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Chengdu diagnosed girl voice

[voice of Chengdu confirmed girl: I am also a victim] Zhao Mou, a confirmed girl in Chengdu who was attacked by the Internet, responded to netizens’ query. She said: the previous job was to be responsible for the atmosphere and marketing in the bar, and cooperated with the investigation as soon as possible after the diagnosis was found. At that time, I did not know that my grandmother had been diagnosed. If I knew about it, I would certainly not come out. No one would like to make such a scene. I feel the power of network public opinion for the first time. I hope you can understand me.

Bao Yuming responds again

Recently, south wind window, surging news, Beijing News and other media reported that Bao Yuming, the former vice president of Jerry, was involved in sexual assault, and the other side was his “minor adopted daughter” Li Xing. The report attracted attention from all walks of life.
Yantai police responded quickly. On April 11th, the Yantai Public Security Bureau issued a circular saying that a special working class had been formed to conduct a comprehensive investigation and that the results of the investigation would be made public in a timely manner.
The whole picture of the case of sexual assault on adopted women is emerging.
Before the first report, Nanfeng window reporter tried to contact Bao Yuming and listen to his response, but he quickly hung up after learning the identity of the reporter. On April 11, while following up the judicial process, Bao Yuming accepted several media interviews and “shouted injustice” to the outside world.
Yesterday, the reporter of Nanfeng window rushed to Yantai, and through the intermediary, Bao Yuming also responded to the reporter’s questions, saying that he would “properly do some rights protection work”.
Lu Xiaoquan, a lawyer from Beijing Qianqian law firm and Li Xing’s acting lawyer, said they planned to rush to Nanjing within two days to work out matters with Li Xing’s mother and daughter to safeguard Li Xing’s legitimate rights and interests.
Li also replied to nanfengchuang that in the next few days, she will cooperate with Yantai police to make a record and focus on the progress of the case.
The dust has not settled. So far, the two sides have accused each other of different details of the incident. On the whole, this is an unimaginable event, not only because of the complexity of things, but also because of the special relationship that ordinary people can not understand and it is difficult to get understanding.
American executives seek “adoption”
In 2015, Li Xingxing was 14 years old. That year, Bao Yuming was 43 years old.
She told reporters that on the last day of 2015 (December 31), she was raped by Bao Yuming. It was at Bao Yuming’s home in Tianjin. He controlled her and had sex with her by force. She stayed up all night in pain.
After that, Bao Yuming took her back to Beijing and kept her at home all day. In the next four years, Bao Yuming controlled and sexually assaulted her for about three years.
Bao Yuming was born in 1972, 29 years younger than Li Xingxing. They were strangers from all over the world. According to Li Xingxing, he appeared as “adoptive father”.
In April 2015, Li Xingxing’s mother was introduced to Bao Yuming. Li Xingxing’s mother recalled that at that time, Bao Yuming said that he wanted to have a child. Later, he said that he wanted to “form a family” with Li Xingxing’s mother and daughter.
Li Xingxing recalled that in November 2015, she was brought to Beijing by Bao Yuming, and the two got along as “adoptive father” and “adoptive daughter”, until the eve of new year’s day when there was sexual assault.
Since then, in this strange relationship, Li Xingxing and Bao Yuming have been together for about three years.
Li Xingxing complained that she had been controlled and sexually assaulted for a long time. In the three years before her adulthood, the focus of her life was Bao Yuming, but it brought her physical and mental destruction.
On the evening of April 11, Bao Yuming responded to the reporter from nanfengchuang. He did not deny the “intimate relationship” with Li Xing, but refused to admit that it was the “adoptive father” and “adoptive daughter” relationship.
Have they ever had sex when Li Xingxing was a minor? Bao Yuming said that this is “personal privacy”, which is inconvenient to say more.
But he offered another version of the story. As for the initial understanding between the two sides, Bao Yuming said that there was no middleman introduction at all, nor did he know Li Xingxing’s mother.
Back in 2015, Bao Yuming said that when he wanted to adopt a child, he left a QQ number in a post. Li Xingxing’s mother saw a message on the Internet and added QQ to find him.
“It was in September 2015 that we had our first exchange,” Bao said.
As a matter of fact, the cause of the matter is even earlier. According to the QQ number, the reporter of Nanfeng window found two posts of “sincere adoption of children” published by Bao Yuming in the early morning of February 8, 2015, in which he wrote: “overseas returnees with a high degree from a well-known family, executives of large multinational companies, rich and stable income, good health and no bad habits, now sincerely adopt, thank you!” In the reply, he left his QQ number.

Foreign military aircraft transport materials to China

With the rapid spread of the epidemic in foreign countries, there is a shortage of epidemic prevention materials in various countries. On April 4, five military aircraft landed at Pudong International Airport in Shanghai successively to provide “self provided” anti epidemic materials.
Pudong International Airport guarantees that foreign military transport aircraft can quickly load anti epidemic materials. Photo by shangjixuan
Two Il-76 heavy transport aircraft of Algerian air force took off from Russian Kazan airport on the evening of April 3 and landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the early morning of April 4. The two chartered planes loaded a large number of anti epidemic materials, including masks, and returned in the afternoon. At 5:06 and 7:22 on April 4, the Russian Air Force chartered two Il-76 heavy transport aircraft to land at Pudong International Airport, brought a large number of anti epidemic materials such as masks, and returned to Novosibirsk airport in the afternoon.
Pudong International Airport supports Russian air force Il-76 transport aircraft. Photo by shangjixuan
The third Russian Air Force chartered plane An-124 took off from Novosibirsk airport at 13:40 on the 4th and landed at Pudong International Airport at 20:00 on the same day. In order to ensure the rapid return of these chartered aircraft to epidemic prevention materials, Pudong Airport has planned in advance to allocate various aircraft resources reasonably according to the type of Chartered aircraft and the size of loading capacity, so as to provide a relatively complete freight infrastructure for chartered aircraft and realize rapid loading, unloading and transportation.

Sentence of attacking police involved in epidemic situation in Beijing

During the outbreak,
In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control,
All districts in Beijing have implemented closed management.
The owner enters and exits the community,
All need to cooperate with community epidemic prevention staff to register and measure temperature.
However, some people do not cooperate with the work and do not obey the management,
Even to the community epidemic prevention staff and on-site disposal police.
On February 16, 2020, Guo refused to cooperate with the community management during the period of epidemic prevention and control in a community of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and beat up the community epidemic prevention staff. After the police of Changying police station arrived at the scene, Guo refused to cooperate with the police but kicked them.
After the novel coronavirus, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau launched the wartime right protection mechanism, intervened in the whole process and implemented the supervision work. On the same day, Guo was legally detained, and then closely coordinated and coordinated with the prosecutors and the law authorities. The guidelines were strictly followed in the “guiding opinions on punishing the offenders of the police in accordance with the law” and “punishing the epidemic situation of the new type of coronavirus infection” according to the law. The opinion on the control of illegal crimes stipulates that the case shall be investigated, tried, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced quickly. On February 28, Chaoyang District People’s court held a court session to hear the case. Later, Guo was sentenced to one and a half months’ detention for the crime of obstructing official duties.
Police tips
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been attacked by the public security workers, medical workers and community epidemic prevention personnel. Not easily won the epidemic prevention and control. In the fight against “epidemic”, in the most arduous critical period, every citizen should keep the bottom line of the law and obey the control arrangements. No one is an “outsider”, not to mention a “troublemaker”. Beijing police always adhere to “zero tolerance” for any illegal actions that hinder or hinder the prevention and control of epidemic situation and humiliate or attack the police, and crack down severely according to the law.

Xinjiang desert becomes snow sea

From the evening of January 14 to 15, Shanshan County, Turpan City, Xinjiang ushered in the first snowfall in 2020. According to the Meteorological Bureau of Shanshan County, the maximum snowfall reached 9.8mm, with a depth of 10cm, which is the largest snowfall in the county for more than 40 years. The Kumutag desert, which is close to Shanshan County, is snow-white. The snow covers the sand waves like a “snow sea”.
The kumutage desert after the heavy snow, the monotonous yellow sand in the past covered with white clothes, the snow desert is boundless like a picture. However, the heavy snow has a certain impact on people’s production and life, urban operation, industrial and agricultural production, transportation, tourism, etc. in Shanshan county. “It is expected that the snowfall process will last until the evening. The weather process has a strong snowfall, which has a negative impact on traffic safety and facility agriculture,” said haridan Kadir, weather forecaster of Shanshan Meteorological Bureau. Shanshan Meteorological Bureau issued yellow warning signal of road icing in time to remind relevant departments to take countermeasures. “
Shanshan county is subordinate to Turpan City, Xinjiang. It is located in the east of Turpan Basin at the south foot of the eastern Tianshan Mountain. It is adjacent to Mulei County and Qitai County in the north, Qiketai town in the East, qijiaojing Township in Hami City, SUBASHI village in tuyugou in the west, Shengjin Township in Turpan City, and juelutag county and Ruoqiang county and Yuli County in the south through South Lake Gobi. The total area is 39800 square kilometers, accounting for 2.5% of the total area of Xinjiang. It has jurisdiction over 5 towns and townships with a total population of 231297 (2010). Shanshan oilfield is the first large-scale Zhuluo oil field in China.
Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed railway, Lianyungang Huozhou high speed railway, Asia Europe optical cable and west east gas transmission pipeline run through the whole territory. There are three railway stations, Shanshan railway station, Shanshan north high speed railway station and Tuha high speed railway station, 104 kilometers away from Turpan airport, with superior location and convenient transportation. They are an important part of Urumqi one hour economic circle. In 2017, Shanshan county was included in the National Garden County.

Poisoned Skylark and detained

Larks (also known as larks) migrate to northern Jiangsu Province in winter, but these birds don’t know that poachers have focused on them to satisfy their appetite. Recently, Shuyang police cracked an illegal hunting case and seized more than 361 frozen skylarks.
It’s so delightful! Killing skylarks was detained by a man. He killed more than 300 skylarks just to satisfy his private desires
On October 20, the police of guandun police station in Shuyang County received a report from the masses that there were people illegally hunting skylarks in the wheat field in the middle of the reach of longmiao town in Shuyang County, Xinyi River, and selling them for profit. The police of guandun police station moved when they heard of the police. After arriving at the scene, Zhang XX, the criminal suspect who was picking up skylarks, was arrested on the spot.
Lark is a common bird in our daily life. The common wild sparrow, lark, magpie, tortoise, hedgehog, myna, etc. around us are also the “three animals” (i.e. important ecological, scientific and social values) explicitly stipulated by the state. They cannot be hunted at will, or they can face legal punishment. According to the second paragraph of article 341 of the criminal law, anyone who, in violation of the hunting laws and regulations, hunts in a forbidden hunting area or during the forbidden hunting period or applies prohibited tools or methods to destroy wildlife resources, if the circumstances are serious, may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, public surveillance or fine. According to the provisions of Article 6 of the interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on the specific application of laws in the trial of criminal cases involving the destruction of wildlife resources, illegal hunting of more than 20 wild animals belongs to “serious circumstances”, that is to say, a crime. Remind the general public to stop or report to the public security organ in a timely manner when it is found that someone has killed, sold or eaten wild animals.