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36 year old criminal police fell from a building when handling a case

Beijing, Hangzhou, March 2 (Guo Qiyu, Lin Ling) – the reporter learned from Yuhang District Public Security Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province on the 2nd that Bao Weijie, the technical policeman of the Bureau, fell from the top floor of the 7th floor of the construction site when he was investigating a theft scene. He is still in intensive care unit for treatment.
It is reported that on the day of the accident, Bao Weijie has continuously investigated four cases. In 2020, more than 280 cases will be investigated, far exceeding the number of cases per capita investigated by Hangzhou technical police.
On the evening of February 27, the Liangzhu squadron of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yuhang District Public Security Bureau received a notice from Liangzhu police station that ten central air conditioners were stolen from a construction site in the jurisdiction, with a loss value of about 20000 yuan. It is necessary to further investigate the scene of the crime.
Later, Bao Weijie led Auxiliary Police Shen Gang to the scene. The scene of the crime was on the 7th floor of unit 2 of a construction site. As unit 2 was impassable, the police walked from unit 1 to the top of unit 2. On rainy days, the construction site on the roof of the building was wet and slippery, and Bao Weijie accidentally fell from the 7th floor.
“Before the accident, I was five or six steps behind brother Bao. When I saw him fall, I tried to catch him, but I couldn’t…” Shen Gang recalled that it was late at that time, and he couldn’t see the road clearly from the roof.
Bao Weijie, 36, is a technical policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade. With a suit for investigation, an inspection box and a camera for inspecting the scene of a criminal case, he extracted traces from various complicated criminal cases and compared and confirmed them. Restore the scene and depict the suspect until the suspect is arrested.
Bao Weijie was on duty on Saturday, the day of the accident. He continuously investigated four cases. The day before yesterday, there was a vicious case of entering a room in the jurisdiction. The case was very serious, and the Criminal Investigation Brigade mobilized capable forces to solve it. Bao Weijie was called to the scene that night. Through on-the-spot visit, careful and meticulous investigation, he successfully collected key traces of material evidence, and the public security organs immediately arrested the suspect in the early hours of Saturday morning. Early Saturday morning, Bao Weijie organized the suspects to identify the scene where the tools were discarded.
In the afternoon of that day, Bao Weijie went to two more sites. He was busy until the evening. As soon as he returned to the squadron for dinner, he received the case that the air conditioner inside the construction site was stolen.
“One way” to the end in criminal technical post
Love is more true, willing to study, in the boring position of criminal technician to the end, this is the impression of colleagues on Bao Weijie, just like his wechat name – “one way”.
At the scene of a homicide case last year, Bao Weijie conducted five re surveys before and after facing the messy scene like a “garbage dump”, and successfully obtained all kinds of material evidence and traces left by the crime.
In a robbery case, Bao Weijie searched around the scene in a large area, and finally collected feces, tissues and other things, which supported the front-line police to catch the criminals in time and enriched the evidence for solving the case.
In the summer of 2017, Bao Weijie received a case of stealing Gaoshan base station. On a hot day of nearly 40 degrees, he and the auxiliary police abandoned their car and climbed the mountain. The internal temperature of the base station exceeded 50 degrees. He stayed for more than an hour. When he successfully extracted the key trace evidence, he was soaked through.
According to reports, Bao Weijie combined with more than ten years of criminal technology work experience to write the paper “detailed explanation of crime scene investigation” was employed by the material evidence identification center of the Ministry of public security. “He is equivalent to combing the whole process of on-the-spot investigation of contact cases, which is comprehensive and of great practical significance.” Ruan HANGHUA, deputy leader of Liangzhu squadron of Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yuhang District Public Security Bureau, said.
In 2020, Bao Weijie will investigate more than 280 scenes, including one homicide and 52 abnormal deaths This number is far more than the number of investigation cases per capita of Hangzhou technical police.
On the night of the accident, Bao Weijie’s wife, Xiao Xu Zheng, was preparing to go to her parents-in-law’s house for dinner. On the way, she received a call from Ruan HANGHUA, “you have to be psychologically prepared. Bao fell down from the upstairs, and now he is conscious…”
“He would contact me every day. He would ask me what I ate at noon and what time I would get off work and whether I would work overtime in the afternoon. I couldn’t get through to him that day. I had a bad feeling in my heart. ” When Xiao Xu arrived at the hospital, Bao Weijie was already in the intensive care unit.
According to the doctor’s initial diagnosis, Bao Weijie had comminuted pelvic fractures, comminuted fractures of left wrist joint, left elbow joint and left shoulder joint, multiple fractures of left rib, hemopneumothorax of bilateral thoracic cavity, subarachnoid hemorrhage of brain, spinal fracture, and his life was in extremely dangerous condition.
That night, Bao Weijie had massive bleeding, and it didn’t stop until around 3 a.m., and he survived the most dangerous stage. At present, his vital signs are stable temporarily.
On December 26, 2019, Bao Weijie once sent a paragraph of feelings in his circle of friends, and provided a work photo of himself: “after watching too much life and death, it’s lucky to live, and it’s happiness to live healthily. Conclusion: to live healthily and contribute to the country is the value of my existence. “

Jiang Fan high level talents

Tmall President Jiang Fan once again stood on the cusp of the storm.
On the evening of December 29, “Jiang Fan was suspended from identifying Hangzhou as a high-level talent” topped the hot search list.
On December 23, according to the information released by Hangzhou human resources and Social Security Bureau, Taobao and tmall President Jiang Fan were identified as high-level talents in Hangzhou, which caused a hot discussion on the Internet.
After the announcement, some netizens said that they complained that Jiang Fan did not meet the requirements of the notice that “the applicant should follow the laws and regulations, moral standards, public order and good customs”.
On December 29, the staff of Hangzhou labor and Social Security Bureau said: “12345 has fed back the complaints received to us. On the day of publicity, the relevant departments discussed the results. Originally, it was passed after three days of publicity, but now the work is suspended. The specific results have to be studied by all units.”
Hangzhou human resources and Social Security Bureau previously announced that Jiang Fan, who was born in August 1985 and works for Taobao (China) Software Co., Ltd., plans to be recognized as high-level talents of class C (Class C talents independently recognized by authorized enterprises) after audit, and will be publicized for a period of three days.
It is understood that class C high-level talents are provincial leading talents, and the main business management talents of China’s top 500 enterprises (refers to the chairman and general manager of the head office); the main business management talents of China’s top 500 private enterprises (refers to the chairman and general manager of the head office) meet the requirements.
Eight months ago, on April 27, Alibaba announced the investigation and handling results of Jiang Fan’s “small three incident”. There was no interest transfer, but due to the impact on Ali’s reputation, Alibaba was given four heavy punishments, including partner removal, demerit recording, demotion and bonus.
Jiang Fan’s original wife “Hua Hua Dong Hua Hua” suddenly launched a public opinion on social media by calling a woman’s net red Zhang.
It is worth noting that recently, some netizens found that Jiang Fan’s original wife “Huahua Dong Huahua” deleted all the photos of Jiang Fan on the microblog, and also replied to netizens that “I can’t get divorced without anyone’s proof”, which caused the suspicion of divorce. But at present, neither side has made a clear response.
Event review:
More than 70% of market value evaporated, if Han wants to be privatized and delisted
Another protagonist of Jiang Fan’s sex scandal is Zhang Dayi, who is the Internet celebrity. The incident also brought MCN, the Internet celebrity incubation marketing company behind Zhang Dayi, into the public view.
Now, the front page of Ruhan’s official website no longer has the words “the only MCN institution in which Alibaba Group shares”. It is also reported that Ruhan holding, the “first share of wanghong e-commerce” highly bound with Zhang Dayi, wants to be privatized and delisted.
Figure: figure insects
On November 25, just two days after the release of the financial report for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021, Ruhan holdings suddenly announced that the board of directors of the company had received a non binding preliminary proposal issued by the three founders Feng min, sun Lei and Shen Chao on November 25, 2020, proposing to privatize the company at the price of US $0.68 per share (US $3.4 per ads).
The privatization price proposed by Ruhan is about 10.8% higher than the closing price of the previous trading day, but it is more than 70% lower than the issue price of US $12.50. After the news of privatization, U.S. shares fell by 17.89% in the last two months.
According to the report of China Securities Journal, some people close to the senior management of Ruhan said that the buyer group composed of the three founders has been preparing funds. If the privatization goes smoothly, it is expected to complete the privatization process in about eight months, that is, the summer of 2021.
Industry analysts believe that although Ruhan has attracted attention with the help of online celebrities and live e-commerce, Ruhan is not a leading enterprise in the field of live e-commerce. It is expected that Ruhan’s revenue is over dependent on toutouwanghong, and its market value has further shrunk after listing, which is not fully recognized by the capital market.
Ruhan’s U.S. stock listing journey began on April 3, 2019. Up to now, Ruhan announced privatization after only 20 months in the U.S. capital market. It is generally believed in the industry that this is closely related to Ruhan’s stock price performance and weak performance.
On November 23, according to the financial report of Ruhan holdings, the total net income of the company in the second quarter of fiscal year 2021 (the natural year is Q3 of 2020) was 249 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 9%; the net loss attributable to the parent company was 31.2 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 38%; the adjusted net loss attributable to the parent company was 20.2 million yuan, a year-on-year net profit of 2.5 million yuan.
After entering 2020, the growth rate of single quarter revenue of Ruhan in recent three quarters is negative; in the six quarters from Q2 of 2019 to Q3 of 2020, Ruhan only achieves a net profit of 10.71 million yuan in Q4 of 2019, while the other five quarters are in a state of loss.

Four more local cases in Tianjin

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 4 of the Tianjin’s Dongjiang port area, which was reported at 2 a.m. and 5 hours in November 20th.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was transferred to the designated hospital in 4 cities. According to the results of nucleic acid detection, clinical manifestation, blood examination and CT examination, the municipal expert group of our city comprehensively judged and confirmed that shen Mou was a confirmed case of 141st cases of new crown pneumonia in our city (General type), and Yang was identified as 142nd confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the city. 143rd novel coronavirus pneumonia cases (novel coronavirus pneumonia) were identified in our city, and Yang (a son of Yang) was identified as the 144th confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in our city.

Die in the wilderness

An 85 year old man in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, won a prize of 11.95 million yuan (about NT $51.38 million). In order to fight for the property, his four children did many acts that made him feel cold. The eldest son had been unemployed for many years and asked him to support him. The younger son even took him to the mountain and went down the mountain to try to make him lost in the mountains. He decided to walk more than 10 kilometers under the high temperature to live in the wilderness However, after his death, his children were still fighting for the inheritance, which caused public outcry.
The old man has three sons and one daughter. He won the first prize of 11.95 million yuan in the lottery a few days ago. He thought he could lead a leisurely retirement life. Unexpectedly, he had to raise his eldest son who had been unemployed for many years. He was also taken by the younger son to climb the mountain and was left in the mountain. Finally, he walked down the mountain by himself to escape danger. Then he left the child with his wife and lived in Wuhan for nearly a year. In July this year, he took the train to his hometown of Jiangxi Ganzhou, instead of going back to look for children, lived alone in a hotel, stayed the next day without eating or drinking, and walked more than 10 kilometers under the high temperature of 40 degrees, and then went to the wild on a desperate road.
To the anger of the outside world, it has been four months since the old man passed away, and the four children have not been arguing about the inheritance. Even though the mother has no choice but to draw up a scheme for the division of the estate, she has to keep one third of her own and the rest will be shared equally by the four children. However, the eldest son still disagrees with the plan. Finally, the matter has to be decided by the court, which is still under trial.

Sino US relations in Biden Era

Biden will become the 46th president of the United States after winning Pennsylvania, according to the associated press, CNN, BBC and other mainstream media reports on the 8th. Biden then tweeted that it would be a tough job to thank the United States for choosing him as leader, but whether or not people had voted for him before, he would be the president of all Americans.
Where will China US relations go after Biden enters the White House? What are the similarities and differences compared with the trump era? The reporter of Global Times interviewed many experts and analyzed comprehensively from five major fields to try to outline the general picture of Biden administration’s China policy.
Will the Biden administration insist on “contact with China” or “Sino US decoupling”?
In an interview with the global times, Xin Qiang, deputy director of the center for American Studies at Fudan University, said that Biden’s coming to power may bring a “respite period” to Sino US relations.
He believed that at present, the friction and confrontation between China and the United States have spread over all fields and are on the track of a “rapid vicious circle”. The overall performance is characterized by three characteristics: the destruction of strategic mutual trust, the almost suspension of high-level political interaction, and the absence of any substantive cooperation. When Biden comes to power, at least China and the United States can make breakthroughs in the latter two aspects.
“It is expected that China and the United States will resume more pragmatic and constructive cooperation in vaccine, anti epidemic, climate change and other fields, and some previously suspended dialogue and liaison mechanisms are also expected to resume. However, the reconstruction of strategic mutual trust is not an overnight success. ” Xinqiang analysis said.
However, the change of president may not change the overall direction of Washington’s China policy. “No matter who comes to the White House, the relationship between the United States and China will be more or less the status quo,” CNBC predicted recently, citing Williams, the former chief trade negotiator of the White House.
“Being tough with China is what unites the polarized country. We are politically polarized, but on China, we are not polarized, “Williams said. But unlike trump, Biden’s policy may be more robust and predictable. “You don’t tweet in the middle of the night announcing tariffs or something, but the overall trajectory will be roughly the same.”
Dawei, assistant president of the school of international relations and director of the Department of international politics, told the global times that Biden’s China policy will not simply return to the “Obama era” of 2016, because in the past four years, great changes have taken place in Sino US relations and the world, and the views of elites and people of the two countries on each other have been almost completely reshaped.
“Biden’s adjustment of China policy is bound to be based on the era of Trump – in fact, the complete change of China policy may be the biggest political legacy left by the trump administration to the United States.” According to Dawei.
He said that “China engagement policy” needs to be adjusted, which has gradually become the consensus of the US government and the public. Biden’s taking office will not change the general trend of competition and confrontation between the two countries. The problem is that what kind of alternative policy framework he will introduce is still unclear. “But competition doesn’t mean decoupling. I don’t think the Biden administration will support a comprehensive decoupling strategy with China. “
Will the trade war continue? Will tariffs be abolished?
According to CNBC, analysts’ reports from the Swiss bank Long’ao believe that Biden’s victory can reduce some trading uncertainty. “Biden may take a more rational attitude towards bilateral trade, even in other areas, his team may show the same attitude towards China hawks as the trump administration.” However, analysts at the bank said they did not assume Biden would automatically reduce tariffs on Chinese goods.
Xinqiang predicts that the two governments may first reevaluate the first stage trade agreement reached before, and some contents of the agreement will not exclude adjustment due to changes in the actual situation, and then continue negotiations on the basis of the first stage agreement. “From the perspective of the United States, the tariff imposed by trump is actually a” good chip “for Biden to continue negotiations. It is unlikely that he will take the initiative to cancel it.”
At the same time, he pointed out that there are labor groups behind the Democratic Party, which has always been more inclined to trade protectionism than the Republican Party. In fact, Trump’s position on trade issues is an “alternative” among the Republicans. Therefore, Xinqiang predicts that tariffs on China may be relaxed first in areas where the US people have suffered great losses, such as daily necessities, but other areas need more difficult and long-term negotiations.
An exclusive Reuters report in October quoted two senior advisers of Biden as saying that if Biden is elected, Biden will consult with major U.S. allies to seek “collective influence” to deal with China before making a tariff decision on China. The two advisers said the move was to avoid the mistake of repeating Trump’s “US priority” agenda, which had angered several key US allies. According to another Washington Post assistant, Biden has not yet made a final decision on the tariff.
Another issue of widespread concern in the field of trade is whether it is possible for the United States under Biden to rejoin the trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP)? TPP is an economic and trade proposition during the Obama administration, which is generally believed to cause great pressure on China. However, the agreement has not been approved by the United States. After trump took office, he officially announced his withdrawal from the TPP in 2017, and the remaining 11 countries signed the “comprehensive progress agreement of trans Pacific partners” (cptpp) in March 2018.
In this regard

Son eats father’s will

Because of dissatisfaction with the content of the will made by his deceased father, the man swallowed up the original will while fighting with his stepmother. Unexpectedly, the stepmother took the copy of the will to court. Recently, the Deqing County Court concluded this special case of inheritance right dispute, and found that the copy of the will is valid.
In October 2019, Lao Chen died of illness. His son, Xiao Chen, without the knowledge of his stepmother, Liu, arbitrarily received his death funeral allowance, one-time pension and the balance of his account, and seized all his identity and death certificates.
After the arrangement of his affairs, the inheritance of his legacy was put on the table, especially the issue of the share division of his living house. There was a big dispute between Xiao Chen and Liu.
The suite was built by Mr. Chen, his ex-wife and his son, Xiao Chen, in 1995. In 2007, Lao Chen and his ex-wife signed a “divorce agreement” when they went through the divorce registration procedures, stipulating that the house should be owned by Lao Chen after the divorce, and the ex-wife would solve the housing problem on her own. Two years later, Lao Chen and Liu came together.
When Xiao Chen and his relatives came to Liu to fight for the inheritance, Liu took out a self written will made by Chen when he was seriously ill in 2019. It was written in black and white that “all property belongs to Liu”.
Xiao Chen didn’t approve of the will. To everyone’s surprise, he snatched the will, put it into his mouth and ate it three or two times. This action made the contradiction between the two sides intensified instantly. Liu then filed a small petition to the court, demanding to inherit the house left by old Chen.
During the trial of the case, Liu issued a copy of the will to the court, “the will was written by Lao Chen in person, and there were two witnesses’ signatures. But the original will was swallowed by Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen also admitted in court that the original will was indeed swallowed up by him, and the fact that the will was swallowed by Xiao Chen was also corroborated by two witnesses in court.
The court held that
Although the will written by Mr. Liu was a copy, Xiao Chen admitted that he had swallowed the original in the court trial, and two witnesses supported this fact. Therefore, the Court confirmed the authenticity of the will.
However, although it was agreed that the house should be owned by Lao Chen when he divorced his ex-wife, he did not obtain Xiao Chen’s consent. The split agreement is only valid for the share of housing owned by Lao Chen and his ex-wife. Moreover, in the process of hearing the case, Mr. Chen’s ex-wife, as an outsider in the case, confirmed that “there is no objection to the ownership of the housing shares owned by Lao Chen”, and said that she would not participate in the lawsuit. Therefore, the Court confirmed in accordance with the law that Lao Chen owned two-thirds of the share of the house and Xiaochen owned one-third of the share. That is to say, only two-thirds of the share of the house belongs to the heritage.
In addition, because Chen’s funeral expenses were paid by Xiao Chen, and the sum was more than the sum of death funeral allowance, one-time pension and the balance of account, Liu should compensate Xiao Chen a part of the money.
The court of Deqing finally ruled that the two parties should divide the property according to the contents of the will. Two thirds of the house shares owned by Mr. Chen should be inherited by Liu, the successor of the will. After the house is sold, both parties will divide the money according to the inheritance share.
After the sentence was pronounced, both parties served the sentence and did not appeal.
Dissatisfied with the father left the house to his stepmother, the son ate the will on the spot. Is the copy valid?
Will is a legal act made according to one’s own will before the decedent’s life and has legal effect after his death. It is a legal form of disposing his own legal property before his death. It is illegal to forge, alter or destroy wills. It is an intentional act for the legal heirs or other stakeholders to destroy wills by burning, tearing or even eating wills directly. The purpose of destroying wills is to make inheritance beneficial to them. This kind of behavior seriously violates the social morality, seriously violates the testamentary freedom right of the decedent, and makes the ownership of the estate against the real will of the testator. Therefore, according to the law, if a will is forged, altered or destroyed, if the circumstances are serious, the right of inheritance will be lost.
In this case, before his death, in order to prevent family conflicts, he wrote his will in the presence of relatives and friends. Xiao Chen should respect the wishes of the old man before he died. It is not advisable for him to swallow the will directly in order to fight for the inheritance. During the trial of the case, he admitted his mistakes because he felt the authority of the law. Finally, the Court confirmed that the copy of the will provided by Liu, the stepmother of Xiao Chen, was valid. After the decedent’s death, the house was divided according to the content of his will written by himself, and the judgment supported Liu’s petition.
Family love is priceless and cannot be measured by money. Once there is a dispute and dispute, we should protect our rights and interests through legal channels to avoid impulsive actions, and the gains outweigh the losses.
Legal link
The inheritance law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that:
Article 2 succession begins at the death of the decedent.
Article 3 heritage is the personal legal property left over by a citizen at the time of his death, including:
(1) Income of citizens;
(2) Citizens’ houses, savings and daily necessities;
(3) Citizens’ trees, livestock and poultry;
(4) Cultural relics, books and materials of citizens;
(5) The law allows citizens to own the means of production;
(6) The property rights of citizens in copyright and patent rights;
(7) Other lawful property of citizens.
Article 5 after the beginning of succession, it shall be handled in accordance with the statutory succession; if there is a will, it shall be handled in accordance with the will or legacy; if there is an agreement on legacy support, it shall be handled in accordance with the agreement.
Article 16

The salary in October can be paid in September

And here’s the good news!
That’s it
The salary in October can be advanced to September!
Wages can be paid in advance in October
According to the requirements of the Interim Provisions on wage payment, if the employer is unable to pay wages during holidays, it should pay wages in the latest working day.
Article 7 of the Interim Provisions on wage payment: wages must be paid on the date agreed by the employer and the employee. In case of holidays or rest days, the payment shall be made in advance on the latest working day. The wages shall be paid at least once a month. If the weekly, daily and hourly wage system is implemented, the wages can be paid by week, day and hour.
Many units will pay wages before the 5th of each month, which means that during the “11” holiday, many units will pay their wages in October at the end of September.
Wages must be paid at the appointed time
You know what? Wages must be paid on the date agreed between the employer and the employee.
The employer shall specify in the rules and regulations or agree with the employee the fixed date of salary payment. If the wage payment period does not exceed one month (i.e. except for annual wages and quarterly wages), the agreed wage payment date shall not exceed 7 days after the expiration of the payment period.
Can wages be delayed or delayed?
If the employer is unable to pay wages on the agreed wage payment day for some reason, it may be extended appropriately.
Item 4 (2) of the supplementary provisions of “Regulations on wage payment” stipulates that if the employer is really affected by production and operation difficulties and capital turnover, it may temporarily postpone the payment of laborer’s wages after obtaining the consent of the trade union of the unit. The maximum limit of the delay time can be determined by the labor administrative departments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to local conditions.
How to be casual
Let the boss see the news
Gently remind the boss
Can you pay in advance?
I can only help you get here

Wei daxun’s real name is Wei Xingwen

Sina entertainment news on the evening of 31, Ren Jialun [microblog] posted a photo of killing and publishing an article in “extreme challenge treasure line” on Weibo. Then Wei daxun [microblog] left a message calling him “super brother”. Ren Jialun immediately responded to him and exposed his real name, “Wei Xingwen, aren’t we brothers who are one day away from our birthday? Why didn’t you send me in the microblog? I’m not happy. “Wei daxun replied:” when you are happy, you must try to make yourself happy! You don’t have half your face.

Flood overflows Chongqing’s main city

On August 18, the riverside area of Ciqikou Ancient Town was flooded. Affected by heavy rainfall and incoming water from the upper reaches, the Yangtze River No.5 flood and Jialing River No.2 flood in 2020 will pass through the central urban area of Chongqing from August 18 to 20. At 14:00 on August 18, Chongqing upgraded the flood control level II emergency response to level I. Shen Jizhong
On August 18, rescue workers transferred trapped people onto the boat at Fengzhou Island, Shizhong District, Leshan City. On the evening of August 17, affected by the continuous heavy rainfall, the Qingyi River in Sichuan Province is now experiencing a once-in-a-century flood. At noon on August 18, the flood peak passed through Leshan City, Sichuan Province. More than 1000 people were trapped on Fengzhou Island, Central District of the city. Rescue workers rushed to the scene to transfer the trapped people. Shen Jizhong
According to Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, August 18 (Reporter Yu Likang, Jin Qian, Zhang Hailei) on the 18th, continuous heavy rainfall caused 33 stations of 22 major rivers and tributaries in Sichuan to exceed the police coverage. Sichuan has launched a level I flood control emergency response for the first time since records began. Ya’an and Leshan were affected by the rising water level. The river overflowed the roads and some urban areas were waterlogged. More than 100000 people were transferred.
Qingyi River originates in Baoxing County of Ya’an City, flows through Ya’an City, Hongya County of Meishan City and enters Leshan. Since the evening of the 17th, heavy rain has been pouring down the Qingyi River Basin, causing a 100 year flood in the Ya’an urban section of the Qingyi River.
Leshan City is another area seriously affected. For the first time since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the Giant Buddha in Leshan has been flooded with flood water for the first time since the founding of the people’s Republic of China.
After the initiation of level I flood control emergency response, Sichuan Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters dispatched Pubugou reservoir on Dadu River, Wawushan reservoir on Qingyi River and Zipingpu Reservoir on Minjiang River to reduce flood peak by nearly 10000 m3 / s to lower the downstream water level. With the cooperation of provincial, municipal and county governments and rescue units, more than 100000 people were transferred to Ya’an and Leshan on the 18th.
Chongqing, August 18, Xinhua (reporter Zhou Wentao) Chongqing’s main city is about to usher in “Yangtze River flood No. 5 in 2020” only four days before it passes through. According to the latest survey and forecast of the hydrological upstream Bureau of the Yangtze River Commission, this round of flood will cause the water level of the Yangtze River and Jialing River in Chongqing to greatly exceed the protection level, and Chongqing will face the highest Yangtze River flood since 1981.
“The most significant characteristics of the new round of floods are the superposition of the front and back and the high bottom water.” Xiong Jinhe, a forecaster at the upstream Hydrological Bureau of the Yangtze River Commission, told reporters that there was only a 13 hour interval between the last round of flood retreating below the warning line and the new flood exceeding the warning level.
On the afternoon of 18th, a reporter saw at Chaotianmen wharf, a landmark in Chongqing at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, that the river water mixed with a large amount of floating objects was turbulent, which submerged most of the terraces along the river and nearly submerged the Chaotianmen gate hole.
At 19:00 on the 18th, the water level at Cuntan station broke through the 187 m barrier and reached 187.05 m, which is 4 m away from the historical extreme value on July 16, 1981.

Women’s airport in China

[Chen Thai returned women make a scene at Chongqing airport! On March 22, a video of a woman suspected of coming back from Phuket, Thailand, making a scene at Chongqing Airport caused heated discussion among netizens. In the video, the woman said she landed in Shanghai from Thailand and transferred to Chongqing from Shanghai, but she refused to be quarantined and had a rough argument with the anti epidemic personnel. Then the woman had a quarrel with the outspoken passenger.