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Trump admits defeat

No matter how reluctant, trump finally gave up. When Congress finally confirmed that Biden was the winner of the general election, trump later promised that he would make an orderly handover on January 20, “although I totally disagree with the election results.”.
America has ended its craziest day. After that, trump decided to leave the White House and spend the weekend at Camp David for the last time.
But it’s not over. After all, this is the first time since the British attack in 1814 that the US Congress has been broken down and occupied. For trump, for the United States and for the world, the consequences are quite serious.
It’s a pretty miserable ending. Personal point of view, at least ten aspects.
At least four people died in this crazy incident. One of them, a retired woman soldier, was killed on the spot in Congress. Look at the short video, she is really charging for trump, and the U.S. police are really shooting. In the era of new media, one person charges, hundreds of people shout and take selfies. Poor woman, so she became the victim of political struggle.
In any case, the dead were serious incidents and were killed on the spot in Congress. This is undoubtedly a scandal in American politics. Who is responsible for this? Trump is expected to be responsible for it and can not be ruled out as an important criminal evidence in the future.
Don’t think that only four people died, far more than that! How many people do you see wearing masks in such a large-scale rally? You know, the more transmissible virus variety found in the UK has already appeared in the United States. You can imagine what kind of super spread event this will cause.
Viruses don’t talk about politics. The United States has already paid more than 350000 lives. After this crazy incident, there must be a large number of new cases. In the end, more people will pay for their lives. After four tragedies, there are countless new tragedies. Who is responsible for this?
Of course, trump must have had a good time. Especially when I saw that Mrs. Pelosi’s office was occupied by her supporters, and her big feet were on the old lady’s desk, it was revenge. But the old lady, you can say later: is this a beautiful scenery?
The 74 year old president encouraged the siege of Congress, the 81 year old speaker’s office was occupied, and the image of the United States completely collapsed. No wonder the diplomats in Lebanon want to say: if the United States sees what the United States is doing to the United States, the United States will certainly invade the United States and liberate the United States from its tyranny.
In any case, after the fall of Parliament, transportation minister Zhao Xiaolan and other senior officials have proposed to resign. In fact, they can only serve for another two weeks at most, but they can’t bear it for two weeks. Let’s go. One is that the president really can’t bear to see such a fuss; the other is that he should cut it quickly to avoid getting into trouble with trump.
Tea is cold before people leave. Trump’s loss can be imagined. According to the American view, he didn’t like Camp David at all, but he went to Camp David in the end. Why? Deep sense of betrayal, the last time to quiet.
The United States is the leading brother of the West. In the past, it was the United States that led the way, denouncing this country as undemocratic and denouncing that country as not free. Now, the United States let the whole world see free jokes. Even Johnson, his best friend, said that it was too disgraceful. Merkel was even more moved. Seeing this scene, she felt angry and sad, which is also the common feeling of those who admire American democracy.
On this day, the most commonly used word in the west is “disgrace”! The United States is no longer the original United States, and the younger brothers look down on the United States. If people’s minds are dispersed, it will be difficult for the team to lead. This is the heart of the people, but what the heart of the people affects is the rapid changes in world geopolitics.
But the most frustrating thing for trump is certainly not the above five items, but his hard-working social accounts, which may be gone. Facebook first announced that it would freeze Trump’s account for 24 hours, and then Xiaozha increased it for at least two weeks. That is to say, trump can’t use Facebook before he leaves office.
Trump’s most important twitter account has also been frozen for 12 hours. Just now, 12 hours later, trump has not been able to tweet. The possibility of extending the freeze is not ruled out. At the most critical time, the people are still there, and the account number is gone. For trump, who is a super Internet celebrity, this may be more painful than the death of hundreds of thousands of people. This is his social death!
On the craziest day in the United States, people saw that vice president burns was busy, urging the mob to leave and directing the police to counter the rebellion. In his subsequent statement, acting Defense Secretary Miller also mentioned that he had talks with the chairman of the Federation of Representatives, vice president, speaker of the house of Representatives, majority leader of the Senate and so on, except that there was no president.
You know, the president is the commander in chief. We can not rule out the possibility that these political and military bigwigs have in fact “suspended” the power of the president. The purpose of besieging Capitol Hill is to fight for power, but the result is that one’s power is deprived ahead of time.
The eighth consequence is impeachment.
Mrs. Pelosi has made it clear that every day trump sits in the White House, the United States will be in a state of instability, and must immediately oust him. Dozens of members have appealed to burns to launch the 25th amendment, because “from the video sent this afternoon, it can be seen that President trump has shown his unsound mind…”.
According to the amendment, if the vice president and cabinet officials submit a written statement to Congress that the president is unable to perform his powers and duties, the vice president will act as the president. In the current situation, if the Republican Party also starts cutting, if burns wants to seize the opportunity to have a presidential addiction, trump will be in trouble.
It’s troublesome. It’s really troublesome. “Washington Post” reporter lack said, “the president’s mental state is very fragile, and he doesn’t feel good about what’s happening now.” It doesn’t feel very good. After all, the Congress has been occupied and some people have died. He is accused of being the culprit and suspected of abetting and treason.
Trump could not have saved himself. He stepped down early and let burns ascend to the throne to save himself? With burns’ current performance, he may be more worried. Moreover, not all crimes can be exempted. Don’t forget, in New York State and other places, many investigations are continuing. The next stop after he walked out of the White House is the prison. Well, if I had known that, why should I have been the president!
Trump is still tough. When he promised to hand over power in an orderly way, he also stressed that this “represents the end of the greatest first term in the history of the president.”.
The greatest? It depends on what you say. In the past four years, all kinds of people have retreated to fight, scolding Trudeau, makaron and Merkel Then, the anti epidemic war became the worst in the world, and the riot became the fall of Parliament. The same place, when it started four years ago, is also a boundless scenery; four years later, it is a land of chicken feathers, which ends in this way.
It must be admitted that the United States is still strong, but the American dream is shattered. There is no end to history. It is the myth of the United States that ends. We are witnessing a profound and epoch-making change. History will remember Trump’s “great contribution”! When you come out, you always have to pay back

200000 non epidemic community Awards

  1. Central bank: LPR mechanism has guaranteed the real quotation of quotation bank as much as possible
    In response to whether the bank will deliberately increase the LPR quotation, the central bank stressed on the 6th that the LPR quotation mechanism has guaranteed the true quotation of the quotation bank as much as possible, so that the published LPR has fairness. 18 LPR quotation banks are all banks of the same type with strong influence, credibility and pricing ability, and need to quote according to the bank’s loan interest rate to the best customers, that is to say, the quotations of quotation banks are supported by real transactions. At the same time, the people’s Bank of China and the interest rate pricing self-discipline mechanism strictly supervise the quotation behavior of each quotation bank, regularly assess and evaluate its quotation quality, and carry out the survival of the fittest for the quotation bank according to the assessment situation.
  2. The highest award for Wuhan epidemic free community is 200000 yuan
    Wuhan novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Center, the first community of epidemic prevention, community, and village (brigade) list was released in March 6th, according to Changjiang Daily. As of 18:00 on March 5, there were 2076 non epidemic areas, 79 non epidemic communities and 1171 non epidemic villages (groups). It is reported that since March 1, the establishment of epidemic free communities and communities (villages and teams) has been launched in various urban areas (development zones) of Wuhan. As of June 6, some urban areas (development zones) have announced recognition methods and incentive measures, among which communities (villages and teams) without epidemic situation can receive a maximum reward of 200000 yuan, and relevant units and individuals will also receive rewards.
    3 novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 13 of the population. Losangeles will host nearly 30 thousand marathons on Sunday.
    Novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced in Losangeles County on 6 July, according to China Daily. The number of confirmed cases increased to 13, and two cases were confirmed. All cases have traceable sources of infection and the risk of local transmission is still low, the local health bureau said. The University of California, Los Angeles, announced the same day that three students would be tested for new coronavirus. So far, 13 new crown cases have been confirmed in Los Angeles. Despite the public’s concerns about the outbreak, organizers of the Los Angeles Marathon continued to hold the event on schedule on Sunday. As one of the largest marathons in the United States, Loma is expected to have 27000 athletes from 78 countries this year.
    4 new 483 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were identified in South Korea, totaling 6767 cases.
    Novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced in 7 days. As of 7 o’clock, South Korea increased 483 cases of new crown pneumonia cases at 6 o’clock, and 6767 cases were confirmed, and 44 cases died in Korea.

Sun Yang’s first new year title

January 15 – the 2020 fina champion swimming series was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, at the Universiade Center yesterday.
In the final of the 200m freestyle, which attracted the attention of Chinese audiences, Sun Yang swam 1:46.53 to receive a silver medal to complete the first show of the new year.
Sun Yang was still in the lead when he swam to 150 meters. Unfortunately, he was overtaken by his opponent at the last moment, only 0.03 seconds behind. The champion’s score is 1:46.50.
Today Sun Yang will compete in the 400m freestyle. Lapsis, the 200m freestyle champion, will also compete in the 400m freestyle.

Alibaba market value exceeds Facebook

Alibaba’s market value exceeds Facebook’s. According to reports, Alibaba’s share price hit a record high in Hong Kong, reaching HK $205.8, with a market value of HK $4408.3 billion, which translates into US $565.8 billion, surpassing Facebook in one fell swoop, becoming the sixth highest company in terms of market value in the world, second only to Saudi Aramco, apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.
However, by the end of the day, Alibaba’s share price had fallen, offering HK $203.8, with a market value of HK $4373.91 billion (US $55.5243 billion), lower than Facebook’s market value of US $564.418 billion.
US equities hit a record high on Monday and are expected to gain for a fourth straight session. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 100.51 points, or 0.4%, to 28235.89. The standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 0.7% to close at 3191.45, while the Nasdaq composite rose 0.9% to close at 8814.23.
Technology stocks rose 0.9% to a record high, with micron technology up 3.4% and Western data up 4.1%. Goldman Sachs pushed the Dow up 1.4%, a record high.

Continuous overtime breaks down crying

On November 18, a woman sat in the corridor of a subway station in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Chen Chen Chen, a staff member, found out and asked, but the woman said nothing. Chen Chen said, “if you want to comfort her, touch her head, she suddenly hugged me and burst into tears.”.
It is understood that the woman has worked overtime for one month in a row. Now that she has finished her work, she doesn’t know what to do, and is afraid to go home and cry and scare her daughter
“There is no easy word for adult life,” commented the netizen
Coincidentally, on October 24, a woman in Hefei, Anhui Province, stopped her car on the road and cried, “what can I do?” “I can’t navigate.” Originally, the woman just got her driver’s license. After working overtime for two weeks, she just wanted to go home early, but she was not familiar with the road conditions. She lost her way and couldn’t find her way home.
Later, Hefei high tech traffic police comforted the woman and said they would use motorcycles to open the way for her. “It’s not easy to go to work now, I understand,” the traffic police said

End of precious metal bull market

The end of precious metal bull market gold broke through 1450 US dollars / ounce overnight, with a minimum of 1447.89 US dollars / ounce. The bull market of gold seems to be coming to an end. SPDR, the world’s largest gold ETF, has sharply reduced its position by 13.19 tons, and its current position is barely above 900 tons, or 901.19 tons.
According to CME’s “Federal Reserve observation”: the probability of maintaining the current interest rate in the range of 1.50% – 1.75% in December is 94.8%, and the probability of reducing the interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.25% – 1.50% is 5.2%; the probability of maintaining the current interest rate in the range of 1.50% – 1.75% in January next year is 86.4%, the probability of reducing the interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.25% – 1.50% is 13.1%, and the probability of reducing the interest rate by 50 basis points to 1.00% – 1.25% is 0.5%.
The international gold price fell by more than 3.6% last week, not only recording a new low of $1456.10/ounce since early August, but also the biggest weekly drop since the week of November 11, 2016. The amazing rise of gold price from May to early September has stalled. The deadline for brexit was extended to January next year. The positive progress of trade negotiations between China and the United States. Officials from the Federal Reserve questioned the interest rate cut. The physical demand for gold declined, which further depressed the price of gold.
On the 12th, investors will focus on the speech of the US president, who is expected to deliver important information on trade issues. If its speech eases trade tensions, gold prices could face further plunges. In addition, Clarida, vice chairman of the Federal Reserve, will address monetary policy this evening, Beijing time, which is also expected to trigger market volatility.
The fall in gold led to a correction in precious metals, with silver spot prices down 6.8% since November and palladium spot prices down 6.04%.
Zheng Minggang, an analyst at Dongxing securities, said: physical gold positions fell significantly. Gold etf-spdr position decreased by 13.5 tons to 901.19 tons, the second largest drop since April this year; gold iShares position increased by 0.9 tons to 357.91 tons, and silver SLV position increased by 82.3 tons to 11793.57 tons. Gold non-commercial net long position increased by 3313 and silver non-commercial net long position decreased by 5681. The shift in market risk appetite has kept precious metal prices under pressure, forcing investors to reduce the proportion of gold investment in their portfolios.
Gold futures said: from the recent report released by the world gold industry association, since the third quarter, the net purchase demand of gold has still increased, but from the perspective of structure, individual investors are deterred from the current price of gold, and more choose to sell or wait and see, while the third quarter purchase demand is mainly the support of ETF purchase demand, but from the perspective of ETF position in the fourth quarter, gold and silver ETF positions have declined; from the perspective of physical purchase demand, the Central Bank of China ended its continuous increase in gold holdings in October, and private purchase demand in India fell by nearly half, or led to the later pressure of gold to fall; silver this week was short and closed the negative line.
Data released on Wednesday (November 7) showed that the central bank’s gold reserves ended a decade of gains and were flat on a month on month basis. China’s gold reserves at the end of October were 62.64 million ounces (1948.32 tons), in line with September China has always been an important player in the gold market. According to the latest research of the world gold association, the central bank bought nearly 550 tons of gold this year.

Vivo registration 6G logo

According to the Letsgodigital report, the mobile phone manufacturer vivo from China recently registered the “6G” network logo in Europe.

It is understood that vivo company registered the “6G” logo on EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office) on October 22, 2019; there are three diagonal lines between “6” and the letter “G”, indicating the speed of “6G” Will be faster, this trademark is classified as 9/38/42.

The “6G” trademark part of Vivo is described as: smart phone; computer software; wearable device; earphone; cellular phone communication; mobile communication service; mobile telecommunication network service; research in telecommunication technology; design and development of telecommunication network.

Letsgodigital said it expects the first batch of 6G products to be available around 2030. It is understood that as early as July 2017, the European Union announced that it will launch the “Terranova” project, which is aimed at the follow-up products of the 5G network, the network will become faster; the official said that the speed will reach 1TB per second, and the delay is almost Zero, or no delay.


Sangyoon decommissioning

Today, South Korean media reported that sangyoon, ad player of hle team, was officially retired, and his retirement ceremony will be held on the afternoon of the 24th.
Korean media reports: ADC player sangyoon officially retired
Sangyoon player is a veteran who has been fighting for many years. Since his debut in 2014, he has served in many famous teams, including AFS and Rox tiger. Sangyoon has just won a thousand kills in his career in this spring competition.
Korean media reports: ADC player sangyoon officially retired
Another veteran of Lck retired, and the rise of new forces such as GRF and DWG indicates the end of an era. Wish sangyoon all the best after his retirement!