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Yang Weidong was sentenced to seven years for taking bribes

The former president of cnmoku was convicted of bribery. During his tenure as president of Youku, Yang Weidong, taking advantage of his position, illegally accepted bribes totaling more than 8.55 million yuan and sought benefits for others. His behavior has constituted the bribery crime of non-state staff members. In this regard, the first instance was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and confiscation of 2 million yuan of property.
According to the first instance criminal judgment on bribery of non state functionaries released by the people’s Court of Yuhang District, Hangzhou, during the period from 2016 to 2018, when Yang was the president of a network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as a company), the defendant accepted and asked for bribes from business partners by taking advantage of his position of comprehensive operation and management of relevant platforms The total amount is more than 8.55 million yuan, and seek benefits for others.
The people’s Court of Yuhang District of Hangzhou held that the defendant Yang took advantage of his position as an employee of the company to ask for and illegally accept other people’s property and seek benefits for others. The amount of money involved is huge, and his behavior has constituted the crime of accepting bribes by non-state staff members. The first instance is to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of seven years and to confiscation of property of 2 million yuan.
In March 2013, Yang Weidong was invited by Gu Yongqiang to join Youku potato group, and successively served as senior vice president and President of Youku potato group. Since then, with the establishment of Alibaba culture and entertainment group, Yang Weidong was appointed president of dayouku business group and CEO of Alibaba music. On December 4, 2018, Ali Da entertainment confirmed that according to the report, Yang Weidong was cooperating with the police for economic problems.

Mother of the victim in Zhang Yuhuan’s case

Shu Ailin exhausted all her strength to turn her paralyzed husband Zhang Guowu. Her height is less than 1.6 meters, and she is only over 80 Jin thin. Her husband, who is not bulky, is like a mountain to her. Her left leg pressed against the edge of the bed, bending like an open bow. It’s time to break the bow.
This kind of exhausted moment, Shu Ailin has to experience every day since her husband was paralyzed by stroke in December last year. The case of Zhang Yuhuan killing a child 27 years ago changed the fate of the three families. Zhang Yuhuan was sent to prison with injustice and his wife and children were separated; Zhang Guowu and Shu Ailian lived in poverty and difficulties; Zhang Jianfei and Liu Hehua also experienced hardships. The fate of three families and two generations has been rewritten by the tragedy 27 years ago. Today, Zhang Yuhuan was acquitted, and so on has long been fair. But for the two victims, up to today, the continuing pain of the tragedy is still continuing.
Alive, looking for the killer
In early November, there was a rain in Jinxian, Jiangxi Province, and the temperature soon dropped below 20 degrees. The pale sun showed its light from the gray and protruding clouds, so that the dim light and shadow could be seen clearly in the dark room.
Shu Ailian’s house is a three story building, which is a distance from Zhangjia village, next to County Road 075. In the countryside of Jinxian County, building this kind of small house is not only a decent family, but also a common rule of families with sons. The interior decoration is based on the family economic situation.
The house was built five years ago. It looks neat on the outside, but inside it looks like a project that just finished halfway. The wall is still a rough concrete surface, the house has no ceiling, and you can see the ferocious steel bars. The only furniture in the house is a sofa with sponge exposed.
After turning over and scrubbing her husband Zhang Guowu, Shu Ailian came out of the dark room, pulled a plastic stool and sat down in front of the reporter.
She did not speak, nor did the reporter.
This kind of environment and atmosphere, depressed do not know how to speak. Finally, Shu Ailin took the lead to break the silence: “my family’s children, good good good.”
Shu Ailian said “child”, is her first child. His six-year-old son was brutally killed 27 years ago and then dumped by a pond near the village.
Now the husband’s paralysis has made the family worse. It seems that there is no end to the suffering that life adds to shuailian. What supports her to continue to live, except for the husband who needs to be cared for in bed, is the idea of pursuing the murderer. “They said my son was not killed by Zhang Yuhuan. But my son was killed. Who killed him? Always give me a statement. “
This year, only 48 years old, Shu Ailian’s hair is basically white, looking like a thin old woman. But she did her best to maintain the decency of the family, which was so embarrassed that there was no bed, but her husband who was paralyzed in the bed had no smell, and the house was clean. She is wearing a pair of shoes with heels. The leather shoes of artificial leather have burst, but they are clean.
Shu Ailian showed reporters her hand, with scars all over the place and thick knuckles. Several fingers had been deformed and could not be straightened. This is the trace left by the hardware factory in the county. Such hard and arduous work can only bring about 2000 yuan of income in a month. And now, it can’t go on. After her husband was paralyzed, she had to go home to take care of him. Her only son works in an electronics factory in Shenzhen and has not married yet. She doesn’t know what kind of girl would like to marry into her own home.
“There’s nothing to say. Our family is hopeless.” After a while, she again mentioned “looking for the murderer” again as if thinking of something. “Who killed the child? If my child is harmed, we must be fair. “
Two children were killed, one four and one six
After 27 years, Shu Ai LAN clearly remembers what happened on October 24, 1993.
It was rice harvest time, and the whole village was in the middle of farming. At that time, Zhang Guowu, Zhang Jianfei and Zhang Yuhuan lived next to each other. Their son Zhenrong was 6 years old and Zhang Jianfei’s son Zhenwei was 4 years old. They were almost the same age as Zhang Yuhuan’s two sons. They played together all day long.
“At about 10 o’clock in the morning, I came back from cutting straw and saw four children playing at the door of Zhang Yuhuan. But when I went home for lunch, I found the child was gone. ” Speaking of this, Shu Ailian, who had always been dull in expression, became excited. “I searched everywhere, but I didn’t find it. The people in the village have been helping to look everywhere, everywhere, until the evening did not find. ” After many years, Shu Ailin’s tone is still anxious. The next day, someone from the village came to say that the bodies of two boys were found in Xiamatang reservoir. The reservoir is about half an hour’s walk away from the village. It’s hard for children to go to such a far away place to play. After confirmation, it is their 6-year-old son Zhenrong and Zhang Jianfei’s 4-year-old Zhenwei.
After the bad news came, Shu Ai LAN fainted. After waking up, the family was afraid that she would not like to go to the scene. “My relatives stopped me at home and didn’t let me go out. I didn’t even see my child for the last time.” Shu Ailin said that later, she heard relatives say Zhang Yuhuan was the murderer, and the police have arrested him. At first, she didn’t believe it, because the relationship between the three families had been good. However, she had to believe all kinds of evidence from the police. Until the police informed her that Zhang Yuhuan had admitted it, Shu Ailin believed it in her heart

24 more livable planets

Since the exploration of the universe
Looking for a planet suitable for human existence
So in the vast universe
Except for the earth
Is there any planet suitable for human habitation?
Recently, researchers have come up with the answer
They think
The earth is not necessarily the most livable planet in the universe
There are 24 planets outside the solar system
Maybe more than the earth
It is more suitable for living things
(network map)
Dirk Schulze markuch, a professor at Washington State University and Berlin University of technology, led the research. He worked with Max Planck Institute of solar system in Germany and astronomers at Villanova University in the United States to determine the “super livable” criteria, such as planet age, mass, volume, surface temperature, presence of water, distance from stars, etc.
They eventually selected 24 “super habitable” planets from 4500 known exoplanets. However, no planet can meet all the “super livable” conditions, but generally can meet four conditions, which means that life may be more comfortable there than on earth.
(network map)
The team recently published an article in the American Journal astrobiology, detailing these “super habitable” planets more than 100 light-years from earth. Some of them are older, slightly larger, warmer, and possibly wetter than Earth. They revolve around stars that live longer and change more slowly than the sun, making it possible for life to grow on these planets.
(NASA announced on February 26, 2014 that the Kepler space telescope mission team has confirmed the existence of 715 extrasolar planets. This is a newly confirmed concept map of planetary motion provided by NASA. Xinhua / AP)
It is worth mentioning that
The so-called livability does not mean
There must be life on these planets
Only the conditions for them
It helps the growth of life
“It’s important to choose a target, and we have to focus on some of the planets that have the best conditions for complex life,” Schulze makuch said. But we have to be careful not to be obsessed with finding a second earth, because there may be planets that are more suitable for life than our own.
(this is a conceptual map of the earth (left) and the extrasolar planet kepler-452b, released by NASA on July 23, 2015. Xinhua / AFP)
Many netizens asked questions
How to move to a new planet
Is it expensive to move?
Some netizens said that
Or less research on other planets
Protecting the earth is the business
Man can really find it for himself
A second home or more?
Maybe it’s because there are so many unknowns
Constantly arousing human curiosity
It is the driving force of this exploration
To uncover the vast universe
Endless mystery

Zijin Mining chairman’s wedding

Do you still believe in love?
I Believe.
Do you believe in love or gold mine?
Different people have different views on this issue.
Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., married: male 63, female 38, for love? Or for mining?
Today, Zijin Mining chairman Chen Jinghe got married. Male 63, female 38. Age difference is no longer a stumbling block to love. But the high-grade “gold mine” is a magnet to attract love?
We can not deny that Chen Jinghe has a fatal attraction to some women. This attraction is not just his own identity and status.
What’s more, he is 63 years old: he has learned the world, known the warmth of the world, and understood the love of women. It’s not tiring to fall in love with such a man.
Some netizens have guessed that the beautiful bride is not for love, but for the mine? I also thought about what netizens said. Let’s analyze it from these aspects.
Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., married: male 63, female 38, for love? Or for mining?

  1. On the spouse selection of excellent intellectual women
    For the excellent intellectual women of 38 years old, their criteria for choosing a mate are totally different from those of 18-year-old girls.
    At the age of 18, most girls like “slag man”. They have a good time, regardless of the consequences, regardless of the cost. They just want to be happy without thinking about the future.
    Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., married: male 63, female 38, for love? Or for mining?
    At the age of 38, women are more practical and seek a stable and long-term relationship. This feeling is not what “fresh meat” can give.
    The 38 year old woman has gone through countless trials and tribulations in her life. She is more suitable for the communication of her soul and the resonance of her spirit. They want to find a reliable man to spend their lives with.
    However, some people chose “typhoon shelter”, others chose “big harbor”.
    Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., married: male 63, female 38, for love? Or for mining?
  2. Economic foundation determines superstructure
    A 38 year old intellectual woman, at this age, her career has gradually stabilized and her life is more exquisite.
    She must not be willing to find a lower level. Because in that case, the life she struggled out would have to go again, too tired.
    Good love is to grow together, not to “help”.
    Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., married: male 63, female 38, for love? Or for mining?
    A 38 year old intellectual woman can know exactly what they want, but she is a good man and a rich life.
    Sanmao said: love, if not implemented into the clothing, eating, counting money, sleeping these real life, is not easy to last forever.
    So it’s normal for women to be mine. Whose love doesn’t need to be dressed and eaten.
    Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., married: male 63, female 38, for love? Or for mining?
  3. Secular ideas
    The common people pay attention to marriage is the same age, the larger the marriage span, the more discussion. It’s just not a secular idea. In fact, the old husband and the young wife live a happy life everywhere.
    Sun Yat Sen and Song Qingling are 27 years old. They support each other in their careers and make a good story. Chiang Kai Shek and Song Meiling are 10 years old. They share the same life and death and love each other hand in hand. Zhang Xueliang and Zhao Yidi are 10 years old. The love between him and Miss Zhao Si has been handed down to this day
    A 38 year old woman can break through the secular concept and choose to marry Chen Jinghe, which must have been carefully considered. Also must have a strong physical quality, to face the secular debate.
    Chen Jinghe, chairman of Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., married: male 63, female 38, for love? Or for mining?
    At the wedding, from the bride’s unconventional talk, Chen Jinghe also made money. The bride is beautiful, knowledgeable, and young, consistent with Chen Jinghe’s Three Outlooks and highly matched in spirit
    For love? For the mine? In essence, there is no need to go into it.
    Just be yourself in life. In just a few decades, there is no need to please or accommodate anyone. Love when you like it. After all, life is to live to see their own happiness is the most important.

Trump is jointly charged

After byte skipping threatened to sue trump, the top US technology companies including Amazon and Facebook filed a legal petition on Monday (10th local time) to support the administrative order that trump suspend the issuance of H-1B and other work permits and restrict the entry of some foreign workers. The technology giants said Trump’s executive order was based on a “false assumption” (that it could protect American workers) and that the ban would damage US businesses and the already troubled US economy.

Over 4.09 million in the United States

People.com.cn. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, is reported on July 24 (reporter Zhang Mengxu). According to the global real-time statistics system for new crown pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of July 24th, 6 hours in the eastern time, the United States reported 4097270 cases of new crown pneumonia, and 145184 cases died. In the past 24 hours, 70982 new confirmed cases and 1152 new deaths occurred in the United States.
The number of new confirmed cases in Florida reached 12444 on the 24th, 8701 in Texas and 4813 in Georgia. A total of 159 deaths were reported in California since the outbreak. According to statistics, during the week from July 5 to 12, the number of new cases in only 6 states decreased compared with last week; from July 12 to 19, only 9 states slowed down compared with last week. For two weeks in a row, only New Jersey continued to decline, and the decline rates were 15% and 22%.

New crown of frozen shrimp

About the recent purchase of Ecuador by consumers in our city
Announcement on epidemic prevention and control of frozen South white shrimp products
Novel coronavirus pneumonia control system was launched in Hunan on July 13th afternoon. The city’s new prevention and control team of the new crown pneumonia was working in the epidemic prevention and control section. Some consumers in Ecuador bought the frozen South shrimp products through the “thriving and optimized” group purchase platform. The new container crown nucleic acid was positive for the same batch of products.
After receiving the prompt, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attached great importance to it. The municipal emergency headquarters for epidemic prevention and control quickly took action. It has carried out a comprehensive investigation on the distribution points, stores, consumers and relevant contact personnel, sealed up the articles, isolated the contact personnel at home, and strictly carried out nucleic acid detection for the environment, articles and contacts. The prevention and control work is being carried out in accordance with the requirements of various standards.
So far, no abnormal situation has been found in the city. Please do not panic and believe in rumors. At the same time, we also welcome the general public to consult the prevention and control department (health and disease control department) and Community streets. The municipal epidemic prevention and control hotline was 0799-6353816.
A novel coronavirus pneumonia in Pingxiang
Emergency headquarters for epidemic prevention and control
July 14, 2020

New 5 yuan notes

Announcement No.9 of the people’s Bank of China
The people’s Bank of China is scheduled to issue the fifth set of RMB 5 yuan banknotes in 2020 edition from November 5, 2020.
1、 Face features
The fifth set of RMB 5 banknotes in 2020 edition keeps the specifications, main patterns, main colors, bank name of the people’s Bank of China, national emblem, Braille denomination mark, Chinese phonetic line name, national characters and other elements unchanged in the fifth set of RMB 5 banknotes of 2005 edition, which optimizes the level and effect of the face structure and improves the overall anti-counterfeiting performance.
The face value in the middle of the front is adjusted to the glossy variable face number “5”, and the local patterns in the lower left corner and the upper right corner are adjusted to the face number and gravure printing pattern of gravure printing. Add decorative patterns on the left, adjust the position of digital white watermark, adjust the pattern of flower watermark on the left, horizontal number on the left, decorative flowers in the middle, and head portrait of Mao Zedong on the right. Cancel the middle holographic magnetic windowing safety line and the right gravure handle line.
The local patterns in the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the back are adjusted to the face number and gravure opposite printing pattern of gravure printing, and the styles of main scene and face number are adjusted, and the face year number is changed to “2020”.
2、 After the issuance of the fifth set of RMB 5 banknotes in 2020 edition, they will circulate in the same denomination as the RMB in circulation.
Annex: the fifth set of RMB 5 banknote pattern of 2020 Edition
People’s Bank of China
July 3, 2020

Diarrhea or new symptoms

In June 27th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing was held in 134th. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed from the scene that Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention, informed the new cases of yesterday’s diagnosis. According to her report, one of the confirmed cases in Daxing District had symptoms of fatigue and diarrhea since June 23, and the self medication did not improve. Fever began to appear on June 25 and went to Daxing District People’s Hospital for treatment. The result of nucleic acid test was positive. It was confirmed on June 26 and the clinical type was common type.

Zhong Nanshan on the asymptomatic

On April 16, Zhong Nanshan, head of the high level expert group of the National Health Commission and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and other domestic medical experts made a video connection with clinicians in Europe, the United States and Africa through Tencent conference, sharing for the first time China’s “new crown full path” experience from asymptomatic infection screening, suspected diagnosis, treatment of confirmed patients, severe ICU program to post-treatment detection. The conference is global oriented Ten thousand doctors broadcast live.
“Masks are useful. Some people think that wearing a mask is to prevent you from infecting others with the disease, but actually in China, the concept is the opposite. Wearing a mask is to prevent others from infecting you. This may be a conceptual difference, but it’s also a fact. ” Zhong Nanshan stressed that most of the virus is not actually free in the air, but exists in droplets, spread by coughing and other ways. In the west, they can also protect themselves by wearing masks.
He pointed out that China is facing the challenge of local transmission caused by imported cases. “The epidemic situation in China has been basically controlled and no more people have been infected. At present, most of the increased cases are imported from abroad. We need to pay special attention to asymptomatic infections. ” Zhong Nanshan said that the incubation period of asymptomatic patients is mostly 3 to 7 days, and the highest incubation period may be 14 days. During the incubation period, the patient may be asymptomatic or very mild. Data show that about 50% of patients do not have fever, fatigue, cough, but may appear the first symptoms. Close contacts of infected persons and those who come back from the outbreak community should be paid more attention to and protected to prevent further spread of the epidemic.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is novel coronavirus pneumonia. The center is now carrying out a large data study and is about to complete a data collection. The data are included in the data of one thousand new patients with pneumonia. According to the patients’ condition, the clinical manifestations of new crown pneumonia patients will be re summarized. The results will be published soon. At the same time, the team will also carry out research on AI. It is the future research plan to first establish the prediction model of patients with new coronary crisis and the AI diagnosis model of pulmonary nodules based on CT.