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100000 cassettes in the community

In Zhongtang Town, Binhai New Area, Tianjin, a public welfare cinerary hall was transformed into a residential building and sold illegally. Reporters on the spot investigation found that the building complex is divided into two phases, a total of 16 buildings, the shape of the building is the same as the ordinary residential area, but the windows are all black. Entering the interior of the building, the reporter found that there are about 25 houses on each floor, covering an area of 20-50 square meters. The plaque and big red flower of “X’s ancestral hall” are hung at the door of each house. The staff said that the residential building is nearly sold out, because it is more connected with the “earth gas”, the basement is the most expensive and the loft is the cheapest.
The ashes hall was converted into a residential building with an area of more than 5 hectares at a cost of 300 million yuan. It is known as “the first in North China”. According to the documents released by Tianjin land and Housing Administration Bureau, the cemetery here belongs to the public welfare cinerary hall in nature and has no qualification for sale. In order to avoid the management regulations that public welfare cemeteries can not be operated, the cemetery changed the terms of the cemetery contract from sale to long-term lease.
With the implementation of the funeral reform in Tianjin, more and more people choose to buy a room in the cemetery to make their own ancestral hall, instead of mixing their own urn with other ones in the public welfare ancestral hall. The first phase of the ashes hall, with its “building style ancestral hall” as its signboard, was once cold when it was on sale. However, the price of the first phase went up sharply in the past six years, with the average price rising from 3 000 to 7 000 1 Ping. According to the staff, at present, more than 3000 families have been “settled” in the community, with nearly 100000 cassettes.
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Open the window and see a new house of the owner of the cemetery in Xi’an
In July 2020, Mr. Ge, a citizen of Xi’an, complained to the people’s livelihood hotline column of the western network that he bought the new house of Hengda feicui Longting in Lianhu District two years ago, but found that the new house was a “Tomb view room” and that the graveyard could be seen by opening the windows in the living room and bedroom of the family. Now I think of this matter and feel it’s very angry.
Public complaints: it’s hard to accept the transformation of a new house into a “grave view house”
In 2017, Mr. Ge, a citizen, and his wife spent 750000 yuan to buy a house with a wide view in Hengda feicui Longting, Lianhu District, Xi’an. Recently, the developer notice to take over the house, he was originally full of joy, but he was silly before the house was about to be closed.
After entering the house, Mr. Ge found that the plot was separated by a wall with a cemetery of more than 100 square meters. There were a lot of tombstones. When you open the windows of the living room and bedroom, you can see the cemetery. “We didn’t expect to buy a sunshine house. I didn’t expect to have a” grave view room “. The residents with more than ten floors could be better. When the windows of the residents on the third floor were pushed open, the words on the tombstones could be seen clearly.”
Mr. Ge said that when he bought the house, the developer didn’t mention the graveyard, and he didn’t think much about it. He thought the location was suitable and signed the contract. “There is a railway around the community. The developer told us, but the cemetery is blocked at the corner. It’s hard for us to find it until the house is repaired. “
Many owners of No.11 building of Hengda feicui Longting told reporters that if they knew this situation, they would definitely not buy the house here. “Who wants to open the window and see a row of graves? And the villagers’ graves will certainly worship every year. When they do, they will put wreaths and burn paper, and they will respond to people. ” Ms. Yee said.
Property reply: no intentional concealment, negotiation on relocation
Subsequently, the reporter learned from the property manager of Hengda feicui Longting that the developer was reporting the relevant situation to the government, and was also trying to negotiate with the villagers, planning to solve the owners’ complaints by removing the cemetery.
Mr. Li, the person in charge, said that when developing the land, the developer didn’t find any graveyard. “There are living areas around, and we don’t think there will be a cemetery. But this cemetery should be a long time, and the scale is not very large, and the trees around it are covered, so it is really difficult to find out. It is not to say that the developer deliberately did not inform the situation.”
”I went to see the land myself. In fact, some of the tombs were empty. After talking to the villagers, most of them were willing to move away. After all, the surrounding area is now residential area, and people are also interested in the burial geomantic omen. “Mr. Li said that after receiving the complaints from the owners, the company is actively communicating with all parties in the near future, and will give the owners an accurate reply at the beginning of next month.
Lawyer: the proximity of the cemetery to the community has a significant impact on housing prices
The lawyer of Shaanxi Hongzhen law firm said that the cemetery is adjacent to the residential area, which will objectively produce mental pressure and negative psychological impact on the owners. At the same time, this information will have a significant impact on the conclusion of the contract and the house price, so the developer has the obligation to disclose when selling the house, and can not deliberately conceal it.
In the complaint, if the developer fails to inform the buyer of the cemetery nearby, fails to fulfill the obligation of informing, and there are major defects, the owner can negotiate to protect his rights or protect his rights through legal channels. In judicial practice, disputes over the sale and purchase of “vicious houses” have been highlighted. However, there are different court judgments on the responsibility of developers. The main consideration is whether the developers have fraud and whether the buyers have major misunderstanding. “If the impact is not significant, generally speaking, from the perspective of maintaining the stability of the contract, the owner can be compensated for part of the economic loss or mental loss.”

Bai Yansong’s comment on Juvenile Delinquency

On Monday, a 10-year-old girl was killed by a 13-year-old boy, and his parents were sentenced to make a public apology for the loss of more than 1.28 million yuan. Cai is now in custody for three years. Bai Yansong: we often say that we should solve a lot of things. We must not go to the strange circle of “one pipe is dead, one is put on the other”. In fact, it is the same with the prevention and punishment of juvenile delinquency. We should emphasize strict punishment and let juvenile delinquency bear the same responsibility as adult crime. This is not in line with the general trend of our protection of minors. On the other hand, the protection of minors is by no means a loose indulgence. If you commit a crime, you should be fine. Therefore, the progress of many things can never be achieved overnight. It is necessary to move in a better direction in the process of dispute discussion and negotiation. I hope we can shorten this process and pay less.

Police report the hijacking of the United States

All suspects involved in the kidnapping and extortion case in Shunde
Previously reported
In the early morning of the 15th, it was reported from the media that he Hanjian, the founder of Meimei, was held hostage. His son, he Jianfeng, swam from the river beside his villa to the opposite side of the river and called the police.
According to the 2019 annual report of Midea Group, he henjian is the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company. He was born in 1942 and is 78 years old.
According to public information, the “Midea Group Junlan life village” mentioned in the police report is specifically Junlan international golf life village. It is a luxury residential community invested and developed by Midea Group and built on the golf life platform, about 20 minutes walk from Midea headquarters.

Be prepared to fight for a long time

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is released by the World Health Organization. It has been diagnosed as 234073 cases of new crown pneumonia (24247 cases) and 9840 cases (1061 cases) in recent 20 hours at 23:59 on March 19th (Beijing time 6:59). The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a global trend. Preventing imported cases is becoming an important work in preventing and controlling the epidemic.
“China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has increased dramatically in China,” he said. Wang Hufeng, director of the medical reform research center of Renmin University of China and professor of the school of public management of Renmin University of China, studied and analyzed that the global epidemic is still on the rise, and China’s prevention and control of overseas epidemic imports should be prepared for a long-term war.
Wang Hufeng, director of medical reform research center of Renmin University of China, Professor of School of public management
According to the latest who report, the number of newly confirmed cases in the Americas increased by 85.7% on March 19 compared with the previous day. The number of newly diagnosed cases in Europe has exceeded 10000 for two consecutive days. From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 19, except for Hubei, all the new cases in other areas were confirmed cases imported from abroad, up to 39 cases.
“Judging from the current global development trend, the peak of overseas epidemic input may come in the next few weeks, this summer and around New Year’s day.” Wang Hufeng believes that the best window for global epidemic prevention and control is within 2-3 months. If the global cooperation enables the epidemic to be effectively controlled, this will greatly reduce the pressure on China’s epidemic prevention. If not, prevention and control of the epidemic will become the norm, and both countries and individuals should be well prepared.
How to carry out effective prevention and control? Wang Hufeng put forward several suggestions. First of all, the public should not relax their vigilance. Wearing masks and washing hands frequently will become the normal preventive measures. Secondly, it is necessary to set up inspection points and isolation points in airports, customs and other places, but it is not enough. We can move forward the customs gate. It is very necessary for foreigners to master their information and deal with the corresponding plans when they purchase tickets.
Finally, the relevant legal measures for epidemic prevention should be established and improved as soon as possible, which is conducive to reducing the occurrence of bad behaviors such as epidemic concealment and non cooperation in epidemic prevention, so as to realize the legalization of epidemic prevention and relieve the pressure of emergency epidemic prevention.

Death penalty for murder at a man’s epidemic station

Beijing News Express according to the news released by Yunnan, on March 1, 2020, the intermediate people’s Court of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province held a public hearing in accordance with the law to hear the case of Ma Jianguo’s intentional killing of the defendant, and sentenced him to death for the crime of intentional killing, depriving him of political rights for life.
According to the trial, the defendant Ma Jianguo, male, born in April 1996, is a member of Luoma village committee of Luomeng village, azahe Township, Honghe County, Honghe Prefecture, with primary school culture. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in February 5, 2020 was set up in the village of Honghe County, according to the unified arrangement and arrangement of the superior authorities. The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control point was set up in the place of the village of the village of the village of Luomeng village, azohe township. At about 18:20 on February 6, when Ma Jianguo drove a minivan with the license plate number of cloud gpn612 to carry people to the card point, his fellow villager mark long (handled in a separate case) got off to remove the roadblock and did not obey the management of the staff at the card point. In this process, Ma Jianguo, the defendant, was dissatisfied with Zhang Guizhou’s behavior of photographing and collecting evidence with his mobile phone, so he stabbed Zhang Guizhou in the chest and abdomen with a folding knife he carried with him, and then stabbed Li Guomin, a member of the checkpoint team who came forward to dissuade him, killing Zhang Guizhou and Li Guomin. Zhang Guizhou is a poverty alleviation cadre from Honghe County Finance Bureau, and Li Guomin is a cadre from Shitouzhai Township, Honghe County.
After the trial, the court held that Ma Jianguo, the defendant, ignored the national law and the order of epidemic prevention and control during the first-class response to major public health emergencies in Yunnan Province, deliberately and illegally deprived other people’s lives, resulting in serious consequences of the death of two people. His behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide, and his criminal responsibility should be investigated according to law. Ma Jianguo, the defendant, was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for the crime of intentional injury. He committed the crime that should be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or more within five years after the completion of the execution of the punishment. He is a recidivist and should be given a heavier punishment according to law. Although Ma Jianguo, the defendant, voluntarily surrendered and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime after the crime, he killed two epidemic prevention and control workers by extremely cruel means during the epidemic, which was extremely vicious, extremely bad, and extremely serious criminal consequences, so he was not given light punishment according to law, so he made the above judgment.

Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Wins Five in a row

On September 19, Beijing time, the women’s volleyball World Cup ended the last match of the first stage. The Chinese women’s volleyball team swept Japan 3:0, giving its opponents only 44 points, winning five consecutive games in a perfect start, losing only 260 points in five games, making it the most outstanding team in 12 teams. In this game, Lang Ping still insists on himself, does not give the substitute a chance, cautious attitude makes the fans babble, it is difficult to understand, maybe this is the originality of Lang Ping.
In the first stage, a total of five rounds of matches were held. China and the United States remained unbeaten in the fifth World War, ranking the first two, but the United States women’s volleyball team had a better performance, beating the Netherlands, Brazil and Serbia women’s volleyball team respectively. The Chinese women’s volleyball team’s opponents relative strength was weak.
The next two and third stages are more crucial. Chinese women’s volleyball team will meet the challenges of Brazil, the United States, the Netherlands and Serbia. Especially with the PK of American women’s volleyball team, it can be called Mars collision. The best World Cup match is full of too many points of view. Because in the women’s Volleyball League and finals, the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to the United States two times. There are many fans who are not optimistic about the prospect of winning the championship of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.
In the five matches, the Chinese women’s volleyball team remained unbeaten and did not lose a game. Only the opponents got 260 points, averaging 52 points for each opponent, with a little more than two games. It is enough to show that the strength of Chinese women’s volleyball team is stable at a certain height, and it has become a truly strong team in the world, and gradually matures. It has made considerable progress at both ends of attack and defense. As to what level it has reached, it needs to be tested by competition. American women’s volleyball team is a good opponent, Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue and Zhang Chang. Ning, Yanni and Li Yingying constitute the core of the attack, with what strength, reached what height, World War I unveiled the answer.
The performance of the American women’s volleyball team in this World Cup is amazing. Faced with the Dutch and Brazilian women’s volleyball teams, they completely took the initiative and achieved a 3:0 sweep, which made the fans stand out. During the World Women’s Volleyball League, the American Women’s Volleyball Team narrowly beat the Netherlands 3-2, lost 1-3 to Brazil and even lost 2-3 to Dominican Women’s Volleyball Team. The performance fluctuated slightly. It met the Dutch and Brazilian Women’s Volleyball Team again more than two months later. The result was totally different, showing a crushing trend. This team’s performance was unexpected.
Zhu Ting made four appearances, scoring 22 points, 21 points, 20 points and 14 points. Zhang Changning also played very well, scoring the highest 19 points in the match with Japanese women’s volleyball team, 17 points in the match with Russia, and Yuan Xinyue also scored double points in many matches. He performed very well and deserved to be expected. In many matches, Lang Ping did not give the substitutes a chance to play, which is unfathomable.
The result of the final round: the Netherlands defeated Serbian women’s volleyball 2:3, the United States swept Brazil 3:0, Korea defeated Cameroon women’s volleyball 3:0, Dominican women’s volleyball 2:3 lost to Russia, Japan women’s volleyball team got 17 points, 10 points and 17 points in three sets, suffered a third defeat. At present, the Russian women’s volleyball team ranks third in four wins, one win, 12 games and seven losses, while the Dutch, Brazilian and Serbian women’s volleyball team ranks fourth and fifty-six in two losses.


What is it about riding a shared bicycle to run a marathon?

The Chengdu Shuangliu Women’s Half-way Marathon was held in Chengdu on 8 th this month. The Chengdu Shuangliu Women’s Half-way Marathon Organizing Committee received complaints about irregularities of competitors after the race. According to photos taken by netizens, some competitors entered the track by sharing bicycles while participating in the race.
The Organizing Committee of the Competition issued a circular on the 10th that two violators were banned from participating in the Chengdu (double-class) women’s half-marathon for life.
It was reported that the Organizing Committee conducted an investigation as soon as it received the complaint. In the course of competition, A0937’s Yang Moubi and A2663’s Song Mouping once violated the rules of using the vehicle – sharing bicycle to participate in the competition. In order to enforce discipline and ensure fairness and fairness in the competition, according to Article 10 of the Regulations for the Women’s Half Marathon in Chengdu (Double Streams) 2019 and Article 3 of the Regulations of the Chinese Track and Field Association on Strengthening the Management of the Disciplines of Marathon and Related Sports Events in China, Yang Mou, No. A0937, was cancelled. Bi and A2663 runners Song Moping in Chengdu (Shuangliu) women’s half marathon in 2019 were punished by A0937 runner Yang Moubi and A2663 runner Song Mouping who were banned from participating in Chengdu (Shuangliu) women’s half marathon for life.
Meanwhile, according to the Chengdu (Shuangliu) Women’s Half Marathon Organizing Committee of 2019, the information of A0937 runner Yang Moubi and A2663 runner Song Mouping has been reported to the China Track and Field Association for further punishment.


The Lost Bronze Group returned home to Zeng Berk Father. Eight pieces of Bronze Group finally returned to the motherland.

The Bronze Group returned home, and the eight bronze pieces of “Zeng Bo Ke” finally returned to the motherland. This group of cultural relics returned to Japan from Japan on August 23 to learn more!
“Zeng Boke’s Bronze Organizer” appeared in Tokyo in March, suspected of illegal smuggling

“Ancient Art” reported on March 11 this year that a group of bronze heavyweights “Zeng Bo Ke Bing Bronze Set” was originally planned to be auctioned on March 12th at the 2019 Spring Auction in Central Tokyo. This group “Zeng Bo Ke Bronze Group” In fact, it has been questioned by some experts in archaeological and archaeological circles as illegally smuggling foreign cultural relics in recent years.