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The wax museum throws trump wax

Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany, seems to have predicted the outcome of the U.S. presidential election next Tuesday – Trump’s defeat.
According to Reuters, the wax museum of Madame Dusha in Berlin loaded Trump’s wax in the trash on Friday.
Madame Tussauds in Berlin abandoned trump
Trump’s wax image, which was previously placed next to the two former US presidents Reagan and Obama, is now thrown into a simulated trash bin, surrounded by symbolic “garbage bags.”. The trash can says, “abandon trump and make America great again. “The separate placard also says,” you’re fired. “.
Madame Tussauds have always had the tradition of making political figures into waxwork.
Reagan made a famous speech to promote the end of the cold war in front of Brandenburg in Berlin during the cold war, so Reagan had a high popularity in Berlin. By coincidence, Reagan was Trump’s most adored president of the United States. Obama is Merkel’s closest friend.
When trump was removed, Reagan and Obama were still green.
“Before the U.S. election, this event is quite symbolic today,” said Museum Marketing Manager OKID. “We have long wanted to abandon Trump’s wax statues at Madame Tussauds in Berlin. “
Trump has been lagging behind Biden in polls for months, in part because of widespread dissatisfaction with his governance of the new crown epidemic that swept the United States.
Analysts say it’s no secret that most European policymakers will be happy to see trump leave the presidency if he loses in November.

Restaurant built in Qinhuai River Levee

Recently, affected by rainfall and other factors, Nanjing has launched the first level emergency response for flood control in Qinhuai River Basin. However, many high-end bars and restaurants are still open inside the yangjiawei Dyke on the Qinhuai River. These restaurants have dug in more than ten meters from the back surface of the dam and opened business in the “belly” of the dam. The deepest part of the restaurant has reached the middle line of the dam. Is it approved to build a restaurant by digging holes in the dam? Will it damage the dam body? During the reporter’s interview, Jiangning urban construction group, Nanjing Water Bureau and other relevant parties did not comment. As early as 2014, there were media reports that Jiangning urban construction group carried out the construction of bars and restaurants illegally without planning procedures. The former Jiangning District Planning Bureau has confirmed that there are no procedures for the construction, while Jiangning urban construction group has promised to “order the construction team to suspend construction and restart construction after the relevant procedures are improved.” However, in six years, the procedures promised in that year have not been completed.