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Mother disgrace case party out of prison

On the morning of November 18, 2020, Yu Huan, a party involved in the case of humiliating his mother, was released from prison with commutation of his sentence. Previously, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing the insulting mother, and later was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. On April 14, 2016, Su Yinxia Yu Huan’s mother and son were unable to repay the usury, so they were restricted their personal freedom by 11 debt collectors, and were insulted by abuse, slapping, shoes covering the mouth, etc. Du Zhihao, the debt collector, took off his pants in front of Yu Huan and insulted Su Yinxia with extreme means. Desperate Yu Huan picked up a fruit knife and stabbed four people. Du Zhihao, who was stabbed, died the next day. On February 17, 2017, Liaocheng intermediate people’s court sentenced Yu Huan to life imprisonment for intentional injury.
The Supreme People’s Procuratorate sent its staff to Shandong for examination.
On May 27, 2017, the second trial of Shandong high court reported the relevant information of the trial by live broadcast.
On June 23, 2017, the Shandong high court decided that Yu Huan was in excessive defense and was sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment.
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On trial of gang involved in the case of Yu Huan
After 12 days’ trial on the 14 day and three days in a row, the people’s Court of Liaocheng District of Shandong province ended the trial of Wu Xuezhan’s criminal syndicate criminal organization behind the Huan case. There are 15 accused in Wu Xuezhan’s gangland Gang criminal organization, involving 9 counts.
The public prosecution organs allege that since 2010, the defendant Wu xuezhan has successively established Taichang Investment Co., Ltd. and Taihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Guanxian County, Shandong Province. Zhao Rongrong, the defendant, is in charge of accounting management. More than ten defendants, including Guo Yangang, Guo Shulin and Wu Fengzhi, have been gathered together to become a criminal organization with a nature of underworld.
Prosecutor Kong Yu: the gang organized many criminal and illegal activities by means of violence and threat. In order to force usury to illegally invade Su Yinxia’s house, he illegally detained Su Yinxia and Yu Huan.
The public prosecutor accused Wu Xuezhan of 15 accused persons suspected of organizing, leading and participating in criminal organization of gangland, 9 crimes of forced transaction, illegal invasion of residence and illegal detention. Among them, the crime of illegal invasion and the crime of illegal detention are directly related to the Yuhuan case.
In April 2016, the defendants Wu xuezhan and Zhao Rongrong forced Wu Fenglei, Du Zhihao and others to illegally intrude into Su Yinxia’s house, forced the moving company to remove the interior furniture, and pressed Su Yinxia’s head into the toilet. On April 14, in order to exert pressure, the defendant Wu xuezhan instructed Zhao Rongrong to gather people to go to Yuanda industry and trade company of Su Yinxia to collect debts, and illegally detained Su Yinxia and his son Yu Huan. During this period, Du Zhihao, a gang member, humiliated Su Yinxia by exposing his lower body. Finally, Yu Huan stabbed Du Zhihao with a knife and stabbed three gang members.
According to the evidence presented by the procuratorial organ in court, Wu xuezhan, who rushed to the scene to deal with the case in private, tried to persuade the police on duty not to arrest the person and hand it over to himself, in order to avoid being out of control after the intervention of public power, but he was rejected by the police.
Later, Wu xuezhan invested 2 million yuan to appease the family members of the gang member Du Zhihao who were stabbed to death, and gave Yan Jianjun, a member of the gang who was injured, to contact the hospital in Beijing for treatment. At the same time, the funds of criminal gangs should be transferred quickly to avoid the attack of the police.
According to the accusations of the public prosecution organ, 15 defendants, including Wu xuezhan, granted usury and forced transactions in the local area to dominate and harm one party, which had a significant impact on the local financial industry and seriously damaged the economic and social order. What are their specific criminal facts?
The public prosecution organ accused Wu xuezhan and other 15 criminal gangs with the nature of underworld to obtain economic benefits through crimes and illegal activities, including forced transactions and usury. In April 2015, Guanxian people’s hospital invited public bidding for the ward building construction project. After Wu xuezhan failed to borrow other people’s qualifications, he forced two local enterprises that normally won the bid to transfer the bidding project to him by means of malicious reporting, threats and threats, and received more than 10 million yuan from Guanxian people’s hospital.
In addition, because of the land dispute, Wu xuezhan also used a knife to cut the face of sun Guangjun, who was in conflict with him, leading to six stitches on Sun Guangjun’s face, which constituted a minor injury level II; he also instructed gang members to deliberately hurt several victims such as Lang Baoting.
The public prosecution accused Wu xuezhan of deliberately destroying property and public telecommunications facilities, cutting off the local Unicom’s communication cable, causing more than 4800 households to lose communication for more than one hour.
In order to make exorbitant profits by issuing usury, Wu xuezhan’s Gang also maliciously reported relevant enterprises to local financial institutions such as CCB and Qilu bank, and made trouble in some banks to prevent banks from lending to enterprises normally. The defendant Wu xuezhan denied or disagreed with the facts of the crime and the relevant evidence presented by the public prosecution organ.
The public prosecutor refuted Wu xuezhan’s denial according to the evidence. For gang members involved in the crime of forcibly insulting women, rape and other criminal facts, the court conducted a closed trial in accordance with the law. During the three-day trial, the public prosecutor, the victim, the agent ad litem, the defendant and the defender all fully expressed their opinions.
It is also understood that after the Yu Huan case, while the local political and legal organs cracked down on Wu xuezhan and other 15 criminal gangs involved in the underworld, they are now investigating Wu Deming, former head of Donggu Town, Guanxian County, and Chen, former leader of the Criminal Police Brigade of Guanxian Public Security Bureau

Plastic straws will be banned by the end of the year

By the end of this year, plastic straws will be withdrawn from the catering industry. According to the opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution control issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment, by the end of 2020, the use of non degradable disposable plastic straws will be prohibited in the catering industry across the country. The law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, which will come into effect on September 1, stipulates that those who fail to comply with the national regulations on prohibiting or restricting the use of disposable plastic products such as non degradable plastic bags will be fined 10000 to 100000 yuan. After the ban on plastics, a “ban on management order” was issued to convey a clear signal to the public. To implement the “plastic restriction and plastic reduction”, we must be determined and conscientious.
In the catering market, plastic straws are the fixed collocation of milk tea, cola and other drinks, easy to use. However, the popular plastic straw is also a “dead knot” of environmental pollution. Data show that China’s cumulative output of plastic products last year was 81.84 million tons, including nearly 30000 tons of plastic straws, about 46 billion pieces, and the per capita use of more than 30 pieces; each piece of degradation time may be as long as 500 years, and recycling is difficult. As we all know, “limiting plastic and reducing plastic” is the only way to protect the environment. Banning small plastic straws is actually a key link in the use of compressed plastics. No matter how much convenience the straw can bring to daily life, it can not be at the cost of uncontrolled destruction of the environment.

6 overseas imports were added yesterday

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Beijing from 0 to 24 March 10th. 6 cases were imported from abroad, including 5 imported cases from Italy and 1 imported cases from the United States. Two new suspected cases were reported, all of which were imported from abroad; 44 people were in close contact, 26 of whom were imported from abroad. Six cases were cured and discharged from two designated hospitals in the city. There are three men and three women, the youngest 32 years old and the oldest 93 years old.
As of 24:00 on March 10, 435 cases were confirmed, 326 cases were cured and 8 cases died. There are 27 suspected cases. The total number of close contacts was 3694, of which 434 were still in isolation medical observation. Among the confirmed cases, 14 were in Dongcheng District, 53 in Xicheng District, 72 in Chaoyang District, 63 in Haidian District, 43 in Fengtai District, 14 in Shijingshan District, 3 in Mentougou District, 16 in Fangshan District, 19 in Tongzhou District, 10 in Shunyi District, 29 in Changping District, 39 in Daxing District, 7 in Huairou District, 7 in Miyun District and 1 in Yanqing District. There were no cases in Pinggu District, 25 in Beijing from other places, and 20 in foreign countries.
There are 12 districts in the whole city that have no new confirmed cases for more than 14 consecutive days, specifically Pinggu District has no reported cases since the outbreak, Yanqing District 47 days, Mentougou District 37 days, Huairou District 33 days, Shunyi District 31 days, Miyun District 28 days, Shijingshan District 26 days, Daxing District 26 days, Fangshan District 23 days, Changping District 22 days, Xicheng District 20 days, Tongzhou District 20 days.
Among 435 confirmed cases, 206 cases were male, accounting for 47.4%, 229 cases were female, accounting for 52.6%; the age range was 6 months to 94 years old, 14 cases were under 5 years old, accounting for 3.2%, 17 cases were 6 to 17 years old, accounting for 3.9%, 293 cases were 18 to 59 years old, accounting for 67.4%, 111 cases were 60 years old and above, accounting for 25.5%.

Hair salon issues a million year-end bonus

On January 9, 2019, the Chinese Business Daily reported that the company has awarded the “filial piety Award” of nearly 500000 yuan to the parents of employees. Mr. He, 37, is from Yulin, Northern Shaanxi Province. He has been engaged in hairdressing industry for more than 19 years. “When he was about 14 years old, just graduated from junior high school, the family conditions were not good all the time. He dropped out of school because he didn’t eat meat several times a year.” In 2002, he came to Xi’an from his hometown to learn how to cut hair. After working for 5 years, I opened my own barber shop. Today, Mr. He has 14 barbershops.
At last year’s annual meeting, more than 130 employees of Mr. He company and their parents gathered together to participate in the year-end summary meeting held in the hotel, the theme of which is “you are happy, I am happy”. The filial piety award of nearly 500000 yuan was given to the parents of the employees on site, and the year-end award of 910000 yuan was given to the employees. “As long as the company is still there, this award will go on,” he said
Mr. He did it. Although there is no annual meeting this year, the bonus is increasing instead of decreasing. “This year’s filial piety award to employees’ parents will be directly printed on their bank card. If there is no bank card or they can’t handle it, it will be handed over to employees’ parents in person, or they can come to Xi’an within two or three months.” Mr. He said, “the main thing is to make sure that it is actually sent to the parents. There will be a return call from the manager, mainly considering that the parents love their children and don’t want the money.”
This year, Mr. He gave 643058 yuan of “filial piety Award” to parents of employees, 90% of them have it, ranging from 23 to 30000 yuan, and the year-end bonus of employees is 1539700 yuan. “At present, there are 14 stores with 110 employees in total. The minimum is 2000 yuan and the maximum is 126085 yuan.” Mr. He said, “the highest prize is a 30-year-old female store manager. Her store has made great achievements in the past year, has a strong sense of service, and has almost no rest all year round. She deserves it.”
For not having the annual meeting, Mr. He said that it’s because it’s the closing time of the year and more than a dozen stores are closed. In addition, 90% of the employees at the annual meeting last year are here this year. It’s better to save these money for the benefit of employees and parents.

China transferred to Thailand to buy a house

China transferred to Thailand to buy a house
It’s either stupid or bad to persuade you to go to Thailand to fry houses
Why are all the people who go to Thailand to speculate? Because it’s never a simple thing to go overseas to speculate. There’s a lot of information asymmetry in it.
For example, some people say that Thailand’s real estate is a permanent property right, which is really a lie to tie Han. Thailand has made it clear that foreigners can’t buy houses with land, only apartments, and the proportion of foreigners in each apartment can’t exceed 50%.
In addition, the high rent is only the superficial rent, in fact, the real rent to your hands is not so much.
In terms of taxes, Thailand’s real estate transaction tax for new houses is 1%, and the maintenance fund is 100 yuan per square meter;
According to the law, Thailand’s apartments can’t be rented directly on the Internet. They need to pass the intermediary, and the agency fee will be cut first;
Property fee. In fact, Thailand’s property fee is really very expensive. At present, the property management fee of Bangkok’s new building is 9-16 yuan per square meter and 50 square meters of apartments. The property fee is nearly 10000 yuan in one year. The most important thing is that once the property company goes wrong or goes out of business, the apartment you invested in is really finished.
So in a comprehensive calculation, the rental sales ratio is not so high, in fact, it is only 3.5% – 4.8%.
What about the liquidity of houses? Sorry, the liquidity of second-hand houses in Thailand is not as high as you think.
First of all, local people in Thailand are not keen on buying houses, and the per capita income in Thailand is not high. For example, the average monthly income of every family in Bangkok is 41002 baht, equivalent to 8000 yuan. At the current average price of about 60000 apartments, Thais don’t need to buy them. It’s better to buy land directly.
The second-hand housing liquidity, the main buyer is foreigners. At present, there are mainly Indian, Japanese, Taiwanese, Russian and Chinese people who speculate in Thailand.
This is a game of drumming and passing flowers. The first batch came from Japan and Taiwan, then from Russia. After the Russians were imprisoned, the first batch of Chinese buyers became the PLA, and then the first batch fooled the second batch to buy.
2012-2016 is a period of soaring house prices in Thailand. By 2017, there are signs of slowing down and polarization.
And now the supply of Thailand’s new apartment market is increasing every year, the market is not so strong. The demand for ordinary middle and low-end housing has slowed down significantly, such as around 40000 yuan per square meter in sukunyi district around Bangkok. Since last year, house prices have turned around.
People who specialize in overseas real estate say that how much price reduction is needed for a second-hand house in Thailand to attract the attention of buyers? The general view in the market is 25% – 40%.
So now, when the big V and the media begin to advocate Thailand’s real estate speculation, they just want to say that the third group of people who have been imprisoned are in a hurry to make a move. After all, the water in this market is not “deep” but “deep”, and most of them are Chinese people who cheat Chinese people!

Post-80s rich list released


Hurun Research Institute released the list of self-made rich of the post-80s of 2019 Hurun. This is the fourth time in a row that Hurun Research Institute has released this list. The deadline for wealth calculation of this list is August 15, 2019.
According to the list, pinduo’s 39 year old Huang Zheng became the first self-made 80s to enter the top 10 of Hurun’s top 100 rich list with 135 billion yuan. Today, Zhang Yiming, 36, founder of headline and shaken sound, grew 30 billion yuan in wealth, defending second place with 95 billion yuan. Wang Tao’s wealth increased by 4% to 47 billion, ranking third.
In addition, among the top 10, Zhang Bangxin, the founder of XRS, increased his wealth by 22% to 44 billion, ranking fourth; didi travel Cheng Wei ranked fifth with 18 billion yuan of wealth; Wu Gehan ranked seventh with 17 billion yuan of wealth; Suhua ranked eighth with 16 billion yuan of wealth; xieja ranked tenth with 14.5 billion yuan of wealth.
It is reported that the threshold for the release of the ranking is 2 billion yuan. There are 54 post-80s entrepreneurs on the list, four more than last year. The average wealth has exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 11.1 billion yuan. Among them, 19 are newly ranked in this ranking and 15 are below, with a total wealth of 598.3 billion. The average age is 36, one year older than last year.
The list also reveals that software services have surpassed games as the main source of wealth for the successful entrepreneurs of the post-80s generation. These three industries account for more than 40% of the list; online games have declined the most, half less than last year.