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Maohongtao remains found

On October 16, 2020, several sources confirmed to the economic observation network that maohongtao, Secretary of the Party committee of Chengdu University, had been found and located on the Bank of Jiang’an river near his home in Wenjiang, Chengdu.
Staff at Chengdu University Office said the situation was unclear; and the phone calls from the Propaganda Department office and several university leaders, including the main leaders of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of education, have not been answered. The telephone calls of the main leaders of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of education have been unanswered and have not replied to the SMS inquiries of reporters on the economic observation network.
At 6:00 on October 15, maohongtao, who is about to be 50 years old, has been in a state of shutdown after sending “a letter of no writing” from his wechat friends circle. His family and colleagues could not contact him.
Many police immediately called the police, and the police in Wenjiang District of Chengdu City intervened in the search after accepting the police.
This morning, comrade maohongtao, Secretary of the Party committee of Chengdu University, issued a statement on the same day that Comrade Mao Hongtao raised concerns in the personal wechat friends circle. Chengdu University immediately established a special working class, is cooperating with relevant departments to conduct investigation, and the progress will be announced in time.
Maohongtao, born in November 1970, was a Wuzhi person from Jiaozuo, Henan Province. He was admitted to Southwest University of Finance and economics in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in 1989 and majored in accounting.
Familiar with him, he told the economic watch network that in his student days, he had served as the president of the school student union. In 1996, after graduating from master’s degree, maohongtao stayed at the University for teaching and had been a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois in the United States.
Since 2001, maohongtao has served as deputy director of development planning department, director of education department and executive vice president of Graduate School of Southwest University of Finance and economics. In 2014, he was transferred to the vice president of Sichuan Tourism College; in 2016, he was vice mayor of Meishan City, Sichuan Province, and later served as the Standing Committee and propaganda minister of Meishan Municipal Committee. In february2019, maohongtao was transferred to Chengdu University to be Secretary of the Party committee.
In the early morning of October 15, 2020, maohongtao sent out “a letter of no writing” in his wechat friends circle.

Eight deaths due to acidosis

The world is so big that there is no wonder. Maybe one day bad luck will come to you. This is not true. In Heilongjiang Province, China, there was a dinner party accident, which resulted in 8 deaths and 1 emergency treatment.
The National Day mid autumn vacation is the best time for family reunion, and the family dinner is especially warm. However, the tragedy of family collective poisoning occurred in the 11th consecutive holiday in China. After 9 people ate the local flavor food together, all the food poisoning caused 8 deaths, and the remaining one was still in danger. It is understood that the food they ate and the ingredients have been frozen in the refrigerator for a year, which may be the cause of food poisoning.

PLA’s actual combat exercises in the Taiwan Strait

On the 18th, the new office of the State Council of the people’s Republic of China published a white paper entitled “30 years of Chinese military participation in UN peacekeeping operations”. Ren Guoqiang, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, announced at the press conference that the eastern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army (PLA) will organize actual combat drills near the Taiwan Strait from January 18. This is a legitimate and necessary action taken in response to the current situation in the Taiwan Strait and to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Taiwan is a sacred and inseparable part of China’s territory. The Taiwan issue is purely China’s internal affairs, and no external interference is allowed. (Zhang Ni)

The girl was caught in the air by a kite

According to the boiling point video, on August 30, at the kite festival held in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the wind suddenly increased. A girl was entangled by the tail of the kite and rolled into the air, flying up and down in the wind. The scene staff kept screaming. Fortunately, after the girl lowered her height, she was snatched down by the crowd who tried to jump up. She was only frightened and her neck was bruised.

The first new crown vaccine patent

Chinese patent novel coronavirus vaccine, a recombinant human adenovirus with human replication deficiency, was applied for by the Military Medical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of people’s Liberation Army and Conchino biological company in August 16th.
It is reported that the patent was applied for on March 18, 2020 and approved on August 11, 2020. The applicants are Chen Wei, Wu Shipo, Hou Lihua, Zhang Zhe and others. It can be seen that the vaccine is the adenovirus vector vaccine (Ad5 ncov vaccine) developed by academician Chen Wei’s team.
A novel coronavirus vaccine based on human 5 replication defective adenovirus is provided.
The vaccine takes replication deficient adenovirus type 5 with E1 and E3 joint deletion as the vector, and HEK293 cell line integrating adenovirus E1 gene as packaging cell line. The protective antigen gene carried by the vaccine is the optimized 2019 novel coronavirus coronavirus (sars-cov-2) s protein gene (Ad5 ncov).
After optimization, the expression level of S protein gene in transfected cells increased significantly. The vaccine has good immunogenicity in mice and guinea pigs, and can induce strong cellular and humoral immune responses in a short time.
The protective effect of novel coronavirus in hACE2 transgenic mice showed that the Ad5-nCoV14 load after single immunization could significantly reduce the viral load in the lung tissue, indicating that the vaccine had good immune protection effect against the 2019 new coronavirus. In addition, the preparation of the vaccine is rapid and simple, and can be used in large-scale production in a short period of time to deal with sudden outbreaks.
According to relevant reports, Chen Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and researcher of the Academy of Military Sciences, won the national honorary title of “people’s hero” on August 11. She led the team to research and develop the recombinant new crown vaccine, and advanced into phase I and phase II clinical trials at home and abroad, respectively, to verify the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine. At present, the phase III international clinical trial of the vaccine is progressing orderly.

Three conditions for song Xiaonv’s remarriage

On August 4, Jiangxi high court adjudicated Zhang Yuhuan’s intentional homicide case in a retrial, declaring Zhang Yuhuan innocent and releasing him with “unclear facts and insufficient evidence in the original trial”.
On August 6, song xiaonu, Zhang Yuhuan’s ex-wife, wrote an online article recalling the 27 years of hard life since Zhang Yuhuan was arrested in 1993. At that time, she took care of her two children to the elderly. While working, she continued to complain and petition for Zhang Yuhuan. Later found out the tumor, afraid of dragging down the family, forced to decide to remarry.
“In 1993, Zhang Yuhuan left me two sons, one three and one four. Now that Zhang Yuhuan is back, I’m going to give him eight people. He has a 31 year old youngest son, a 32 year old eldest son, two daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and one granddaughter. I hope Zhang Yuhuan can cherish these eight people. ” Song xiaonu wrote.
Zhang Yuhuan owes her a hug, song xiaonu, who is no longer young, said in an interview. When she said this, there was light in her eyes, and her expression was still that of a young girl, who was shy and expectant, blushed and secretly pleased.
“He still owes me a hug. I’ve thought about it for many years. I want him to carry me around
“He should hold me, and I should hold him.”
“Yes. Really. “
Later, Zhang Yuhuan still did not give song xiaonu a hug.
He just held song xiaonu’s hand with tears in his eyes, but she was still like a girl, saying, “you should remember, you owe me this hug. It was a hug from 1993 to 1999. From the day you left until every time I went to see you, the hug was in my heart.
Zhang Yuhuan said that he understood her difficulties and did not blame the current situation. If you don’t give her a hug, you are afraid that she will be emotional and will be sent to the hospital.
At that time, after Zhang Yuhuan’s accident, song xiaonu was torn apart and had no place to redress her grievances. She and her son couldn’t stay any longer because of the coldness and discussion in the village. She was afraid of helplessness, only for the rehabilitation of Zhang Yuhuan, she did not dare to put down the idea for a moment.
In those years, in order to make a living, she washed dishes and sold vegetables. She did not know a few words to Nanchang, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, letters and visits office, political and Legal Commission, high court, song xiaonu all went to Nanchang.
Because of one belief: she believes in him.
She was ready to wait for him all his life, but she didn’t expect to find a uterine tumor at this time. She wants to live. Only by living can she raise her two sons. She can wait for Zhang Yuhuan to come out. She has no choice for her children.
The two men signed the divorce agreement in tears, and then song xiaonu remarried her current husband. Before marriage, she put forward three conditions:

  1. Will put Zhang Yuhuan in his heart
  2. We must treat Zhang Yuhuan’s two sons unconditionally
  3. She was not prevented from visiting mother Zhang
    The husband agreed, these years also silently supported the wife to plead injustice.
    Now, the man who missed 27 years is waiting for her to come back. After hearing the result of the innocence, the woman with a bright smile in her eyes began to cry.
    When relatives meet again, the life of an ordinary person has been earth shaking. Song xiaonu’s repressed mood finally dares to burst into tears.
    People will grow old, but love will not.
    In these 27 years, she suffered no less than anyone else. Although from now on can no longer be called “husband”, but holding hands, will always be relatives.
    Holding hands to look at each other’s tears, there is no language to choke. This word, in this engraved with a concrete picture.
    Once unjust, false and wrong cases are formed, it will have an irreparable impact on some people’s lives. In the past two days, Zhang Yuhuan was detained for more than 20 years, and the news of his acquittal made many people feel sad. Justice is waiting to come, but no doubt it has been late. The late justice has been compromised. The vicissitudes of life of Zhang Yuhuan and his family clearly reflect this point.
    It is said that justice will not be absent. This is not only aimed at victims like Zhang Yuhuan, but also should be held accountable in the name of justice for those illegal acts in the process of interrogation. What’s more, since Zhang Yuhuan is not a murderer, he still has to try his best to find the real murderer in the case that led to Zhang Yuhuan’s sentence. Justice is also needed to close the case.

The first batch of new films in Cinemas

The cinema, which has been closed for nearly 180 days due to the epidemic situation, finally got the good news of opening and returning to work yesterday. The film makers who have been suffering a lot have ushered in the dawn, and the audience will also usher in a feast for watching films.
Although there are many new films accumulated at present, after returning to work on July 20, “Tang Tan 3”, “Jiang Ziya”, “champion” and other popular spring festival films are not ready to appear on the first day of returning to work, and the market is still in a wait-and-see state.
It is reported that after the opening of the cinema, in addition to the four new films, most of the old films will be shown again, and interested partners can relive the wonderful moments.
The first films are as follows:
China Film:
The first batch: “catching demons”, “Mermaid”, “Zodiac”, “love story in Beijing”, “journey of seeking dreams”
The second batch: why to be home, wolf totem, Chinese partner, warwolf 2, wandering earth (to be determined)
The third batch: Avengers 1, 2, Titanic, wind
The birth of Nezha’s devil child, Charlotte’s worry, the origin of the White Snake, the mission of a dog 1, 2, cohabitation beyond time and space, making a big fuss in heaven, the big fish Begonia, and the adventure of Afanti
Coordinating / pending: Star Trek, Harry Potter, avatar, Avengers 3, 4, etc
New film will be put on file:
“The first parting” 7.20, “Mr. Miao” 7.31, “I wait for you at the end of time” 8.25, “buckwheat crazy growth” 8.25
Coordination / undetermined: creed, Hua Mulan, 1917, dorit’s fantasy adventure, Qiao Qiao’s fantasy world, little woman, Jedi wartrooper 3, vanguard, Jiang Ziya, wishing dragon, Nezha’s rebirth
“The first parting” is directed by Wang Lina. It tells the story of a Xinjiang boy, Issa, with his childhood friend, Kelly, as a clue.
The film won the “best film” award in Berlin, Tokyo and Hong Kong International Film Festivals, and Wang Lina also won the best director of the second Hainan International Film Festival.
“I’ll wait for you at the end of time” is adapted from Zheng Zhi’s original novel of the same name. It is produced by Jiang Zhiqiang and directed by Yao Tingting. It tells the love story of Li Hongqi’s Lin Ge and Li Yitong’s Qiu Qian, who constantly meet, stay together and love each other in time and space.
Directed by Li Lingxiao, Mr. Miao is adapted from Bu sifan’s classic short film “Dharma protector”. It tells the story of a realistic and thrilling journey that the two apprentices, Liang Yan and Ding Guo, embark on to track the traces of flowers on the other side.
There are many characters and strong style in the film. The labels such as “sister film of Dharma protector”, “adult animated film” and “suggest people over 13 years old to watch” also make this animated film clear from the previous children’s animation.
Crazy buckwheat is a movie written and directed by Xu zhanxiong and starred by Ma Sichun, Zhong Chuxi and Huang Jingyu.
The film tells the story of two girls and a boy who have just entered the society in the 1990s. In the process of pursuing a new life, they go through the incredible fate test. In the vigorous development of the 1990s, they rose and disillusioned together with their dreams, and then recovered from the desperate situation.
At present, films such as Jiang Ziya, Tang Tan 3 and Hua Mulan, which are highly praised on the Internet, are still in further coordination. I believe that as long as the market returns to operation and the epidemic situation does not recur, we will soon be able to meet the audience!

The baby boy was beaten into the ICU by his mother

Recently, a 1-year-old boy in Chengdu, Sichuan, was beaten and admitted to the ICU of a hospital, causing concern.
On July 1, the official microblog of Pidu District branch of Chengdu Public Security Bureau announced that at about 19:00 on June 25, 2020, a hospital in Chengdu reported that a boy was admitted to the hospital with multiple bruises. After initial investigation, the injured boy Huang (1-year-old) is the son of Shao (female, Guangyuan, Sichuan). At about 10 o’clock that day, Shao beat the crying Huang at home and sent the child to the hospital for treatment. At present, Huang’s life is not in danger, and his injury is getting better. Our bureau has filed a case for investigation and the case is under further investigation.

Commander in chief of aircraft carrier development

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection fought the tiger late at night!
At 23:30 on May 12, Hu Wenming, former Secretary of the Party group and chairman of the board of directors of China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd., was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and is currently undergoing discipline review and supervision investigation by the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.
Retired before the merger of “Nanbei ship”
Hu Wenming, male, Han nationality, born in May 1957, is 63 years old in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. He joined the party in March 1978 and took part in the work in November 1975. He graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a doctoral degree and a researcher level senior engineer.
According to public information, he was an educated youth in Chian Township, Hanjiang County, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province in his early years. In 1977, the first year of national college entrance examination, Hu Wenming was admitted by Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (the predecessor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), and was divided into Jiangsu Teachers’ class.
△ group photo of class 07711 (mathematics teacher class) of Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics, Hu Wenming in the third row on the left
Zhengzhiquan noted that Hu Wenming had working experience in China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, AVIC industry, China Weapons and China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, covering the construction of marine, land and air forces equipment.
In July 2012, Hu Wenming served as the chairman of the new China shipbuilding industry group. In less than three years (March 2015), he became the chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Group (until August 2019).
The former CSSC heavy industry group, founded on July 1, 1999, is a large state-owned enterprise reorganized and established by some enterprises and institutions of the former China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It is an institution authorized by the state to invest and an asset management entity.
As the main force of research and production of naval equipment in China, CSIC undertakes the tasks of research, design, production, test and support of naval weapon equipment such as aircraft carrier, nuclear submarine, conventional submarine, surface ship, underwater weapon, etc.
On November 26, 2019, “the world’s largest shipbuilding group” China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled.
This group is a large-scale state-owned important backbone enterprise jointly restructured by the former China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. and the former China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. on October 14, 2019.
However, Mr. Hu, who retired in August 2019, failed to witness the merger of “North South ships”.
Participated in the development of J-10 and the first domestic aircraft carrier
Zheng Zhiquan noted that Hu Wenming’s decades of work experience covers the construction and development of air, land and sea military equipment, and he participated in the first domestic aircraft carrier, J-10, domestic large aircraft C919 and other projects.
In 1998, the J-10 made its first successful flight in Chengdu. Hu Wenming led the research team of Changfeng Machinery Plant to develop the cockpit display system and other airborne equipment for the J-10. Due to his outstanding contribution, he was awarded the first-class merit of “the first flight project of J-10” by AVIC.
In addition, Hu Wenming also participated in the whole process of R & D, production and export of the civil aircraft “Xinzhou 60” independently developed by China. He also participated in the preliminary demonstration of the large domestic aircraft C919.
On April 26, 2017, China’s first domestic aircraft carrier was officially launched. In August of the same year, when introducing the latest progress, CCTV disclosed that it was Hu Wenming, the general director of the research and development of the domestic aircraft carrier, who participated in the whole process of China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning shipyard installation project and the construction of the first domestic aircraft carrier.
Face patrol group “brow locked”
In his work experience, Hu Wenming has also experienced two rounds of inspection.
From November 27 to December 29, 2014, the seventh inspection team of the Central Committee made a special inspection tour to CSSC.
In February 2015, the leader of the seventh inspection group of the Central Committee gave feedback to Hu Wenming, then Secretary and chairman of the Party group of China Shipping Group.
According to Xinhua news agency, Hu Wenming picked up the patrol feedback materials to read after being pointed out about connected transactions and the loss of state-owned assets. When he signed the written patrol feedback documents, his brow was locked.
Later, Mr Hu said the group would “focus on special remediation of areas prone to corruption”.
△ Hu Wenming (right)
From March to June 2019, the 15th inspection team of the CPC Central Committee conducted routine inspection on the party team of CSIC.
In August of the same year, the 15th inspection group of the Central Committee fed back the inspection situation to the Party group of CSIC, and Hu Wenming presided over the feedback meeting to the leading group and made a speech on the improvement of inspection.
In the feedback, the inspection team pointed out that CSSC was prohibited from violating the eight regulations of the central government, and there were still violations of discipline and corruption; the selection and employment of personnel were not strict enough; the responsibility of the main body of inspection and audit rectification was not true, and there was a gap between the real and the real.
At the same time, the inspection team also received clues reflecting the problems of some leading cadres, which have been transferred to the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the central organization department and other relevant departments for handling according to relevant regulations.
Subordinates were checked two years ago
One detail is that during Hu Wenming’s tenure as chairman of CSIC, Sun Bo was the general manager at that time. In June 2018, Sun Bo was checked.
Sun Bo, born in 1961, graduated from Dalian Institute of technology, majoring in ship design and manufacturing. In July 2007, he received a doctor’s degree in engineering in ship and marine structure design and manufacturing from Dalian University of technology, with a graduate degree and Senior Engineer (researcher level).
Sun Bo worked in Dalian for a long time in his early years.
Served as the section chief and deputy director of Dalian shipbuilding technology institute, general manager of Dalian New Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., general manager of Dalian shipbuilding industry Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager of Dalian shipbuilding industry group Co., Ltd.
Zheng Zhijun noted that Sun Bo was also awarded the title of chairman and general manager of Dalian shipbuilding industry group Co., Ltd

Fujian report smuggling award 10000

In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spread rapidly, Fujian Province, which accounts for 18.3% of the total coastline length, has already explicitly requested strict prevention of outbreaks of foreign epidemic, and announced the reward telephone and reward methods.
Among them,
Since March 26, several counties, districts and county-level cities in Quanzhou, the hometown of overseas Chinese, have issued relevant notices, including Fengze District, Taishang District, Quangang District, Licheng District, Fengze District, Luojiang District, Yongchun County, Dehua County, Hui’an County, Anxi County, Shishi City, Jinjiang City, Nan’an City, etc.
Www.thepaper.cn noted that the novel coronavirus pneumonia control unit was issued by the local emergency department or public security bureau.
Take novel coronavirus pneumonia as an example: in March 28th, the Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau issued the circular on the strict prevention of the entry of new crown pneumonia epidemic in Licheng. According to the circular, at present, the rapid spread of the international epidemic has increased the input risk. In order to further consolidate the effectiveness of the epidemic prevention and control work in our region, maintain the hard won situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, jointly protect the beautiful home of Licheng, mobilize the masses to actively provide illegal entry personnel, organizers, participants, fail to implement medical observation as required, deliberately escape from health management, etc Personnel clues, weaving and strengthening the prevention and control network of imported epidemic situation, fully covering, full chain and seamless, focusing on various prevention and control work to ensure “external input and internal rebound”.
The circular stressed that “it is strictly prohibited to illegally cross the national (border) border, organize and transport others to illegally cross the national (border) border, assist others to illegally cross the national (border) border or assist others to illegally exit and enter the country, and any enterprise or individual is strictly prohibited to keep, hide and transport illegal entry personnel (including Chinese citizens and foreigners).”
For those who violate the above provisions, the circular states that they will be punished in accordance with the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China and the law of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry respectively. Among them, novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia or suspected patients who have stolen the border from the border or know the new crown pneumonia diagnosed or suspected patients to organize and transport the Vietnamese border (border) constitute other crimes will be punished according to the provisions of “joint punishment for multiple offense”.
In the circular, Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau called on the masses of the people to actively report the organizers, participants and recipients (enterprises) of illegal immigrants. “For those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in solving cases, each reward is 1000 to 5000 yuan.”.
It is worth mentioning that the awards offered by the above counties, districts and cities are different: for example, Luojiang District and Shishi City only mentioned that “those who report meritorious deeds will be given heavy awards according to relevant regulations”, and the highest prize is “those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in finding cases will be rewarded 10000 yuan each time” proposed by Taiwan business district.
In addition to Quanzhou, similar notices were issued on March 29 in the north bank economic development zone of Meizhou Bay in Putian and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian.
The Circular of the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia headquarters issued by the North Branch of the Putian Public Security Bureau said, “the masses should actively inform the organizers, participants and recipients of illegal immigrants. For those who report meritorious deeds, a bonus of 3000 yuan shall be given according to relevant regulations, and the personal information and safety of the informant shall be protected according to law. ” The Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic command will reward the 5000 yuan RMB for “reporting the content.”
Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Fujian at 24 hours as of March 28th, 42 cases (0 cases were cured and 0 cases were discharged, 42 cases were hospitalized, and no deaths). Fujian reported 2 suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia.