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Mother of the victim in Zhang Yuhuan’s case

Shu Ailin exhausted all her strength to turn her paralyzed husband Zhang Guowu. Her height is less than 1.6 meters, and she is only over 80 Jin thin. Her husband, who is not bulky, is like a mountain to her. Her left leg pressed against the edge of the bed, bending like an open bow. It’s time to break the bow.
This kind of exhausted moment, Shu Ailin has to experience every day since her husband was paralyzed by stroke in December last year. The case of Zhang Yuhuan killing a child 27 years ago changed the fate of the three families. Zhang Yuhuan was sent to prison with injustice and his wife and children were separated; Zhang Guowu and Shu Ailian lived in poverty and difficulties; Zhang Jianfei and Liu Hehua also experienced hardships. The fate of three families and two generations has been rewritten by the tragedy 27 years ago. Today, Zhang Yuhuan was acquitted, and so on has long been fair. But for the two victims, up to today, the continuing pain of the tragedy is still continuing.
Alive, looking for the killer
In early November, there was a rain in Jinxian, Jiangxi Province, and the temperature soon dropped below 20 degrees. The pale sun showed its light from the gray and protruding clouds, so that the dim light and shadow could be seen clearly in the dark room.
Shu Ailian’s house is a three story building, which is a distance from Zhangjia village, next to County Road 075. In the countryside of Jinxian County, building this kind of small house is not only a decent family, but also a common rule of families with sons. The interior decoration is based on the family economic situation.
The house was built five years ago. It looks neat on the outside, but inside it looks like a project that just finished halfway. The wall is still a rough concrete surface, the house has no ceiling, and you can see the ferocious steel bars. The only furniture in the house is a sofa with sponge exposed.
After turning over and scrubbing her husband Zhang Guowu, Shu Ailian came out of the dark room, pulled a plastic stool and sat down in front of the reporter.
She did not speak, nor did the reporter.
This kind of environment and atmosphere, depressed do not know how to speak. Finally, Shu Ailin took the lead to break the silence: “my family’s children, good good good.”
Shu Ailian said “child”, is her first child. His six-year-old son was brutally killed 27 years ago and then dumped by a pond near the village.
Now the husband’s paralysis has made the family worse. It seems that there is no end to the suffering that life adds to shuailian. What supports her to continue to live, except for the husband who needs to be cared for in bed, is the idea of pursuing the murderer. “They said my son was not killed by Zhang Yuhuan. But my son was killed. Who killed him? Always give me a statement. “
This year, only 48 years old, Shu Ailian’s hair is basically white, looking like a thin old woman. But she did her best to maintain the decency of the family, which was so embarrassed that there was no bed, but her husband who was paralyzed in the bed had no smell, and the house was clean. She is wearing a pair of shoes with heels. The leather shoes of artificial leather have burst, but they are clean.
Shu Ailian showed reporters her hand, with scars all over the place and thick knuckles. Several fingers had been deformed and could not be straightened. This is the trace left by the hardware factory in the county. Such hard and arduous work can only bring about 2000 yuan of income in a month. And now, it can’t go on. After her husband was paralyzed, she had to go home to take care of him. Her only son works in an electronics factory in Shenzhen and has not married yet. She doesn’t know what kind of girl would like to marry into her own home.
“There’s nothing to say. Our family is hopeless.” After a while, she again mentioned “looking for the murderer” again as if thinking of something. “Who killed the child? If my child is harmed, we must be fair. “
Two children were killed, one four and one six
After 27 years, Shu Ai LAN clearly remembers what happened on October 24, 1993.
It was rice harvest time, and the whole village was in the middle of farming. At that time, Zhang Guowu, Zhang Jianfei and Zhang Yuhuan lived next to each other. Their son Zhenrong was 6 years old and Zhang Jianfei’s son Zhenwei was 4 years old. They were almost the same age as Zhang Yuhuan’s two sons. They played together all day long.
“At about 10 o’clock in the morning, I came back from cutting straw and saw four children playing at the door of Zhang Yuhuan. But when I went home for lunch, I found the child was gone. ” Speaking of this, Shu Ailian, who had always been dull in expression, became excited. “I searched everywhere, but I didn’t find it. The people in the village have been helping to look everywhere, everywhere, until the evening did not find. ” After many years, Shu Ailin’s tone is still anxious. The next day, someone from the village came to say that the bodies of two boys were found in Xiamatang reservoir. The reservoir is about half an hour’s walk away from the village. It’s hard for children to go to such a far away place to play. After confirmation, it is their 6-year-old son Zhenrong and Zhang Jianfei’s 4-year-old Zhenwei.
After the bad news came, Shu Ai LAN fainted. After waking up, the family was afraid that she would not like to go to the scene. “My relatives stopped me at home and didn’t let me go out. I didn’t even see my child for the last time.” Shu Ailin said that later, she heard relatives say Zhang Yuhuan was the murderer, and the police have arrested him. At first, she didn’t believe it, because the relationship between the three families had been good. However, she had to believe all kinds of evidence from the police. Until the police informed her that Zhang Yuhuan had admitted it, Shu Ailin believed it in her heart

The Forbidden City, 600 years old

There is a color in the 600 years of a city. It spans 600 years, but it has a long history. The 600 year exhibition of the Forbidden City has finally come! The exhibition, entitled “Danchen YONGGU: 600 years of the Forbidden City”, will be opened in the meridian Hall of the Palace Museum from September 10 to November 15. Breaking the barrier of time and space, looking back over 600 years, what transformation and condensation have time precipitated? Let’s meet at the Palace Museum to see the Forbidden City of Hualiu new city, the Forbidden City
How to watch the exhibition?
According to the Palace Museum, “Dan Chen YONGGU: the Forbidden City has been built for 600 years” does not sell tickets separately. You are advised to book tickets online in advance. Please refer to the official website of the Palace Museum for details.
Don’t feel sorry if you haven’t bought a ticket!
6:00-14:00, September 10
CCTV news will start 8-hour live broadcast
Take you to the Forbidden City
Special guests interpret for you
Buildings, collections and characters in the Forbidden City
600 years of the Forbidden City
Like old at first sight
Remember to watch!

The divorce rate in Shenzhen is skyrocketing

Shenzhen to apply for divorce to make an appointment to queue up for a month? Recently, the news about the sharp increase of divorce in April in Shenzhen has attracted great attention of the public. Is the divorce volume so high in Shenzhen? Why do you want to divorce? What about people who can’t get married? In response, the reporter interviewed Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau and learned that in April this year, 4186 couples got married and 3524 divorced in our city, compared with 3729 and 3494 in April 2019, with no significant increase in the number. In order to fully meet the needs of civil marriage registration in the near future, the marriage registration authorities in all districts of the city will increase the number of divorce registration appointment numbers from now on, and resume the on-site appointment suspended due to the epidemic.
Nearly half of the citizens have broken their engagement in marriage registration
Recently, some people reported that they had to make an appointment for divorce in Shenzhen for one month. Is it because the number of cases is limited, or because of retaliatory divorce after the outbreak, or because of speculative divorce in some policies? The reporter made an investigation and interview.
The air in Xiangmi Park was fresh after heavy rain at Futian District’s marriage registration office on the morning of the 18th. Two couples took photographers to take photos in the park. At the gate of the registration hall, there are no teams during the epidemic. All the citizens who come to deal with the affairs can enter the hall for waiting after the code scanning inspection.
“For the sake of security, during the epidemic period, all the marriage registries in our districts implemented the network appointment registration system and cancelled the on-site appointment. Since April, as the epidemic has slowed down, we have started to expand the number of divorce registration appointment numbers in an orderly manner. In May, the number of appointment numbers of last year has been restored. ” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau introduced to the reporter that in order to effectively cope with the recent peak phase divorce registration tide, the marriage registration authorities in various districts of our city adjusted and increased the number of marriage registration appointments according to the appointment situation, especially adjusted the number of divorce registration appointments.
However, the reporter combed the data and found that many citizens gave up the registration after making an appointment, which resulted in a waste of public resources. According to statistics, in February 2020, there were 4424 marriage registration appointments, 1498 divorce registration appointments, 1531 actual marriages, 584 divorces; in March, there were 6044 marriage registration appointments, 1828 divorce registration appointments, 3835 actual marriages, 1913 divorces; in April, there were 7962 marriage registration appointments, 3126 divorce registration appointments, 4186 actual marriages 3524 couples divorced.
Civil Affairs Department calls for avoiding registration
“In order to fully meet the needs of the citizens for marriage registration in the near future, from now on, the marriage registration authorities in all districts of our city will continue to expand the number of divorce registration appointment numbers. If the appointment system is full, citizens can also go to the marriage registration authority in the place where the household registration is located to make an appointment for marriage registration on the spot.” The person in charge said.
In response to the phenomenon of “breaking the appointment” of the people who have already made an appointment, the person in charge said that he was also helpless. “If the citizens don’t want to register for marriage, we still call for the cancellation of the appointment in time to avoid occupying the appointment resources and causing the phenomenon that other citizens have no number to make an appointment.”
In addition, the Civil Affairs Department reminded the citizens to fill in their own name, marriage registration items, household registration address and other identity information truthfully when they log in to the Guangdong Provincial marriage registration appointment system, especially when they handle cross regional affairs, they should fill in their own household registration address information truthfully, do not fill in false and wrong information, and will not handle marriage registration according to the cross regional provisions.
“We still call on the citizens who handle the marriage registration to avoid mass registration, abide by the epidemic prevention and control measures and appointment system of the marriage registration authority, give priority to the appointment registration, and jointly maintain the order and safety of the marriage registration authority.” The person in charge said.
Compared with the same period last year, the number of divorces in Shenzhen has not seen a significant increase since this year. According to statistics, from January to April last year, 21272 couples were actually registered for marriage and 10622 were divorced in Shenzhen. From January to April this year, 14812 couples were actually registered for marriage and 8685 for divorce in Shenzhen.
Experts warn that “fake divorce” is not advisable
What is the truth behind divorce? According to Liu Weimin, President of Guangdong marriage and family counselor association and a well-known marriage expert, the total number of divorces in Shenzhen will not increase much this year. Recently, the phenomenon of “No.1 divorce is hard to find” is only a short time, and there are deep-seated reasons behind it.
“Before and after the Spring Festival, there is often a peak period of divorce. This year, due to the epidemic, there is a certain amount of stock of divorce demand. At present, it is a process of digesting the stock. This is one of them. Secondly, affected by the epidemic situation, long-term home isolation leads to a high degree of overlap in family living space, and parents, children and husband and wife get along together for a long time. The interweaving of various relationships will inevitably lead to more contradictions and conflicts, and eventually lead to the deterioration of husband and wife relationship and divorce. Third, the recent application for a degree coincides with the fact that some couples, driven by interests, exploit legal loopholes and use divorce to buy a house or apply for a degree, which is also an objective reason that cannot be ignored. ” Liu Weimin analysis.
For the speculative phenomenon of “false divorce” in which husband and wife choose to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce in order to achieve a certain purpose and still live together after the divorce, Liu Weimin reminds that “false divorce” is finally made up of a fake one, which becomes a common example of “true divorce”, which is definitely not desirable. “Divorce needs to be careful. Both husband and wife should respect marriage and cherish family. “

3M responds to trump

3M has refuted White House criticism that its N95 mask capacity cannot keep up with demand, adding to the conflict between the trump administration and U.S. manufacturers competing to meet emergency medical equipment needs.
The Minnesota based company said on Friday it had increased its domestic production of masks, started importing them from Chinese factories and took action on reports of price hikes. Medical staff need masks to treat patients with coronavirus.
The company said it rejected the trump administration’s request to stop exporting some products and continued to sell some masks to Canada and Latin America. President trump on Thursday cited the defense production act to force 3m to produce enough N95 masks to meet the needs of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
“It’s a big mistake to think that we didn’t do everything we could to provide respirators in the United States,” CEO Mike Roman told CNBC
3M is the latest company to be criticized by trump for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Medical workers all over the United States are in urgent need of N95 medical masks (this type of masks can block 95% of small particles), masks, protective clothing and respirators. These protective equipment are the most important materials to avoid further epidemic.
Trump criticized GM last month for not being fast enough to produce a ventilator. GM executives were surprised by the criticism, saying the company had been unfairly attacked, people familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal. One person familiar with the matter said the company stressed the extent of its efforts to government officials, and a few days later the president changed his tone, saying the automaker had done “very well.”.
A Florida official told Fox News that the state could not buy masks because 3M exported them to other countries because they paid higher prices. In an interview with Bloomberg news, Mark Cuban also criticized 3M dealers for “making money from the epidemic.”.
On Thursday, trump tweeted that his government “will take tough measures against 3M today after seeing what they have done.”
3M defended the pricing of its masks in a statement on Friday.
“We are working with the U.S. attorney general and state attorney general to make it clear that 3M did not and will not increase the price of masks and make its own contribution in the fight against the epidemic,” the company said
The company said the trump administration also asked it to stop exporting its N95 masks made in the United States to Latin America and Canada, but “it’s against humanity.”
3M said Friday: “stopping the export of all respirators made in the United States could lead to retaliation from other countries. If this happens, the net number of respirators available in the United States will actually decrease. “
The White House did not immediately comment on 3M’s response. The company also said it looked forward to further expanding its capacity within the framework of the defense mobilization Act (PDA).
“We will continue to maximize the production of masks for U.S. health workers, just like every day since the beginning of the crisis,” 3M said
In recent months, the production of 3M masks has doubled. But Roman recently told the Wall Street Journal, “the market demand has exceeded our production capacity.”

The first post-90s are 30 years old. Are you still single?

The first group of post-90s are already 30 years old, which can be said to be an important checkpoint in life. Because this age has bid farewell to the youth of the new society and started a family and business, which is the beginning of a new stage in life. So, to ask, are you still single?
It is very important for me and my parents to start a family, because as long as we start a family first, we can create our own business and have the motivation to work hard. If you are single and you are in a state of “one person is full, the whole family is not hungry”, you will fall into a certain level of comfort zone, just like boiling frogs in warm water. Even if you know it’s not helpful, you can’t change your mind.
For parents, family is more important. Parents don’t necessarily want you to be rich and successful, but it’s necessary to have a family and have children. All parents want to enjoy the happiness of family and the happiness of their children and grandchildren. Looking at the white hair on the aged parents’ head, who can be indifferent?
Therefore, the first group of post-90s are already 30 years old. As a family member, we should act early, find partners, get married and have children. This will not only give parents an account, but also give ourselves a driving force worthy of struggle. The pressure to support your family is enough to squeeze out your growth potential!

Adolescent smoking rate 34%

Beijing, Nov. 21 (reporter Zhang Ni), “in 2018, the smoking rate of 15-24-year-old people in China has increased to 18.6%, among which the smoking rate of male teenagers has reached 34%.” Wang Chen, President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, revealed such a set of data in Beijing Monday.
On the 21st, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences held the kick-off meeting and the first press conference of China’s medical health press conference in Beijing. With the theme of “let science alert to the harm of smoking”, the conference interpreted the latest scientific research evidence and publicized the knowledge of smoking control.
Wang Chen revealed a set of data at the meeting: a number published in the lancet breathing at the end of last year showed that the smoking rate of 15-24-year-olds in China rose from 8.3% to 12.5% from 2003-2013.
In addition, according to the survey released in 2018, the smoking rate of 15-24-year-old people in China has increased to 18.6% in 2018, among which the smoking rate of male teenagers has reached 34%.
“As a professional, as a doctor, this is our biggest concern.” Wang Chen said.
He Jie, director of the National Cancer Center and President of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that in 2015, there were about 730000 lung cancer cases and 600000 deaths in China, 42.7% of which were attributed to smoking.
He also stressed that lung cancer caused by smoking has caused serious economic losses, estimated to be as high as $5249 million. If by age, the related economic loss of 60-64 age group is higher, by gender, male is higher than female, by urban and rural, urban is higher than rural, by region, Eastern is higher than western.
“According to the annual report released by the National Cancer Center, the number of cancer cases and deaths in China is on the rise. At present, cancer has become the leading cause of death for Chinese residents, and about 25% of cancer deaths are related to smoking.” Hertz said.
In the view of experts, the issue of tobacco control is imminent for the Chinese people.
Wang Chen stressed at the meeting that there are four groups of people who should be the key targets of quitting smoking, namely leading cadres, medical personnel, teachers and parents.
According to Wang Chen’s analysis, medical staff should be aware of the harm of smoking, so they should show their professional qualities; teachers’ exemplary role in children is huge; government officials are model groups for the society, and they should let advanced behaviors be reflected in themselves and demonstrated in the society; family leaders are the most effective and most relevant groups to control teenagers’ smoking.
“If a parent smokes, taking the example to deprive your child of one point of health factors, the pathogenic factors will increase by one point. Do you dare to smoke? As a parent, quit smoking for the sake of your son, daughter, grandchild and granddaughter. ” Wang Chen said. (end)

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong win the championship

On November 9, Beijing time, the 2019-2020 International Skating Federation figure skating Grand Prix China Station held a two person free skating competition. Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, two World Championships champion and Chinese player, scored 147.47 points with outstanding performance, and won the championship with a total score of 228.37 points. Peng Cheng / Jin Yang won the second place and made it to the finals with one championship and one runner up this season. Canada’s ilyushkina / biluoduo came in third.
Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, a famous Chinese general, kept last season’s rain in your eyes. The three weeks of twirling at the beginning was quite high, and the quality of completion was quite high. Then, he finished the three weeks of post freezing and the two weeks of continuous jumping of post freezing. The movement synchronization was quite good. The next three circle throw jump of the back inner knot ring is high and far, and the combined rotation quality of the back outer helix and the double is high. In the second half of the jump, the male partner only finished two weeks, and the height and distance of the jump were amazing.
Their programs are more connected, their performances are delicate and moving, their emotional exchanges are abundant, and they move the audience. At the end of the show, the audience stood up and applauded and praised their wonderful performance. As a result of a single jump error, 147.47 points (technical score 71.69 points / program content score 75.78 points) were obtained, and 228.37 points of the two sets of programs won the championship.

Putin talks about environmental girls

“Death gaze”, “roar” United Nations venue… Sandberg, a Swedish environmental
However, there have been many criticisms of her. Recently, according to foreign media, he criticized the 16 year old girl at the energy week forum in Moscow.
“No one explained to her that the modern world is complex and different. What do people in Africa and many Asian countries want to live in the same level of wealth as Sweden?”
At the same time, he thought that she was an ignorant youth exploited by adults. She is actually a kind girl.
Many netizens praised Putin: he is honest and tolerant and kind to young people.
Earlier reports
A 16 year old Swedish girl crosses a sailing boat and will attend the UN climate summit in September.
Sandberg, 16, campaigned in Sweden last year, calling for measures to address climate change as soon as possible. She promised not to travel by air to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Her boat was operated by a professional sailing sailor funded by the royalty. Sandberg’s father will accompany the film and plan to make a documentary. The proceeds from the issue will be used to finance the voyage.
Greta Sandberg, a Swedish girl, set off on the 14 day at the port of Plymouth, England, and sails across the Atlantic in a racing boat with zero emissions of greenhouse gases. She plans to arrive in the United States in September to attend the UN climate summit there.
Sandberg’s sailing ships are equipped with solar panels and turbine generators, which do not need fossil fuels and do not emit greenhouse gases. The sailboat is 18 metres long and equipped with hydrofoils. It can sail at a speed of 70 kilometres per hour. Living conditions on board were poor, there were no toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. Sandberg said that urine and urine can be solved by barrels. As for how to “eat”, the British Times quoted 15 words as saying: “we will boil water and pour it into freeze-dried bagged food and eat it again.”


Liu Qiangdong was implanted into the film

Some Netizens found that the suspected Liu Qiangdong’s certificate photo was forcibly implanted into a trailer of an Indian film, suspected of causing infringement. Some netizens reported the incident to Jingdong Customer Service, which indicated that the public relations department would deal with it. It is reported that the film is an Indian action blockbuster WAR, which will be released in India on October 2. Careful Netizens found that in the 43rd second of the trailer, on the wall of the “wanted” photos of the opposition figures, there were photos of Liu Qiangdong when he was detained.
Since September last year, Liu Qiangdong’s suspected sexual assault in the United States has been exposed. After a long period of time, netizens have been talking about it. Finally, the American police decided not to prosecute Liu Qiangdong because of insufficient evidence, while the heroine of the case has never given up defending her rights and still insisted on civil lawsuit.


Chou Jielun New Variety Filing

On September 24, the official micro-blog of Jay Chou Fan Net said that Jay Chou would participate in the new variety show Travel Notes, which is scheduled to be broadcast by Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2020 and will be broadcast on demand on Saturdays 22 times a week for 12 issues in the first quarter. Fang Wenshan, Liu Dehua, Mayday, Xiao Jingteng, Lin Junjie, Tse Tingfeng and Chen Jianzhou will join us. The program will be in the form of a Jay Chou song for each city. The whole course will be shot without scripts. Jay Chou will participate in the whole process.