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Trump’s daughter’s political ambition

According to CNN, trump is facing “choice difficulties” at a crucial moment in his “final fight” for election results, as his children give contradictory advice to the president’s father, and there is a “seesaw war” within the family.
In the face of the current election chaos, Trump’s two sons, little trump and Eric, are enthusiastic and take the lead in demanding that the president continue to fight. Ivanka, however, hopes that the president will admit defeat as soon as possible next week, fearing that the protracted struggle will further damage his reputation and family business.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
Son: fight to the end
According to the source, after the election results were released, trump Jr. and Eric have been trying to claim that the election is suspected of fraud and “encourage” trump to fight to the end. As a result, no one dares to put forward suggestions on Trump’s reelection failure and how to do a good job in “finishing work”.
Eric told people on his way back to air force one at the last night of the campaign rally that he was sure it would be a feast for trump. And on Thursday (12), trump campaign team issued Eric’s fund-raising appeal, the theme is “counterattack”.
“People know exactly what’s going on in this country This is fraud Eric wrote in a fundraising message.
In addition, the two are also working hard to win more Republican support, asking them to believe that the election “really has fraud.”.
Sources said that in recent talks, Eric told allies that he thought the election was “stolen” and vowed to fight to overturn the election results.
Donald lobbied with Republicans who had not provided “enough support” for the president for a long time, asking them to make supportive statements.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
Trump’s sons are not alone in encouraging the president not to give in. It is reported that White House chief of staff meadows, trump lawyer Giuliani and President’s long-term political adviser Lewandowski and other officials are also encouraging trump to fight a hard legal war.
However, such efforts have not yielded great results. Many Republicans are increasingly disappointed by the pressure campaign and lack of evidence of fraud on the trump team, and some prominent Republicans are already urging the presidential team to “shut up or stop.”.
Daughter: take a “realistic attitude” towards the defeat
Ivanka’s advice is more measured and more careful.
While trump Jr. and Eric were still agitating on social media, Ivanka’s statement was clearly more moderate.
“Every vote legally cast should be counted. Every illegal vote should not be counted. This should not be controversial. This is not a party statement – free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy. “
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
Ivanka privately held a “realistic attitude” toward the president’s defeat, a source told CNN. She knew that her future was more closely connected with her father than ever before, so she was more cautious at every step.
And trump seemed to listen. “He knows he won’t win, but he also knows he has all the cards now,” the source said
“He has been investigated, impeached, and people are trying to destroy him and his family, so why rush to give in when Georgia and Arizona are not sure,” the source added
CNN said that while trump attaches great importance to the opinions of the three (adult) children, only Ivanka plays an important role in the White House.
In the past four years, Ivanka’s work has mainly focused on women’s economic empowerment and labor development, but her influence on the president can’t be underestimated on many topics.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
In her 2009 book, Ivanka wrote that her parents’ divorce made her relationship with her father more intimate, but also complicated her brother’s mood at that time. Trump Jr. once told New York magazine that after his parents’ divorce, he did not speak to his father for a year.
It was during that time that Ivanka established a better relationship with his father.
“He didn’t move far away, just a few floors below us. I go to see him every morning before I go to school, and I stop by his office on the way home in the afternoon She wrote in the book.
After moving his career to Washington, Ivanka chose the “make America great again” line consistent with his father, locking his success with his father.
At present, at a time when trump really seems to withdraw from the stage of history, many American media reports predict that Trump’s exit does not mean the exit of Ivanka’s political ambition. In fact, she is likely to get herself back on the political stage by 2024 through elaborate planning.
In the “seesaw war” of the family, trump chose to listen to Ivanka. American media: Ivanka’s political ambition is the White House
“She thinks she will be president of the United States,” said a former trump adviser,

The iPhone 4 was made into a specimen

Although the iPhone has evolved to the 12 series, old models such as the iPhone 4 / 4S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7 are still playing their residual value – they are being made into specimens and sold in some mobile phone stores.
According to domestic media reports, the company said that the price of the iPhone 4 specimen was 800 to 1000 yuan, and it took him about half an hour to dismantle a mobile phone.
The merchants said that they chose machines with good appearance for making specimens, but the batteries failed, or they could not unlock them for various reasons.
Data shows that more than 6000 people still search for iPhone 4 / 4S on the second-hand platform every day, and the current price in the second-hand market is 40-80 yuan.
This year’s return of the iPhone 12 series to the flat middle frame is a tribute to the iPhone 4 / 4S.
At Apple’s official press conference, the official description of the shape of the iPhone 12 was “smooth corners, which make aluminum metal and glass backplane complement each other from front to back, creating an integrated structure.”.
It is reported that the smooth middle frame also brings an advantage, that is to improve the drop performance, combined with the super ceramic crystal panel can make the mobile phone stronger and prevent accidental damage.

Pick up the takeout list and cheat the woman

In the early morning of October 21, 2019, a woman in Suzhou was molested by a strange man. It is understood that the man picked up a delivery order and learned about the woman’s identity, telephone number and other information. Later, he called the woman at night and cheated her downstairs to molest her in the dark car. After the incident, the woman immediately called the police and the man was sentenced to four months’ detention for compulsory indecency. At the same time, the woman took the delivery platform company to court for leaking personal privacy, demanding an apology and compensation for the loss.
Recently, Suzhou Gusu people’s court made a judgment rejecting all the claims of the woman. The court held that the takeout merchant did not desensitize the personal information of the order, and the takeaway rider abandoned the delivery receipt at the elevator entrance. There was indeed a fault, but there was no causal relationship with the infringement of the woman.
On September 9, Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News interviewed Ms. Zhang (not her real name) who was the victim of the case. Ms. Zhang recalled many details of the case and said: “this matter has completely changed my life. I find it difficult to accept the result of the first instance, which has been appealed at present. “
The male tenant finds the information exposed takeout list
Cheat a woman downstairs at night and molest
On the evening of September 9, Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News contacted Ms. Zhang, who was of medium height and thin stature. She spoke clearly and logically. Ms. Zhang said that she had a master’s degree and graduated from a key university. Before the accident, she worked in a top 500 enterprise with a considerable annual salary.
Recalling the process of the incident, Ms. Zhang became very impatient. The more she said, the more excited she became. Her voice rose unconsciously. According to Ms. Zhang, it happened in the early morning of October 21, 2019. She chatted with her boyfriend in the city on the phone. Ms. Zhang felt a little hungry. “My boyfriend said to give me milk tea, but it took half an hour to drive from his place. He was afraid that I would be hungry, so he asked me to order takeout first.” As a result, Ms. Zhang ordered a takeout through a takeout platform. About half an hour later, the takeout was delivered. Ms. Zhang said, “when I got the takeaway, I didn’t find the takeout list, but I didn’t think much about it at that time.”
After a while, Ms. Zhang’s phone rang, and the man at the other end of the phone said, “come down, your takeout is here.” Ms. Zhang estimated the time and thought it was the boy friend who sent milk tea. She went downstairs without much thought. After going downstairs, Ms. Zhang turned around and didn’t find her boyfriend’s car. The man on the other end of the phone told her, “I drove a friend’s car today, and I took my car to the 4S store for repair.” After hearing this, Ms. Zhang was more moved: “at that time, my boyfriend and I were in a hot love period. His car broke down, and he was willing to borrow his friend’s car to send me milk tea. I was quite moved.”
Where the male tenant parked at the time of the incident
There is no street lamp, belonging to the blind area of sight
Then, according to the guide of the man on the other end of the phone, Ms. Zhang came to the man’s parking lot. Ms. Zhang recalled that the parking lot at that time had no street lights, it was very dark, and it was a blind area of sight. In addition, the man wore a sweater and kept his hat very low. She couldn’t see the other person’s face clearly outside the car. She thought it was her boyfriend, so she got on the back seat of the car. The man started to touch her in the car. Realizing that something was wrong, Ms. Zhang quickly opened the door and fled back home, And made a call to the police.
After the police arrived, the man was quickly arrested through the clues provided by Ms. Zhang. It is understood that the man was a tenant in Ms. Zhang’s upstairs. He picked up Ms. Zhang’s takeout order at the elevator entrance on the first floor, and then had a vicious intention. Eventually, the man was sentenced to four months’ detention for compulsory indecency.
Three “coincidences”!
The male tenants are carefully arranged
In the interview, Ms. Zhang said: “after knowing this, many people think I’m a fool and can’t tell my boyfriend apart. In fact, it’s really hard to prevent people from cheating you When she said this, Ms. Zhang obviously choked and her tears rolled around her eyes. The reporter saw that she was trying to restrain her emotions. After a little calm, Ms. Zhang told Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News that there were many coincidences in this matter.
After the incident, many people questioned Ms. Zhang why she didn’t even recognize her boyfriend’s voice. “The voice on the other end of the phone that night was really similar to that of my boyfriend. I didn’t think it would be anyone else,” Ms. Zhang said. In the first instance, I learned that both the male tenant and her boyfriend were from Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, with the same accent. “
When Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News asked Ms. Zhang why she didn’t care that the phone number she called in was unfamiliar. Ms. Zhang said that her boyfriend was in business and had multiple mobile phone numbers. She had contacted with other mobile phone numbers before, so she didn’t have any doubts about calls from strange numbers.
So why did Ms. Zhang go downstairs when she got the call? Ms. Zhang told Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News: “the time of the phone call is exactly the same as the time it takes for my boyfriend to drive from home to my home, so I went downstairs without thinking about it.”
After the incident, many people questioned Ms. Zhang why she didn’t find that the man in the car was not her boyfriend. Ms. Zhang told Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News: “it was in the early hours of the morning. In order to hide people’s eyes, the male tenant specially parked his car in a place without street lights. The surrounding environment was very dark. And he was sitting in the back of the car, in his sweater and hat, wrapped himself in full gear, outside the car

Causes of durian poisoning

Recently, a Durian cargo ship capsized in wanwei Jintan sea area of Dongxing City, Fangcheng port, Guangxi Province. A large number of durian floating on the sea became a “Durian Beach” in an instant. The news that local villagers went to the sea to salvage them in spite of dissuasion made headlines.
Previously reported: a large number of durian floating on the sea, hundreds of people scrambled for food! It turned out that something was wrong
A moment ago
The eaters are still beating their chests and feet
The next moment
More twists and turns than a movie plot
The reversal is coming!
According to the official account of “Dongxing of Guangxi”, as of 10 August 27, 2020, Dongxing medical institutions reported 523 people who had symptoms of malnutrition due to eating durian in the WAN tailed sea area. After medical examination, most of the staff were slightly uncomfortable, including 101 patients with abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. At present, 9 people are in hospital for observation and their condition is stable.
Netizens have guessed
Who is sacred
The king of durian fruit
Has become the “poison” that brought down hundreds of people?
After receiving the report, the CDC of the autonomous region quickly organized food safety professionals to join hands with relevant units of Fangchenggang City and Dongxing City. After careful epidemiological, food hygiene investigation and laboratory testing, the real culprit of this case was finally found out: Vibrio parahaemolyticus!!!
The picture shows the survey of disease control personnel in Dongxing City
So, what is Vibrio parahaemolyticus?
Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a salt loving microorganism and an important pathogen of food poisoning in coastal areas in summer and autumn. Daily like to lurk in fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish and other seafood, occasionally through salted products or pickles, bacon, salted eggs, pickles and other spread. The point is that this pathogen is very common in the sea. In addition to seafood, other foods, including durian in this case, may be contaminated by seawater immersion. Once people eat, they can also lead to food poisoning!
The incubation period of Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection ranged from 1 hour to 4 days, mostly about 10 hours. Acute onset, abdominal discomfort, chills, paroxysmal aggravating abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, followed by fever and diarrhea, including watery stool, paste stool, watery stool or purulent blood stool.
Can you eat durian?
Can seafood be eaten easily with bacteria?
How to keep Vibrio parahaemolyticus out of the door?
Expert answers
In view of this incident, we should stop eating or selling the contaminated durian immediately, cut off the route of pathogenic bacteria invading human body, and go to the hospital in time if there is any discomfort.
In daily life, we should prevent food borne diseases caused by “side dissolution” from the following aspects:

  1. Don’t eat other food (not seafood) which is not clear from the sea.
  2. Seafood should be cooked thoroughly before eating, not raw seafood.
  3. The utensils used for processing seafood must be strictly cleaned and disinfected.
  4. During processing, raw and cooked utensils should be separated to avoid cross contamination, and food should be stored at low temperature.
  5. Vibrio parahaemolyticus is sensitive to acid. Proper amount of vinegar can be added when cooking and preparing seafood.
    After the meal, the food should be cooked and kept in low temperature.

Fan Bingbing’s crying at night

Even Fan Bingbing, who is known as “Fan Ye”, will cry bitterly at night when he is lovelorn!
On July 27, Fan Bingbing’s fans group showed several magazine covers of idols and the text version of Fan Bingbing’s interview with the magazine.
Fan Bingbing on the cover has long hair and shawl, wearing a Black Sequin skirt, still noble and cool, full of Queen style, but the interview content unexpectedly exposed her vulnerable side.
One of the questions is: have you ever cried at night? To this, Fan Bingbing responded: when you are lovelorn.
In addition to saying that she once cried at night because of lovelorn, Fan Bingbing also said that she would cry when she heard the song no longer let you alone.
Take a look at the lyrics of this song: dry your sad tears, let you know when you are lonely, there is a me with you, I no longer let you alone, go to the end of time together.
This full of profound lyrics also make many netizens guess: Fan Bingbing is not suggesting that he is very lonely, want to love?
As the topic queen, Fan Bingbing’s emotional road is not smooth. Although there have been many rumors, she has publicly admitted that her boyfriends are Wang Xuebing and Li Chen, and her relationship with Wang Xuebing has been years ago.
Therefore, many netizens, after seeing Fan Bingbing’s interview, first associate with her ex boyfriend Li Chen.
As is known to all, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were in love with each other as early as 2014 when they cooperated with the legend of Wu Meiniang.
On May 29, 2015, the two showed a group photo on the social platform to publicize their love. On Fan Bingbing’s birthday in 2017, Li Chen proposed successfully, which made many netizens feel that “Ye Fan” is going to become “Li Tai”.
However, after Fan Bingbing fell into the scandal, the two people’s love began to be suspicious: first, Li Chen’s taking off the ring caused netizens to speculate that their relationship had changed. Then, Fan Bingbing’s birthday Li Chen did not send his blessing publicly, which further triggered heated discussion.
On June 27, 2019, the two men finally issued a high-profile official announcement to break up, which made many gourd eaters feel deeply sorry.
As a saying goes well: once there was much love, now there is much heartache, two people together for a whole five years, there have been many moments of love, it must be because of this, Fan Bingbing will break up and cry at night.
Now it has been a whole year and a month since the two broke up, which is the first time Fan Bingbing mentioned the topic of lovelorn after breaking up.
I hope that Fan Bingbing, 38, can find someone to accompany him to the end of time in the near future, and no longer cry secretly because of lovelorn or a song.

85 year old Japanese queen fever

Japan’s top Empress Michiko has been suffering from mild fever in recent days. She has not been sent to the hospital because of her mild illness. She is currently being treated by a royal doctor at the temporary imperial palace in sendong, the Palace said Thursday. Doctors said she was not infected with the new coronavirus.
According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun, Empress Michiko has been suffering from mild fever since she moved to Xiandong temporary imperial residence with Emperor Akihito at the end of March. “I’ve been very busy before I moved, I don’t know if I’m tired,” people close to him said The queen did not have symptoms such as cough and abnormal taste. At present, Shanghuang and his wife are no longer going out and are resting at home.
Japan’s shangqueens (Japan TV)
Emperor Akihito is 86, and Empress Michiko is 85. In March this year, the Mingren couple moved out of their 26 year old imperial residence. Before moving, they donated some of the roughly 4000 gifts given by foreign dignitaries when they abdicated last year (2019) to the museum. After moving, novel coronavirus pneumonia was planned to go out of the way regularly or do some research work. But because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, two people strictly controlled the outgoing and the two guests. Workers from the outside to work in Shanghuang’s residence must wear masks and take strict care not to bring in the virus.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in Japan. The couple expressed their great grief and constantly reminded their staff to pay attention to epidemic prevention.

More than 600000 confirmed cases in the United States

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University in the US, as of the time of 6 in the evening of April 14th, 602989 cases of new crown pneumonia were reported in the United States, and 25575 cases died, and 3081620 cases were detected. In the past 24 hours, 25682 new diagnoses and 2356 new deaths have been confirmed in the United States.
In New York State, where the epidemic is most serious, 202208 cases have been confirmed and 10834 cases have died. At present, there are 13 states that have diagnosed tens of thousands of cases. Media analysis pointed out that the growth rate of New York state is slowing down, but the growth rate of the capital Washington, D.C. and its surrounding Maryland and Virginia is accelerating, which may be the next hot spot.