixiang, his boyfriend of 9 years. He confessed that they had broken up for some time. Writing this long article is not revenge. Zhou Yangqing said that Luo Zhixiang has a special mobile phone to flirt with her younger sister. She has a long-term improper relationship with her female artists and even makeup artists. What’s more, Luo Zhixiang and her friends often hold “multi person sports” that normal people can’t imagine. Zhou Yangqing also thanked Luo Zhixiang for his kindness to make him better, but he did not regret breaking up and said “you are not worth it at all”.
In early April, a netizen revealed in the video that Luo Zhixiang and his friend, nenmo, rented a villa together to have a swimming pool party.
The original text is as follows:
Luo Zhixiang and I have been separated for some time (I haven’t said that it’s because of the sudden outbreak of disease a while ago that we don’t want to occupy public resources)
I have been able to explain the whole thing to you in a completely calm and even slightly joking tone for a long time. Of course, as long as I write this article, it is not because of the impulse of breaking up just now or the revenge mentality of not calm down.
The following letter is for him
Hi Luo Zhixiang:
When we were together, I once joked that I asked you, “what do you say if one day we break up?”
You said, “you will write a super long rap to scold me.”
You even made up the lyrics for me
But you guessed wrong! I didn’t write a song
I still choose to write you a piece of text. Before that, I used to help you edit the microblog copy. This is the last long text I wrote to you
The reason for breaking up is that I saw your mobile phone. Although you have told me more than once that the most important thing for two people to be together is mutual trust. Seeing each other’s mobile phone will break this trust. You don’t like it! (I’ve listened to you for nine years and haven’t seen your mobile phone for so long) but this time, for some reasons, I just watched it
It’s good to see!
If you don’t look, I don’t know that you have another cell phone that is specially used to talk about girls
It turns out that almost every day when I’m away, you ask girls to come home. The key is different
When you go to every city, there are girls who can make an appointment to the hotel
You have a long-term relationship with the female artists and even your makeup artists that I’ve been introduced to
And you and your brothers are so disrespectful to the girls you call out to play
What’s more, you will often hold “multiplayer sports” that normal people can’t imagine
All these things that subvert my three views happened to you who I love most for nine years
Now think about how stupid you really are. Why didn’t you let go the first time you caught you cheating? Every time you are moved by your commitment and repentance, forgive your betrayal again and again, but still have expectations that you are the only one who knows you can accompany you to change you
Do you say you really love me, Luo Zhixiang? Must have been really in love
Otherwise, how could you get rid of your work just to spend an important holiday with me
I’ve never disclosed my girlfriend, but I’m willing to introduce me to the public
A lion of such prestige is even willing to make friends think that you are afraid of me (you said that fear is because of care and love)
You’ve done a lot of romantic things for me
I feel unhappy and sad about everything I do. I’ll tell you at the first time
After so many years of communication, I still call my cell phone every day
Cry for me and laugh with me
(God! I can’t write your words faster than your bad ones.)
But a man who loves me so much
How can we do this
The key is where do you come from?!!
I don’t say good night until three or four o’clock every night
Don’t you go to bed to ask p?!
If it’s because of our personality or you fall in love with someone else, I will be a good ex girlfriend
We are still good friends after breaking up
But I’m sorry this time it’s so special
Because I know that there will be a lot of girls who are cheated by you at the same time. They may think they are the only one
Girls should not be so confident that they think they are the one who can change him
Because some people are born with their own dregs
Your real wife is so X100
Thank you all the same
Although the nine years of youth have no results (and fortunately no results), I am happy with you most of the time
If it wasn’t for the last blow, the memories you left me would be nice
Thank you for your company these years!
If you ask me regret? I don’t regret
Because it’s you who made me better
Because I love you, I grow up and become more independent
If you ask me sad?
Not sad
It’s not worth it!

Ma Yun cheers for Italy

On the evening of March 13 local time, Ma Yun donated the first batch of masks from Europe to the airport in Liege, Belgium, where they will be quickly transported to the Italian Red Cross. On the package of the goods sent to Italy, an aria from the opera Turandot was written as a message. From “green mountain, bear the wind and rain together”, “worry about the safety of Persian Xiaozhao”, to “disappear, night! We’ll win at dawn, “said the netizens. It’s really warm!
According to reports, the masks have been urgently raised by many parties and completed a series of preparatory work such as customs clearance within two days. They have arrived at Liege Airport in less than 72 hours.
The ewtp hub of Liege Airport, jointly built by the Belgian government and Alibaba, has become the main channel for China EU epidemic prevention and rescue and economic recovery. In the past two months, a number of cross-border transportation channels have been blocked, and the Liege hub is still operating efficiently. Millions of masks, protective clothing and other materials are transported to China and Europe through this hub. Since the resumption of work in China, more than 4 million small and medium-sized enterprise packages have been delivered to Chinese and European consumers every week.
On the afternoon of March 11, Beijing time, Ma Yun foundation and Alibaba foundation announced to raise 1.8 million masks and 100000 virus detection kits to donate to Italy, Spain and other European countries with serious epidemic. When the first batch of European aid materials arrived, Chen tianqiang, a representative of the ewtp Secretariat in charge of the cross-border logistics, told reporters at Liege Airport that the two foundations would add 200000 masks and donate them to Belgium.
According to the reporter, due to the shortage of materials, Ma Yun public welfare foundation and Alibaba foundation are collecting materials in batches. The follow-up materials will be delivered to Liege Airport through rookie logistics, and then transferred to other European countries.

King Glorifies New Hero Xishi

The new version of Big Recruitment is a “state skill” that strengthens 12 skills. During the Big Recruitment, one skill can trigger two tweets. The CD of the two skills is halved and the two skills are refreshed immediately when the big trick is opened.
Twice pushing is about 1.5 flash distance, and the enemy hit by the enhanced skill 1 is basically dead.
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