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What should Secretary Lu do

Dalian “street cadres do not cooperate with epidemic prevention registration also call Secretary Lu to coordinate” incident, the street cadres and Secretary Lu were punished. According to relevant circulars, the street cadres involved are Wang Chenming, deputy director of Dalian Friendship sub district office, and Secretary Lu is deputy secretary of the community Party committee under the sub district. They are superior and subordinate. The topic of “if you are Secretary Lu, what should you do?” has caused a heated discussion.
Some netizens think that this is a difficult question to answer: if you refuse director Wang, you will offend others and easily be “put on small shoes”; if you give leaders “an opening”, you will also be punished. Some netizens gave suggestions and discussed the “best of both worlds” method. For example, they told the volunteers that this is director Wang of the street office. I have her information here, and I will report it to you by phone. For example, they rushed to the scene to help the leaders register. At the same time, they also wanted to thank the volunteers for adhering to the principle. They were very relieved that the community had them. Some even joked that when Secretary Lu answered the phone, he could say, “Hello, I can’t hear you. I have no signal here.”.
The heated discussion on “what should Secretary Lu do?” reflects that it is really difficult for grass-roots staff to turn down their faces and refuse requests from others, especially from leaders. But hot discussion is hot discussion, and ridicule is ridicule. In this answer, the principle should not be vague and the bottom line should not be lost! In the face of the non-conforming requests and requests from the superior leaders, Secretary Lu should just refuse and persuade the leaders to register according to the requirements instead of letting the volunteers release them. This is a matter of principle and there is no flexibility. You rushed to the scene today to deal with it. You helped the leader to register. You lied that your mobile phone had no signal. What about tomorrow and next time? It’s not the way to get round and avoid. When persuading leaders, the attitude must be clear – leaders, if you say hello to do according to the requirements, we are in violation of discipline!
There is no fuzzy zone in the process of boycotting illegal requests, otherwise something will happen sooner or later. For secretary Lu, this time it’s a greeting for you to simply register and let go. You’ve made it through. Next time the leader asks you to use public funds to help her claim personal expenses, do you still feel embarrassed? It is not that there are no such cases in reality. He Bingrong, the former member of the Standing Committee of Jiaxing Municipal Party committee of Zhejiang Province, has repeatedly asked his subordinates to buy 1470 bottles of high-end drinks with public funds; Qin Jie, the former deputy general manager of Guizhou Expressway Group Co., Ltd., arranged his subordinates to take state-owned assets for purchasing golf membership cards. It is clear that it is against discipline and law to follow such “instructions”. Fan Yonggang, former deputy director of Ning County Public Security Bureau of Qingyang City, Gansu Province, was sentenced for passing on and executing the higher-level leaders’ illegal cancellation of criminal case filing order and indulging in crime. The lesson can be said to be very profound. We should stick to the principle and never lose the big for the small.
The argument of “Secretary Lu is in a dilemma” also reflects that there is still a lot of soil space for the existence of Relationism and hidden rules in the society. Some people think that greeting is useful and finding a relationship is feasible. They unconsciously coerce the victims into acquiescents or even promoters of unhealthy tendencies. In fact, you may benefit from such hidden rules for a while, but in the long run, everyone will be the victim of destroying fairness and justice. Therefore, even if it seems that it is not easy to say hello to the leaders, we have to firmly do it for ourselves and for the social environment. If every “Secretary Lu” dares to say “no” to the hidden rules and the science of relations, and everyone works together to make clear the rules and build a healthy atmosphere, I believe that the question “what should Secretary Lu do” will be answered better and better.
Discussion is also a process of consensus formation. The heated discussion on what Secretary Lu should do is like a lively education lesson. Among them, there are criticisms on the privilege of Party members and cadres, praise for the persistence of volunteers, suggestions on the improvement of epidemic prevention registration measures, and whether it can be more information-based and intelligent. More people have learned from Secretary Lu’s vivid cases and strengthened their confidence in saying No: “sorry, leader, we all have to listen to the rules in this matter. I can’t make myself the next Secretary Lu.”

The driver refused to overload and was beaten up

In the early morning of December 2, five people took a taxi after drinking in Zigong, Sichuan Province, abusing the driver who refused to overload. The wife of the hit driver said that at that time, the driver was less than five people and got on the bus at the same time, causing overloading and some of them drank alcohol. When getting off the bus, a young man suddenly slapped the driver on the head. After protesting, the driver was surrounded and attacked by several young people. He is still hospitalized. According to the police, the person involved in beating the driver has arrived.

Zhang Zhongbin committed suicide

@At about 15:00 p.m. on October 19, Pingan Wuchang Branch received a 110 alarm and a man died in the first office of the comprehensive building of Hubei Higher People’s court. Police arrived at the scene in time, 120 confirmed that the man has no vital signs. After verification, the deceased Zhang xbin (male, 53 years old) was a staff member of the high court of justice in Hubei Province.
The public security organs exclude criminal cases through investigation and investigation. The related work is in progress.
According to the official account of WeChat high, “Hubei High Court”, Zhang Zhongbin was suffering from illness and taking medicine for a long time.

Reasons for the fall of vice president Boehner

Netease Entertainment reported on June 11 that on the evening of June 11, Bona film group released a statement announcing the unfortunate death of Huang Wei, vice president of the group. It is reported that Mr. Huang Wei, vice president of Boehner group, suffered from insomnia and depression for a long time due to physical reasons, and died on June 10, 2020 at about 0:00 in Chaoyang District, Beijing. After investigation by the police, the criminal case has been ruled out.
The full text is as follows:
Huang Wei, vice president of Bona film group, fell to the ground and died at 0:00 on June 10, 2020 due to long-term insomnia and depression. After investigation by the police, the criminal case has been ruled out.
Mr. Huang Wei is one of the main management leaders of Bona film group. He led Bona film investment team to expand territory, made outstanding contributions to bona development, and had a wide influence in the industry. His death is a huge loss of Bona film group.
At present, Boehner Film Group has set up a funeral committee to fully cooperate with family members to properly handle the aftermath.
It is hereby stated.

Two nurses help Hubei get acquainted and get married

Before the expedition to Hubei
Zhenjiang nurse Zhang Hongtao and Xie Nianye
No way
They will be on the battlefield
Meet each other for life
Zhang Hongtao is a general psychiatric nurse of Zhenjiang mental health center, and Xie Nianye is a respiratory nurse of Zhenjiang integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital. They were two people who had never known each other before, because they came together with Hubei anti epidemic.
In 38 days in Wuhan, they have gone from acquaintance, acquaintance to love. On May 12, nurse’s day, they received their cards from the Civil Affairs Bureau.
On May 28, the two married in their hometown of Huai’an and Zhenjiang, the second hometown.
In the morning, Zhang Hongtao changed into a suit early. Accompanied by his brothers, he successfully expressed his love to the bride Xie Nianye after many “dangers”.
“Thank you for every day you spent with me in Wuhan. Take care of me in Wuhan. Now I am back safely. I will take care of you later. Please marry me.”
Love in the epidemic period is the most silent confession and the longest waiting for them. Zhang Hongtao said that although some people said that they knew each other for a short time, it was flash marriage, but they never thought like this, “my wife and I both think that one day of war epidemic is equivalent to one year, and they are facing life and death every day, so I feel that we are not flash marriage.”
At the wedding, Zhang Hongtao and Xie Nianye, the same group of medical team members who helped Hubei Province, also sent their blessings.
The blessing from his comrades in arms made Zhang Hongtao very happy. He confessed that he once confessed to Xie Nianye during his assistance to Hubei Province in February this year, but the situation of epidemic prevention and control was severe at that time. Xie Nianye said that he would talk about personal feelings after overcoming the epidemic.
From the front line of anti epidemic in Wuhan to now, Xie Nianye has stepped into the palace of marriage hand in hand. This scene, Zhang Hongtao thought many times in his dream, “and thought thousands of times in his dream, and you finally became my bride.”
Bless them!

Luo Yonghao full moon live broadcast overturns

In this regard, some fans who are full of expectation and understand chedi expressed disappointment and even questioned the black curtain.
After apologizing in the live broadcast room, Luo Yonghao just made another statement on Weibo, “the reason for the technical failure of the half price car on the shelf is under investigation, and an official statement and satisfactory remedial measures will be issued later, please don’t worry.”
Lao Luo stressed that “neither we nor the car emperor can have any so-called inside story for the sake of hundreds of thousands.”. Please be patient and wait for the official investigation results from our technicians. thank! Sorry! “
Netizens recalled that when Lao Luo launched the second live broadcast, they also launched the hav i7 half price car jointly with the Great Wall. The result was embarrassing. The 12 cars were only sold on 4 vehicles. Later, the Great Wall explained that the time spent in the live broadcast of Tmall and the tiktok system was wrong, resulting in 8 of the users who were paying the original price, so they did not pay.

More than 240000 confirmed cases in the United States

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University in the US, as of April 2nd at 6 in the evening of the United States, 242182 cases of new crown pneumonia were reported in the United States, 5758 cases died and 8889 cases were cured. In the past 24 hours, 33111 new diagnoses and 1001 new deaths have been confirmed. The second detection of Trump’s new coronavirus was negative
U.S. President trump said at the briefing that he twice received the new coronavirus test on the morning of the 2nd local time, and the result was negative. Trump said he was curious to see how fast the new test would be. Trump also said the test took one minute and it took 14 minutes to get the results.

League of Legends hand tour appointment

The whole army of “hero League” will attack and reach MoBa mobile battle field in 2020.
On October 16, at the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the hero League (LOL), fist companies officially announced the mobile game version of hero League and opened an appointment on Tencent games. According to reports, “hero League” mobile game keeps the classic branch of end game, with a single game estimated at 15-18 minutes, and the operation is changed from mouse key operation to double turntable operation. According to foreign media reports, it will land on IOS and Android in 2020.
The news of “hero League” developing mobile games has been circulated from the inside of the fist companies since May this year. So the official release of the mobile game version is expected, but it is also exciting enough, especially for the old players of the hero League end game. Zaker news found that the official microblog of the hero League mobile game was registered on the 16th, and as of the press release, it had more than 300000 fans.
According to the data of taptap, a mobile game sharing community, more than 1.16 million people have made an appointment for the mobile game of the League of heroes, and more than 17000 people have participated in the evaluation. Currently, the League of heroes mobile game scores 9.8 points on taptap. Zaker news browsing evaluation found that the old players of “hero League” end game expressed “happy from the heart” to the arrival of mobile games, said that they would download mobile games in case, and triggered a wave of “memory killing”.
However, players have different opinions on whether to take the “hero League” mobile game as the main game. Some players have a clear flag that they will “enter the pit”. However, some players said that it was too late for “hero League” to enter the game, and “King’s glory” has been online for four years, and it has become the king of MoBa mobile game. It’s very difficult for players to spend money to buy hero skin and ask them to give up and re invest money and energy in “hero League” mobile game.
In addition, the “hero League” mobile game can’t synchronize the existing heroes and skin of the computer account for the time being. This makes end game players express dissatisfaction. Some people say that fist companies may develop hand games to “sell feelings for another wave of money and tap the remaining value of lol”.
For the mobile game market, the emergence of “hero League” mobile game is undoubtedly a heavy bomb. The producer of independent game documentary “solo” told zaker news that the popularity of lol has always been very high. With its IP and R & D capabilities, although it is late to enter the mobile game market, it will not affect the enthusiasm of players. More importantly, if the “hero League” mobile game has a good reputation after its release, it will bring a new MoBa mobile game boom.
For fist companies, the layout of hand games may be the next big game. As mobile games become more popular, League of heroes revenue fell $1.4 billion last year, down 21% year on year. After ten years of development, the League of heroes is not only a computer game, but also a big IP. So on the 10th anniversary of the League of heroes, fist companies also released the strategy card game “Legends of runeterra” based on the League of heroes IP. As the fist company official said, the release of mobile games is of great significance to its global ecological layout. As for Tencent game, which has acquired a leading company, the hero League mobile game may be able to make up for its shortcomings in the overseas MoBa game market, which is invincible in China, such as glory of the king, and its expression in the international version is not satisfactory.


Jordan sold part of the wasp equity to two investors

Beijing time September 15, “Charlotte Observer” reporter Rick Bonnell reported that the Hornets owner Michael Jordan has reached an agreement with two investors from New York, Jordan will sell part of the team’s equity, but he will retain control of the team.
The two investors are Gabb Lotkin and Daniel Sandheim, the former is the founder of Melvin Capital and the latter is the founder of DI Capital. They had to get the coalition’s approval, but sources told Rick Bonnell that the deal was in progress and was expected to be completed in two weeks.
Lotkin and Sandheim’s share ratio and purchase price were not disclosed. Jordan currently owns about 97% of the team. Another source revealed that he planned to run the team “for a long time”.