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Maradona or suicide

Tiger flutter, Dec. 21 – a doctor who had previously treated the horse insisted in an interview with Argentine television that his death was suicide. In his opinion, it was not just a simple heart attack.
The doctor, Alfredo Cahe, treated Maradona between 1977 and 2007.
The doctor also said Maradona had tried to commit suicide in Cuba when the old horse drove to an oncoming bus, but survived. Alfredo Cahe said he later asked Maradona if he wanted to commit suicide and Ma replied, “maybe one day, how can I know?”
Dr. Alfredo Cahe said he spoke to Veronica Ojeda, one of Ma’s former girlfriends, a few days before his death. He said Veronica Ojeda told him: “old Ma said he was tired of life and didn’t want to go on because he had done everything.”
Dr. Alfredo Cahe said he did suffer from depression after learning that his last days after brain surgery were in a bedroom at home. “The old horse was so tired that everything was the result of his suicide,” Dr Alfredo Cahe said
Alfredo Cahe also claimed that in the last few days of his life, he had seen the horse in the hospital: “in the hospital, I saw that the old horse was not under comprehensive supervision, nor did he receive continuous nursing treatment. He was not under full custody. He should be in the hospital, not in a house with nothing ready. “

Employees are taken out of the company by HR

According to the news of bullwhip on November 6, netizens who claimed to be “the party involved in the lifting of tiger teeth” sent an article today saying that he was dismissed by violence by the company and suffered from depression due to the cold violence of the immediate leadership.
The netizen said that after he refused to sign the resignation letter, the HR rate of the company was 5 people to carry it out of the company, personal belongings could not be taken away, and the head was hit during the whole process, which led to psychological and physical frustration.
The netizen also revealed that his immediate leadership insulted him with verbal insults such as “eating excrement”, “not suitable for this job”, and was in a dilemma in work. Since then, the leaders directly under the leadership assigned KPI, requiring the data of five anchors to be increased by 8 to 10 times on September 30. But later he said bluntly, “forget about saving this money, and talk about compensation directly.”.
After that, the netizen said he was dismissed for “incompetence” and was diagnosed with depression after nearly four months of repression and verbal violence. It is understood that the company stipulates that a hearing can be held in this case, but an HR executive in Huya said, “this is a small matter and there is no need to hold a hearing.”
In early November, after accidentally learning that the employee’s work experience of a certain period of one and a half months was not reflected in the resume, the two HR personnel informed him that he was dismissed, confiscated his job card, escorted him to the work station with five men, and then drove him out of the company for “serious overtime”.

Kay Maserati killed a pedestrian

A netizen broadcast fm93 traffic to Zhejiang emergency: in the early morning of June 11, a traffic accident happened on Anyang Road, Ruian, Wenzhou. An out of town Maserati car hit a pedestrian.
Last night, Ryan traffic police issued a police briefing:
Police information
At about 2:4 a.m. on June 11, 2020, Dai XX (male, 24-year-old, descendant of ruiantang) drove a Maserati car with the brand of Min JSE * 21, passing by the front section of the bus station near Xinda Huayuan, Anyang Road, Anyang street, Ruian City, and collided with Li XX (male, 48-year-old, born in Mengcheng, Anhui Province), causing Li XX’s death and vehicle damage. After the accident, Dai abandoned his car and escaped.
After receiving the alarm, the traffic police department of Ruian Public Security Bureau immediately carried out on-site disposal and accident investigation. At present, Dai, the driver of the accident, has surrendered to the police under pressure, and the case is under further investigation.
Traffic police brigade of Ruian Public Security Bureau
June 11, 2020

Custom face mask for photo studio

During the outbreak of the new crown, many people wore masks that were difficult to recognize. A photo studio in India has launched a face photo mask to print customers’ photos on the mask, which is not only easy to identify, but also very personalized.
According to the Hindustan Times, a photo studio in Bole wallam, Chennai, has launched the mask, printing photos of customers’ nose to chin on the mask, making it easy for customers to be recognized even if they wear the mask.
Talking about the idea, anto, the owner of the photo studio, said it was difficult to recognize each other because of the mask, so he thought of making a face mask. In addition, the business of the photo studio was poor during the epidemic. This idea can bring a lot of business to the photo studio.
Anto said customers can customize masks online, send photos of their heads to photo studios by email, so that staff can make three cotton washable masks for a total price of 500 rupees (47.2 yuan). Customers can also go directly to the photo studio to take photos and use the photos to make masks, which can be obtained in an hour.
Today, photo studios receive orders from doctors and nurses.

Mother’s voice buried alive

Ma’s 79 year old mother has been detained in Jingbian, Shaanxi Province. Ma Mou’s mother remarried when he was 12, leaving him to be raised by his uncle. The mother had been living with the second son who was not in good health. She took care of the second son and moved to Ma’s house in 19. At present, the old man is undergoing rehabilitation training in the hospital. She said, “if you don’t worry about anything, you have to worry about your second son and ma.”.
According to the official account of “WeChat procurator” of Shaanxi Jingbian County People’s Procuratorate, Jingbian Procuratorate, on May 7th, Jingbian County People’s Procuratorate intervened in advance to intervene in the case of a paralyzed mother alive.
Original text of Jingbian procuratorial circular
On the morning of May 5, Jingbian County Public Security Bureau received an alarm from Zhang Mou that his husband Ma Mou had pulled out his mother-in-law Wang Mou (MA Mou’s mother) with a cart on the night of May 2, but he has not returned so far.
After receiving the police, Jingbian County Public Security Bureau quickly launched an investigation and summoned the suspect Ma Mou to the case for a surprise interrogation. According to Ma, his mother, Wang, who was paralyzed in bed, was buried in an abandoned tomb in WanMu forest in the south of Jingbian County. After confirming the location, the police immediately excavated the grave, heard a faint cry for help in the middle of the grave. After the police fully excavated the grave, Wang, the victim who still had vital signs, was rescued and immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.
After receiving the notice from the Public Security Bureau, the people’s Procuratorate of Jingbian County immediately assigned post prosecutors to intervene in Ma’s intentional homicide case in advance. After checking the scene and listening to the case report of the investigation organ, the prosecutor and the case handling personnel of the public security organ jointly analyze and judge the case, and put forward suggestions on the next step of evidence collection, investigation direction and issues needing attention in evidence collection.
At present, the vital signs of the victim Wang are stable, and the suspect Ma has been detained by the Public Security Bureau for the crime of intentional homicide. The case is under further investigation.
According to another report, on the morning of May 7, the prosecutor of Jingbian County procuratorate who handled the case told the reporter of Southern Metropolis Daily that after the suspect was detained, it is expected that the public security organ will apply for arrest of the suspect within 3 to 7 working days and transfer the case to the Procuratorate for public prosecution. “Our procuratorate has a corresponding starting mechanism for such significant impact cases. At noon on May 6, after receiving the notification from the Public Security Bureau, we have intervened in this case for investigation in advance. “
Motive of man’s self-report:
Dissatisfied with the mother’s incontinence, which stinks at home
Some reporters learned some details of the case from Jingbian County Public Security Bureau: the suspect Ma Mou pulled out his mother from home and never returned. Because Ma Mou once expressed the idea of abandoning his mother, Ma Mou’s wife decided to call the police for worrying about the safety of the old man. Ma’s motive for committing the crime is that his mother’s frequent incontinence caused a stink at home, which caused him greater psychological pressure.
The buried old man is currently hospitalized in Jingbian County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, and her family is helping her with rehabilitation training. The family said that the old man’s body had not been seriously damaged and had not been paralyzed before, just because he was old and his legs and feet were not flexible.
Jingbian County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine staff said that at present, the elderly’s vital signs are stable, not paralyzed, belonging to four levels of muscle strength (incomplete muscle strength).

My mother-in-law has been rejected. High speed retrograde

On April 21 in Yubei, Chongqing, an old man was dragging his luggage on the highway in retrograde direction. During this period, he also crossed the green belt and tried to cross the road many times. The vehicles slowed down to avoid. It is understood that the old man ran away from home in a rage because his daughter-in-law thought he didn’t love hygiene and tried to walk back to his hometown to celebrate the festival.

Tsinghua University Open Course

January 14: comprehensive report on Tsinghua University open courses and mutual recognition of credits. Recently, Tsinghua University issued a circular, and the academic affairs departments of the two universities reached a consensus that they decided to open some undergraduate courses to each other and recognize credits. Among them, Peking University opened 27 courses, mainly in Humanities and Social Sciences, and Tsinghua University opened 12 courses, mainly in science and engineering.
According to the announcement, Tsinghua University will open 12 quality courses (15 classes and 170 places) in the spring semester of 2020. These courses include industrial system introduction, manufacturing engineering experience, artificial intelligence technology, biomedical electronics, systems and computational neuroscience and other well-known courses. The system will automatically record the relevant scores into the transcript, which will be recorded as class a general election credits or optional credits of the whole school, and the scores will not be included in the GPA.
In the spring semester of 2020, part of the 27 undergraduate general core courses of Peking University will be open to Tsinghua undergraduates. The course list shows that these open courses are mainly humanities and social sciences courses, including the introduction to Hanshu, the Republic, development psychology, introduction to logic, Chinese historical geography, western art history, etc. These credits will be included in the credits of the core course of the school’s cultural quality.
Peking University reminds students to arrange their studies properly. If there is a conflict between the examination time of Tsinghua University and the examination time of its own courses, which cannot be solved coordinately, it can be arranged to leave the course.
Tsinghua University stipulates that the credits of Peking University courses selected by students shall be included in the credits of the core courses of cultural quality of the University.

Progress of casughi’s murder

On December 23, local time, a statement read by the procuratorate office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, said that a Saudi court sentenced five people to death and another three to 24 years’ imprisonment for the murder of journalist kasughi. Saudi prosecutors said it was the result of a “rogue operation.”.
Kasughi has long criticized Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for not coming out after he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018 to go through marriage related formalities. On October 20, Saudi prosecutors announced that after preliminary investigation, kasughi died in the consulate due to physical conflict with others; 18 Saudi citizens were arrested. On October 20, Saudi attorney general Saud said that from the information provided by Turkey, it was concluded that kashuji died of “murder”. On November 15, Saudi prosecutors released a statement saying that they had arrested 18 people and three suspects. After the investigation of 21 people, Saudi prosecutors announced the prosecution of 11 suspects and proposed the death penalty for 5 of them who ordered and executed the killing of kashuji, and the case will be transferred to the court.
The murder of kasughi caused a worldwide uproar and seriously damaged the image of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The CIA and some Western governments have said they believe it was Prince Mohammed who ordered the murder of kasughi, but Saudi officials insist that the crown prince did not play a role in the incident.

Free ride under 6 years old

Today, the Ministry of transport and the national development and Reform Commission issued the opinions on deepening the reform of road transport prices (hereinafter referred to as the opinions).
The opinion clearly points out that——
We will improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the touring taxi freight rate, encourage local governments to hold hearings on the mechanism, and timely implement the adjustment of the freight rate and make an announcement to the public when the conditions for starting are met;
The online car Hailing platform company shall actively open the pricing and markup mechanism, announce the tariff structure, pricing and markup rules, and keep the markup standard reasonable and relatively stable.
In addition, in terms of improving the protection of the rights and interests of special passengers, the opinion points out that children who meet the requirements clearly can enjoy free rides or half price preferential treatment of passenger tickets. On the basis of children’s height standard, children’s ticket and free ticket classification standard based on age shall be added. The types of valid identity documents to prove the age of the child are specified.