Pompeio has been exposed again

U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio used taxpayer money to host dinner parties and entertain politicians, business people, media and entertainers after he was revealed as secretary of state Tuesday. Some US media believe that these dinners are held by pompeio to realize his personal political ambitions. After this incident was exposed by the media, the public opinion rebounded greatly and there were four criticisms.
“Madison dinner” of pompeio Edition: only 14% of the invitees are from the diplomatic community
According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, NBC has held a dinner with his wife Susan since 2018 as secretary of state, and has been held 24 times until March, due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The dinner was not disclosed on the public agenda of pompeio. An internal schedule from the State Department before the outbreak obtained by NBC shows that the dinner will last at least until the end of October.
△ nbc20 daily report
These dinners are called “Madison dinners.”. James Madison is the fourth president and the fifth Secretary of state of the United States. During his tenure, he has the habit of inviting foreign diplomats to exchange ideas at dinner parties.
Promote the three evil chaos, save the lives, don’t give up, to the end!
△ invitation letter of “Madison dinner party” of pompeio Edition (picture source: NBC)
The database of dinner invitees obtained by NBC details the name, title, spouse, eating habits of each invitee and the date of invitation and acceptance. The database will be operational from July 2018 until the beginning of 2020.
According to the report, at the “Madison dinner party” in pompeio, about 29% of the invitees were from the business community, including Texas real estate tycoons and hedge fund managers. About 23% of the invitees are from the media and entertainment industry, of which conservative media accounts for the majority and about 39% are from Fox News.
About 30% of the invitees are political related. They are current or former government officials, judges and their spouses. The invited members of the Senate and the house of representatives are Republicans. Only 14% of the invitees are diplomats or foreign officials, and nearly two-thirds of the invited ambassadors are from European and Middle Eastern countries, while only a few are from Asian, Latin American and African countries.
In November last year, President Trump’s impeachment hearing was in full swing that month, and Trump’s main defenders in the impeachment process were also on the invited list.
The cost of each dish could be as high as a few hundred dollars, and so far the total cost of the dinner has been about six figures, the source said.
The dinner also bypassed the normal process of holding formal events for the Secretary of state, but was arranged informally between the office of the chief of protocol and the office of pompeio, which meant there was no coordination with State Department regulators.
U.S. State Department officials question: the dinner is for the benefit of pompeio
Pompeio’s way of hosting these dinners has raised many concerns, such as the use of taxpayer funds. According to NBC, the cost of the dinner is paid for by the State Department’s emergency diplomatic and consular services. Current and former State Department officials said that in order to comply with the funding requirements, State Department officials usually ensure that a considerable proportion of foreign dignitaries or officials are present.
But historians point out that no Secretary of state has hosted such a frequent dinner, funded by the State Department and attended by political and business leaders.
State Department officials at the dinner said they were concerned that the activities were essentially using federal resources to build contacts for pompeio’s political ambitions. Forbes magazine’s website also believes that the move “is clearly to win influential friends in the future political campaign.”.
In addition, the outside world also questioned pompeio’s wife, a non-governmental official, but became the leader of the “official dinner party”. Susan’s previous appearance at the State Department’s official visit also raised questions. Susan plays a central role in the Madison dinner, where she communicates directly with State Department officials, lists guests and dates, and arranges menus.
All information obtained during the invitation process, including the name and contact information of the guest, will be sent to Susan’s personal email account, officials said. Some congressional officials worry that if Mr. pompeio runs for office again, the information could become a list of potential donors. According to NBC, pompeio is considered a potential presidential candidate in 2024.
On the 15th, State Department inspector general Steve lenik was dismissed suddenly. The White House didn’t give the specific reasons for his dismissal, but Elliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the Congress, said in a subsequent statement that lenik had launched an investigation into pompeio, suggesting that lenik’s dismissal was related to the investigation of pompeio.
NBC reported that it was not clear whether lenik was also investigating the “Madison dinner party”, but two government officials said that lenik had made some investigations to the concierge in charge of the dinner party before being dismissed, and the office of pompeio was informed later.
Several congressional committees are also reportedly investigating the dinner.
A senior trump administration official said: “if the president knew that, he would have fired pompeio a few months ago.”

Epidemic ransacks the world’s rich

With the outbreak continuing worldwide, the number of confirmed cases is rising every day in all countries except China. Not only ordinary people have been affected, but even the richest people in the world have suffered.
According to the special report on the wealth change of global entrepreneurs two months after the outbreak issued by Hurun Research Institute, it shows the wealth change of entrepreneurs in Hurun’s global rich list within two months as of March 31, 2020.
Affected by the epidemic, Ma Yun’s wealth decreased by 9%, and Ma Huateng’s wealth also decreased by 7%. Of course, the wealth of the rich has declined, and of course, the wealth of the rich has increased because of the epidemic. The wealth of the rich in the whole pharmaceutical industry has risen, but to say that the rich with the fastest growth in wealth will belong to Xu hang, a brother of ventilator.
If the world’s most scarce materials, it must be masks and respirators. It can be said that no country does not want to buy respirators from China. In the context of the global shortage of ventilators, some state hospitals in the United States can only let two patients share one ventilator. Some countries even choose to “let” the ventilator to the young people in order to let the ventilator be used by the people with higher survival probability.
For those severe patients, the ventilator can be said to be the key to “life and death”, and can help those who can not breathe autonomously to provide oxygen. Not to mention the help, even American States also buy ventilator from China through bidding.
As the largest ventilator manufacturer in China, the wealth of Mindray medical is also rising. The company’s actual controller’s wealth increased by 26% in two months and personal wealth reached 95 billion. In two months, Xu Hang’s personal assets increased by 19.6 billion yuan, with an average daily wealth growth of 327 million yuan. Xu hang has become the fastest growing person among Hurun’s top 100 entrepreneurs in the world.
Therefore, the outside world also calls Mindray medical as the “harvester” of wealth. People can’t help wondering how powerful Mindray medical is? From the beginning of 2020 to the closing price on April 7, the share price rose from 180.33 yuan per share to 264.72 yuan, with a single share up nearly 46.8%. According to the data disclosed by the Securities Daily, 6 of the domestic ventilator exports are from Mindray medical.
In order to meet the huge demand of the international market, the capacity of Mindray medical has been expanded by as much as five times, but the market is still in short supply. Some data predict that there is a gap of one million ventilators in the world. In this context, Mindray medical continues to expand its capacity. In other words, the wealth of Mindray medical may continue to rise for some time.
Compared with the mask, the ventilator concept unit in a unit seems to be more “hot”. It can be seen that there is still a large market space for the pharmaceutical industry in the future. If Mindray medical can suddenly become “popular”, Xu Hang’s efforts behind it should not be underestimated. In the context of the epidemic “looting” of the world’s rich, masks and respirators can be said to be the big winners in this wealth “shuffling”.
The ventilator made in China has been “scrambled” by all countries, in fact, it has further strengthened its position in the international market. This time, I believe all countries around the world have seen the strength of “made in China”.

Epidemic ransacks the world’s rich

Fujian report smuggling award 10000

In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spread rapidly, Fujian Province, which accounts for 18.3% of the total coastline length, has already explicitly requested strict prevention of outbreaks of foreign epidemic, and announced the reward telephone and reward methods.
Among them,
Since March 26, several counties, districts and county-level cities in Quanzhou, the hometown of overseas Chinese, have issued relevant notices, including Fengze District, Taishang District, Quangang District, Licheng District, Fengze District, Luojiang District, Yongchun County, Dehua County, Hui’an County, Anxi County, Shishi City, Jinjiang City, Nan’an City, etc.
Www.thepaper.cn noted that the novel coronavirus pneumonia control unit was issued by the local emergency department or public security bureau.
Take novel coronavirus pneumonia as an example: in March 28th, the Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau issued the circular on the strict prevention of the entry of new crown pneumonia epidemic in Licheng. According to the circular, at present, the rapid spread of the international epidemic has increased the input risk. In order to further consolidate the effectiveness of the epidemic prevention and control work in our region, maintain the hard won situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, jointly protect the beautiful home of Licheng, mobilize the masses to actively provide illegal entry personnel, organizers, participants, fail to implement medical observation as required, deliberately escape from health management, etc Personnel clues, weaving and strengthening the prevention and control network of imported epidemic situation, fully covering, full chain and seamless, focusing on various prevention and control work to ensure “external input and internal rebound”.
The circular stressed that “it is strictly prohibited to illegally cross the national (border) border, organize and transport others to illegally cross the national (border) border, assist others to illegally cross the national (border) border or assist others to illegally exit and enter the country, and any enterprise or individual is strictly prohibited to keep, hide and transport illegal entry personnel (including Chinese citizens and foreigners).”
For those who violate the above provisions, the circular states that they will be punished in accordance with the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China and the law of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry respectively. Among them, novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia or suspected patients who have stolen the border from the border or know the new crown pneumonia diagnosed or suspected patients to organize and transport the Vietnamese border (border) constitute other crimes will be punished according to the provisions of “joint punishment for multiple offense”.
In the circular, Licheng branch of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau called on the masses of the people to actively report the organizers, participants and recipients (enterprises) of illegal immigrants. “For those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in solving cases, each reward is 1000 to 5000 yuan.”.
It is worth mentioning that the awards offered by the above counties, districts and cities are different: for example, Luojiang District and Shishi City only mentioned that “those who report meritorious deeds will be given heavy awards according to relevant regulations”, and the highest prize is “those who provide effective clues to assist the public security organs in finding cases will be rewarded 10000 yuan each time” proposed by Taiwan business district.
In addition to Quanzhou, similar notices were issued on March 29 in the north bank economic development zone of Meizhou Bay in Putian and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian.
The Circular of the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia headquarters issued by the North Branch of the Putian Public Security Bureau said, “the masses should actively inform the organizers, participants and recipients of illegal immigrants. For those who report meritorious deeds, a bonus of 3000 yuan shall be given according to relevant regulations, and the personal information and safety of the informant shall be protected according to law. ” The Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic command will reward the 5000 yuan RMB for “reporting the content.”
Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Fujian at 24 hours as of March 28th, 42 cases (0 cases were cured and 0 cases were discharged, 42 cases were hospitalized, and no deaths). Fujian reported 2 suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia.

Who expert group arrives in Italy

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was issued by the WHO’s European Regional Office on 24 April. The group of experts jointly sent by who and CDC arrived in Italy to help Italy control the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The expert group will mainly provide support in clinical management, infection prevention and control, epidemic monitoring and crisis communication. The statement said that the focus of the current work is to control the further spread of the virus between people. The statement also said that while the rapid growth of confirmed cases in Italy over the past two days was worrying, it should be noted that 80% of these cases had no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

Two Chinese citizens kidnapped

According to the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos, on the afternoon of November 25, two Chinese citizens were kidnapped on their way back from work to their residence in oshong, southwest Nigeria. Two Chinese citizens were rescued safely in the morning of November 27 with the help of local villagers and police and have returned to their residence.
The Consulate General of China in Lagos has issued relevant safety reminders to Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese in the area to prevent and respond to the high incidence of various cases in the coming Christmas and new year’s day.

Jinan Siheyuan 15 million

Recently, the news that a quadrangle on qushuiting street in Jinan started auction for 15 million yuan attracted attention. This is the first public auction of quadrangles in Jinan. It is understood that the house was occupied before. As the old man died and the younger generation worked outside, they planned to auction it. According to the staff of the auction company, the house is not valuable, but its location is valuable. Now it has not entered the auction process.
The seller said so
On November 16, Ms. Ma, the seller of siheyuan, was interviewed by lightning news reporter in an exclusive video.
“As the owner of our house for so many years, we must feel the price is low,” Ms. Ma said.
There are 5 households in courtyard 8, qushuiting street. The only one with courtyard will be auctioned in public. Ms. Ma is the seller of this household.
Ma, 55, has lived here since she was born. In her memory, there are memories of her grandfather, her parents, her generation and her son’s life. The courtyard covers an area of 89.88 square meters, including the East and west wing. In addition, the courtyard covers an area of about 130 square meters.
“Mainly good location. Daming Lake in the north, pearl spring, Furong street, department store and Henglong in the south, Baotu Spring in the West and Dongguan Street in the East. Our home is located in the old urban area of Jinan, which is recognized as a good place. “Ms. Ma said her home was full of pride and reluctant to give up.
For the price of 15 million yuan, Ms. Ma said she did not participate in the pricing, but the price is not high, not only because of the good location of the courtyard, but also because of her deep feelings for the family and the precious memories of staying here.
Many netizens have seen the video and said: look at the current situation of the yard. Your family doesn’t seem to love the yard very much
There are rational analysis of netizens: the land price is only high, and the house has no value:
Extended reading: 23 reappearance of “shabby little” in case of peace
Most of the time, the house price is not determined by the quality of the house, but more by the location, which is very common in Beijing.
During the “double 11” period, 230000 yuan per square meter of priceless house reappeared in the Jianghu. Instead of a full view sea view house, it was a “shabby little house” located in the deep of Beijing Hutong.
On the morning of November 11, a 5.6-square-meter school district house located in “Langman Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing” was sold on the Alibaba auction website with a total price of 1275500 yuan, far higher than the assessment price of 657600 yuan.
The house has not yet been vacated. The owner of the house promised to vacate the house one month after the auction. In addition, the bidding announcement shows that the house was built before 1949, in other words, the house is 70 years old.
Such a set of “one room, 0 hall and 0 floor” is still a “shabby little” that the bidders won after multiple rounds of bidding. According to the data of Alibaba auction network, 29 people signed up for the auction, 980 people set reminders and 47600 people watched, which is a proper “online Red disk”.
On Alibaba auction online, there is a record of “legend” of the price of the property in the louman alley. On July 22, 2018, the property with an area of 1103.6 square meters, No. 131, Langman Hutong, was finally closed at RMB 104 million.
Source: comprehensive lightning news comments on China Securities Net
These two days, No. 8 courtyard on qushuiting street in Jinan caught fire. Because the old man died, the family decided to sell the old house belonging to their family in the courtyard, starting at 15 million yuan. Although the news that the house in the courtyard is going to be auctioned has been stir fried on the Internet, on the morning of the 16th, the reporter of dazhong.com poster saw from the courtyard that, despite the bustling tourists outside, the courtyard is still quiet. A resident of the courtyard said that he had not heard of the news that his neighbor was going to auction, and his life had not changed.
As usual on weekends, outside courtyard 8, qushuiting street, with the plaque of “the former residence of Lu Dahuang”, from time to time, a group of primary school students listen to volunteers explaining who Lu Dahuang is. Occasionally, tourists push open the half closed door and follow the zigzag stone road to look for the past. However, when the residents of the courtyard took the door with them, the courtyard suddenly became quiet, as if isolated from the outside world.
According to previous media reports, there are five houses in courtyard 8 of qushuiting street. This auction is the only house with an independent courtyard, starting at 15 million yuan.

Ma Yun’s first African variety show

On the evening of November 16 local time, the final of “Ma Yun African entrepreneur competition” was held in Ghana. After fierce competition, 10 entrepreneurs stood out from more than 10000 competitors from more than 50 countries in Africa, and received a $1 million prize from Ma Yun African entrepreneur fund. Ghanaian President Akufo Addo and former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon attended the competition to cheer on African entrepreneurs.
13 years ago, Ma Yun served as the judge of winning in China, the most popular entrepreneur competition in China. Since then, he has aroused a wave of entrepreneurship in China. Today, Ma Yun also hopes to inspire the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young Africans through such a competition.
It is worth mentioning that the shortlisted players are from all walks of life in Africa, and their original intention is to solve social problems. Temie GIWA tubosun, the founder of the champion life bank, is a mother who has experienced dystocia. In order to solve the problem of blood shortage in African hospitals, she founded the “life bank” to help hospitals find healthy blood sources in Nigeria and build a logistics system for efficient distribution. Since her start-up, she has tried to use cars, boats, drones and other means of transportation to deliver blood bags, saving thousands of lives. The second and third place entrepreneurs are dedicated to helping African scientists build scientific laboratories and providing clean water for Africans.
In the final of more than four hours, Ma Yun, together with CAI Chongxin, huntslav mashiwa, the telecommunications giant of Zimbabwe, and ibukun awahica, a Nigerian female banker, served as judges, giving a lot of pertinent suggestions to 10 entrepreneurs.
In his comments, Ma Yun said that participating in the competition will give him more confidence in the young people and entrepreneurs in Africa. He hopes that these “African heroes” will become the seeds of hope in Africa, inspire more people and awaken more people. African entrepreneurs are the hope of Africa.
Ghanaian President Akufo Addo attended the Ma Yun African entrepreneur competition in the morning and rushed to the final in the evening to cheer for African entrepreneurs. Akufo Addo once again thanked Ma Yun for launching the Africa entrepreneurship fund to encourage and encourage African entrepreneurs to develop African economy.
Ban Ki Moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations who served as the consultant of the competition, said that encouraging entrepreneurship and training young people are of great significance for the development of a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Africa, which is what Ma Yun does.

Huawei HR complaint

“R & D brothers sorry, I tried my best.”
This is the title of a post in the inner voice community of Huawei forum.
The author is a Huawei employee who has transferred from R & D to HR. Her name is Hu Ling. This 5000 word long post tells us that during her several months in HR, when she was trying to improve the working environment of R & D engineers and solve problems, she found that the original HR team and leaders ran counter to their original responsibilities.
When R & D employees work over 160 hours a month, HR team leaders only care about how long of 160 hours is rowing;
The leader ate the company’s 200 yuan pair of hairy crabs, but thought that the R & D to give suggestions to the canteen should be eliminated;
When 32-year-old R & D performance B + was dissuaded, 40 year old HR colleague went to work and fished for performance three times, but B was still at will.
Faced with 25000 R & D employees working hard and overtime in the whole research institute, and HR colleagues on the other side of “bullying”, Hu Ling found that she had become a lonely person on the way to help R & D employees solve problems, and was forced by the leaders to sell the R & D with opinions, and watched the leaders violate the labor law.
All the information she revealed gained more than 800000 views before disappearing in the Xinsheng community. The problem is that 8.6 million people have watched on Zhihu platform.
It happened in Huawei 2012 lab. In the case of constant foreign invasion, Huawei has attracted attention for the first time due to internal concerns.
R & D vs. HR, full of contradictions
In her post, Hu Ling exploded a lot of big data from the human resources department of Huawei 2012 laboratory.

  1. Since we can’t solve the problem, we should solve the person who raised the problem
    Hu Ling’s post after transfer to HR is “employee vitality experience officer”. Her job responsibility is to collect feedback from R & D engineers, mainly to provide support for the company’s employees in all aspects, find and solve problems in time.
    Because she was so quiet, she used the special account of the public mailbox and internal communication system to communicate with her R & D colleagues about problems in her work. She also assured the R & D staff that she would never disclose the problems raised by them and won their trust. Some even commented that “as long as Hu Ling is still there, the staff experience is very good.”.
    When Hu Ling collected some questions from the R & D Engineer, Yang Ruifeng, her leader, said, “it’s time to see who is the person who gives the feedback. If you have time here to ponder about the shuttle canteen, just quit.”.
    You know, when this leader went to Suzhou Research Institute for business trip, he ate 200 yuan hairy crabs of the company!
    There are quite a few “do not solve the problem, to solve the problem of people” thinking.
    And Yang also hopes that Hu Ling can hand in the account code of the internal communication system that communicates with the employees. You know, since it’s a discussion of work issues, there must be a lot of content related to the employee’s supervisor in the chat record of this account. If it’s handed in, it’s equivalent to selling the R & D brother. Hu Ling was forced to send this post and publicize these content.
  2. Working overtime for 160 hours free and going to fitness is said to be fishing
    Hu Ling’s lab in 2012, this year’s overtime situation is particularly serious. Even some R & D employees work overtime for more than 160 hours without overtime pay in the case of hypertension and hyperlipidemia.
    In order to solve this problem, Hu Ling collected the overtime records of the employees and wrote a report to Yang Ruifeng. Yang Ruifeng asked directly, which overtime is invalid, and whether there is any water drawing?
    It is this sentence that makes Hu Ling angry. The 160 hour class every month is still rowing, which is obviously illogical. “160 hours? Which HR shall I see? ” Hu Ling asked in the post.
    What is the concept of 160 hours? This means working 22 days a month and working over 7 hours a day. If you are working 30 days a month due to the tight project time, the average overtime time per day is more than 5 hours.
    Considering that the R & D post usually comes to work late, working for 8 hours and overtime for more than 5 hours, it is basically after 12 o’clock.
    A member of Huawei’s Xinsheng community said that his roommate, who works with Huawei, could hardly get home until the second half of the night for a month.
    According to the national labor law, employees are not allowed to work overtime more than 36 hours a month.
    As for why he thinks the employees are rowing, Yang gives the reason that some employees go to the gym during overtime hours and don’t return to work until 8:40.
    But these R & D engineers themselves work overtime free of charge. They don’t pay for overtime or take a rest. What’s the crime of using their own time to get fit? The purpose of the company’s gym is to let employees go to exercise after work.
    Even in this case, Yang reported to his superiors that “overtime data has been reduced for a long time”.
  3. The R & D overtime is so tired that HR work is easy or even lax
    Hu Ling also dislikes that the ease of HR department is in sharp contrast to the tension of R & D department.
    The HR department has about 100 employees, and the R & D department works 57 hours overtime per month. HR often organizes small activities, democratic life meetings and movies.
    Hu Ling also revealed that Gao Yan, another employee of her department, had been clocking in for a long time in a different place and took up working time to commute between Xi’an and Shenzhen. Even when working in Shenzhen, Gao Yan is often late. He can’t get to the company until more than 11:00 p.m. and hasn’t made any achievements in three months.
    “R & D brothers, 32 year old performance B +, are considered to be slow in development and discouraged; why HR can be a 40 year old triple B

National Football Players in the Philippines

On October 12th, Beijing time, the national football team will welcome the last day of this training in Guangzhou. On the 13th, they will travel to the Philippines to usher in the fourth round of the 40th round. The game against the Philippines is of great significance to the Chinese team. The team must defeat the opponent to ensure the team’s first result. Because this round, the Syrian opponent is Guam, basically it is the rhythm of 3 points. , it’s finished!

This group’s right to compete for the qualifying, without suspense belongs to Syria and the Chinese team, the two teams compete for the first group, the former team in the competition for the seed team, the Chinese team will start a confrontation with Syria, the national football invited to the Philippines, Tajikistan Stan came to the contest and eventually got the 8th place in Asia to become the seed team. I never thought that the group draws, and directly with the same group in Syria and the Philippines, it is a curse that can’t be smashed!

The national football game against the Philippines is the beginning of the national football devil schedule. After the match against the Philippines on October 15, the national football team will rest for one month and assemble against Syria in November. This will be the first direct competition of the group, so this round is against In the Philippines, the national football team can’t afford to lose. It is a game that must defeat the Philippines and win big!

In the match against the Philippines, the national football team can win big expectations. In the first round of the group match, the Philippines lost 2-5 at home to the Syrian team. If you refer to this score, the national football team needs to score 5 goals in the Philippines. Can you prove that you are not inferior to Syria, can the national football do it? This makes people look forward to, at least in the history of the two teams 8 encounters, the national football victory!

At present, the Chinese team has had 8 encounters with the Philippine team. The result is a total of 8 wins. The team scored 50 goals. In 1978, they defeated the opponent 3-0 for the first time. Then they were 9-0 and 10-0 respectively in 7 encounters. 7-0, 8-0, 8-1, 3-0, 2-0, it can be seen that the Chinese team scored 6 goals per game. This time, the national football team can score 6 goals, which makes people look forward to !

Of course, we must admit that the strength of the Philippines is improving. From scoring against the Chinese team to scoring a goal, losing 5+ balls from the previous single game, and now only losing 2~3 balls, this reflects The strength of the Philippines is improving. The national football team is fighting in the Philippines. It does not seek more goals. It is only necessary to continue the victory record!


Zhang Tianai’s oar board Yoga

Zhang Tian-ai has become the “fitness model” and “self-discipline benchmark” in people’s hearts since “Ouch Good Body”, but Zhang Tian-ai also has his own weaknesses, namely, fear of heights and water. In the show, Jiang Luxia and her girlfriends went to play paragliders, but finally failed to overcome the fear of high altitude and gave up paragliders. Can Zhang Tianai’s oar board Yoga succeed this time?
In the latest program, Zhang Tian-ai, in order to perform better in the theatre, took the initiative to challenge water yoga and overcome the psychological fear of water.
Then Zhang Tian-ai continued to challenge the extremely difficult paddle support. The coach put his foot against Zhang Tian-ai’s hip bone and supported Zhang Tian-ai hanging in the air. At this time, Zhang Tian-ai suddenly lost her balance of gravity. The whole person fell into the water seriously choking. After being rescued, Zhang Tian-ai covered her face and coughed all the time. She dared not open her eyes for a long time and looked very distressed. But what is gratifying is that in the end, Zhang Tianai succeeded in mastering the essentials of water yoga, the coach showed a knowing smile, and Wang Ju, sitting in the observation room, applauded Zhang Tianai.
It is worth mentioning that after Zhang Tianai’s hot search, many netizens raised a question. Why do they want to take part in this weight loss reality show? After all, Zhang Tianai’s figure is very good, unlike Wang Ju, Qiao Shan, and she, they are really the ones who need to lose weight. Maybe Zhang Tianai is trying to make her figure better for this problem, so Zhang Tianai will become more beautiful when she shows her stewardess.