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Chess player fan Yun Ruo falls

Oriental net reporter Liu Hui reported on July 2: Heaven envies talents! Just now, the Shanghai go Association released the obituary: at about 1:00 this afternoon, fan YunRuo, a famous professional go player, fell from his home and died of depression.
According to the obituary, fan YunRuo was born in January 1996, fixed in 2009 and promoted to eight in 2019. He joined the Shanghai go team in 2009 and became the main force of Shanghai Weijia team in 2012. Before that, he had been training in the national go team.
It is reported that fan YunRuo was awarded Wang Saiya, a new go player in the 20th Jianqiao cup in 2013. The top four of the 2016 three star cup world go open. In 2017, the 18th Nongxin cup world go team championship defeated South Korea’s Park Ting Hwan, winning the sixth Nongxin cup for China. Second runner up of the 33rd Chinese go Tianyuan competition in 2019. In 2019, he won the mixed doubles gold medal of the fourth national intellectual games on behalf of Shanghai. Shanghai Chess Academy and Shanghai Weiqi Association expressed their deep sorrow for fan YunRuo’s unfortunate death!
World champion Ke Jie also posted a black picture on her micro blog this afternoon, using a lyric from Zhang Xueyou’s “to a friend”: “across the winter of life and death, remember to buy more clothes.” Under Ke Jie’s Micro blog, Guli’s ninth paragraph also said, “I wish everything is well and take care.”
The reporter learned that fan YunRuo’s last public appearance was in the LG cup in early June, when he met Shen zhenchen, the first South Korean man and defending champion of LG cup. Fan YunRuo lost to his opponent in the game, which became fan YunRuo’s last game of chess in his career, which really upset the majority of chess fans. Netizens have left messages: “only 24 years old, willing to rest.” “Extremely shocked, extremely sad!! The chess world has lost its talents! ” “May there be no depression in the world.”

Four more imported cases in Beijing

Beijing novel coronavirus pneumonia deputy director Pang Xinghuo, today’s (March 27th), held a news conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing. In March 27th, 4 cases of imported confirmed cases were reported in March 26th.
Pang said the four confirmed cases came from three countries, two in the UK, one in France and one in the US. There are four flights involved, namely: Singapore Airlines sq802 arriving in Beijing on March 18, Russian Airlines Su204 arriving in Beijing on March 22, Singapore Airlines sq802 arriving in Beijing on March 22 and Cathay Pacific cx5900 arriving in Beijing on March 24.
The places where the registered permanent residence of the tourists is located are Shanghai, Hebei and Jiangsu, respectively, and 1 French. From the perspective of occupational distribution, 2 cases were overseas students and 2 cases were staff.
Pang Xinghuo introduced a typical case.
Wang XX, male, 21 years old, a student of Dulan University in Shanghai, has been studying in the United States since January 2020, mainly in dormitories and schools. The novel coronavirus fever occurred in March 13th, and 15 days in the school hospital, and swabs were taken to detect the new coronavirus nucleic acid. The feedback was negative on 21.
Departing from Louisiana, USA, via Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hong Kong, flight cx5900 was transferred to Beijing on the 22nd and arrived in Beijing on the 24th. The novel coronavirus nucleic acid test was carried out by the 120 emergency vehicle transferred to Beijing Xiao Tang Shan Hospital after the customs quarantine health declaration was completed, and the results were positive. Combined with overseas life history, lung imaging, blood examination and other diagnostic basis, 26 days of diagnosis as a confirmed case, clinical classification as a common type.
Epidemiological investigation found that the patient had close contact with classmates who had fever symptoms before they developed fever symptoms in the United States, but during this period, they did not wear masks. On March 13, the patient and another classmate developed fever.
The novel coronavirus is highly infectious and causes high risk of clustering. Pang Xinghuo said that the above cases remind us that overseas students should do well in self-protection, wear masks scientifically and pay attention to hand hygiene, so as to protect themselves and benefit public health. If you find that there are fever, cough and other respiratory symptoms around, you should avoid contact and wear a good mask. When you have symptoms, you should isolate yourself and keep a safe distance from your classmates, roommates and colleagues.

Complete list of Golden Rooster Awards

The closing ceremony of the 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 32nd China Golden Rooster Award ceremony jointly sponsored by the China Federation of literary and art circles, the China Film Association and the Xiamen Municipal People’s government were held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, Tuesday evening.
“Wandering the earth” won the best feature film award, Lin Chaoxian won the best director award for “action in the Red Sea”, may and Wang Xiaoshuai won the best screenplay Award for “eternity”, Wang Jingchun and Yong meI won the best actor and best actress for their wonderful performance in the film “eternity”, and Yang Zaibao, Wang Tiecheng and Xu Huanshan won the film artist award for lifetime achievement Old artist.
This Golden Rooster Award has received 277 films of all kinds, and 19 awards including best story film, best director, best actor and best actress have been selected.
Full list of awards——
Best feature film: wandering the earth
Best small and medium cost feature film: red flowers and green leaves
Best children’s film: Puppy milk bottle
The best drama film: women in the mountains
Best science and education film: Green Great Wall
Best documentary: the age of struggle
Best art film: wind language curse
Best Screenwriters: May and Wang Xiaoshuai (everlasting)
Best director; Lin Chaoxian (action in the Red Sea)
Best director’s debut: Wen Muye (I’m not the God of Medicine)
Best actor: Wang Jingchun (Liu Yaojun in everlasting)
Best actress: Yong Mei (as Wang Liyun in everlasting)
Best supporting actor: Wang Zhifei (Zhu De in Gutian military)
Best Supporting Actress: Wu Yufang
Best photography: Cao Yu (Biography of the demon cat)
Best recording: Wang danrong, Zhu Yanfeng, Liu Xu (wandering earth)
Best art: Tu Nan and Lu Wei (Biography of the demon cat)
Best music: Ju Wenpei (Gutian military)

Lin Junjie has hand foot mouth disease

Lin Junjie started singing in Chongqing on the 2nd. Referring to his illness, he said that he originally thought it was a common cold, but unexpectedly he got the hand foot mouth disease that children under the age of 5 often get. There were more than 70 ulcers in his mouth. In order to treat and avoid delaying the concert, he spent a period of suffering.
Lin Junjie, the king of Jinqu song, recently held a world tour of sanctuary 2.0. After the tour, he went to the hospital for treatment due to his slight illness. However, the medical supplies used after the tour were sold by the medical staff on the Internet, causing a great stir. At a concert in Chongqing on the 2nd, he mentioned his illness for the first time. He had hand, foot and mouth disease and had more than 70 ulcers in his mouth.
JJ Lin suffered from hand foot mouth disease, and his mouth grew up to more than 70 ulcers.
Lin Junjie started singing in Chongqing on the 2nd. Referring to his illness, he said that he originally thought it was a common cold, but unexpectedly he got the hand foot mouth disease that children under the age of 5 often get. There were more than 70 ulcers in his mouth. In order to treat and avoid delaying the concert, he spent a period of suffering.
However, when he saw the encouragement message from his fans, Lin Junjie had the motivation to continue fighting. He told himself that he could not let those who did their best to get the tickets disappointed, nor let those who were worried about him sad. So he got up his spirits and persisted in order to love him, so he could resolve the crisis into a turning point.

Zhou Huimin seldom shows love. What’s the matter?

On September 13, Zhou Huimin, the goddess of Hong kong’s immortality, seldom exposed her personal life in public, so that she was almost forgotten by the outside world. As can be seen from the photos, the love between the two is as good as ever. Zhou Huimin’s bird leans on Ni Zhen’s shoulder.
Nizhen smiled and cooperated very well. Although Nizhen was a middle-aged uncle over 50 years old, he did not look greasy at all. He was still a proper handsome man. Zhou Huimin was also like a girl. Both of them were gifted and talented. Although there are many ups and downs along the way, fortunately, both of them are willing to face together, and they have heard a lot of difficulties in supporting each other. It’s just a pity that they haven’t had children so far. It would be more perfect if they had a child. Although it is said that marriage without children is difficult to maintain, Zhou Huimin and Ni Zhen’s lack of children does not affect their feelings at all. There are many stars in the entertainment circle who have been married for many years without children, such as Liang Chaowei and Liu Jialing, Zhou Yunfa and his wife, but this has not affected their feelings at all. Therefore, the existence of children is not the key factor affecting the existence of marriage. As long as two people know how to maintain marriage, there is nothing insurmountable. I hope Zhou Huimin and her husband can continue to love each other, accompany each other, reduce the loneliness without children, and always be the ultimate destination of each other.


American Dream Team, Men’s Basketball Team Lost Two Series

Chinese men’s basketball team lost two consecutive defeats to Serbia and missed the first six matches
Owen is really strong in the international arena from Kurihaden _
In the World Basketball World Cup qualifying match, the United States team, at most 25 points behind, once chased the difference to 3 points, and eventually defeated Serbia by 89-94, suffered two consecutive defeats and failed to reach the top six, creating the worst result in the history of the World Series (Olympic + World Cup). They will compete for the seventh place.
Did the U.S. team lose below the bottom line? Seventeen years later they officially took over the worst pot in history.
The 2002 World Championship team of the United States (known as Dream 5) lost to Argentina in the group tournament, lost to the former Yugoslavia in the quarterfinals, and lost to Spain in the 5 or 6 places contest, finally only won the sixth place, known as the “worst team in history of the United States”. Seventeen years later, the American team finally took over the worst pot in history.
Latest World Cup Championship odds: France’s biggest favorite Spain’s second
The latest World Cup Basketball Championship odds show that France is the most favored team, Spain second, Australia third and Argentina fourth.
FIFA ranking of national football team will rise to 7th in Asia if it wins all or evades strong enemies in the 12th best.
FIFA’s latest ranking will rise to the seventh in Asia. If ranked according to this ranking, the next 12 top competitions will be divided into: first class Iran and Japan; second class Korea and Australia; third class UAE and China. If the National Football Team can win in the top 40 and the FIFA ranking is further improved, it is expected to rise to the second level, which will mean avoiding a strong Asian team in the second level.
Messi responded to Ronaldo’s “Dinner Pact”: We are not friends, but there is no problem with dinner.
Messi said frankly: “I have always said that there is no problem between me and Ronaldo. We weren’t friends before because we didn’t have a team and a dressing room together. But we are really familiar with each other, because we have been meeting at various award ceremonies. I have no problem with dinner.”
Rodman again bombards Durant: too selfish! He shouldn’t judge the Warriors like that.
Durant said recently that he did not get the same treatment as Curie, Tommy and Green in the Warriors and wanted to join a team that could play more freely. Rodman said: “I think Durant is really selfish. I think he really shouldn’t say that when we have the opportunity to play at such a high level, especially when you have plenty of time to play and perform, and then earn $40 million to $45 million a year without having to play the whole season.


How about 1099 A-shares being included in BMI

In the early morning of Beijing time on 8 September, S&P Dow Jones Index sent an e-mail to reporters of China Securities Daily saying that on September 6, 1099 Chinese A-shares were formally included in the S&P Emerging BMI, which will take effect at the opening of September 23.
Of the 1,099 A-shares, 147 are large-cap, 251 are medium-cap and 701 are small-cap. When they are included in the 25% inclusion factor, the weights of A shares in the S&P Emerging GMI are estimated to be 6.2%, and the weights of the Chinese market as a whole (including A shares, Hong Kong shares and overseas listings) in the S&P Emerging GMI are estimated to be 36%. The S&P Dow Jones Index said that the list and weight will change before September 23, and investors will remain on the final list.
This time, GEM stocks are not included in the list. The official website of the S&P Dow Jones Index said it would consult market participants before it was included in GEM stocks.