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Trump or his final appearance

He refused to use the official background of the APEC meeting in the video as other leaders did.
On the evening of November 20, the 27th APEC informal leaders’ meeting was held by video. U.S. President trump, who has always been uninterested in multilateralism and is now devoting himself to challenging the outcome of the general election, also participated in the meeting “infrequently”, but it is a bit “different” from the picture alone. He refuses to use the official background of the APEC meeting in the video images like other leaders.
Agence France Presse said that the video background of all the leaders attending the meeting was the official background of the current APEC provided by the host country. There was a huge green dome of Malaysian Prime Minister’s office in the picture, except for Trump’s background, only the background behind him was beige. A source who arranged for trump to attend the meeting revealed that trump refused to use the official background. This is the second time trump has attended the APEC leaders’ meeting, the last time in 2017. The US side has not released the contents of Trump’s speech to the media for the time being. According to the report, Hu Yishan, an analyst at the Singapore Institute of international affairs, said Trump’s aim was to “appear on the global stage as president.”. “Trump will certainly take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate his current presidency for the sake of domestic political interests,” he said
Taiwan’s Lianhe Daily said it was Trump’s first appearance at an international conference since the US election. Since Biden, the Democratic candidate, is expected to win the 2020 presidential election, trump has faded out of public view. But he has refused to admit defeat and devoted all his energy to the legal challenges aimed at turning the tables, but these efforts have largely failed. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said the outgoing trump administration was criticized over the weekend for sending low-level officials to attend a series of leaders’ meetings on East Asian cooperation. “Voice of Germany” said that this may be Trump’s last grand appearance on the international stage after losing to Biden in the election, although trump himself is still trying to overturn the election results.
“This is a rare public appearance since trump lost to his opponent in the election.” Despite Trump’s participation in the meeting, most leaders in the Asia Pacific region expressed the hope that the United States will return to a more multilateral response after Biden takes over from Trump, according to Bloomberg on the 20th. Liu Yongyu, an assistant professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of public policy at the National University of Singapore, said Trump’s attendance was “more symbolic than substantive” because of his lack of interest in the multilateral system. “It’s hard to get other APEC leaders to take seriously what trump said, but they will avoid commenting on the internal affairs of the United States,” Liu said. “Trump wants to show that he is still the president and commander-in-chief of the three services and send the message that he has not lost the election. This has more impact on US domestic politics than on regional or global trade. “
During Trump’s term of office, the issue of relations with Russia has been controversial in China. Russia’s “Daily News” network earlier reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the APEC and G20 summit to be held on the 20th and 21st respectively by video. This will be his last communication with trump. The brief and unclear “Romance” of both sides is coming to an end. Trump is one of the most contradictory US presidents Putin has to face. Trump has always been inconsistent with his words and deeds, while Putin is polite and tries to interact with him as much as possible

Mental appraisal of pregnant women

A female psychiatric patient Xiaoyu (pseudonym) in Weixian County, Hebei Province was pregnant during the closed treatment in the hospital. Guo, a male nursing worker, said it was a voluntary relationship between the two sides. On November 9, after our exclusive report on this issue, it aroused widespread concern in the society. Previously, it was reported that a woman with mental illness was pregnant for no reason during hospitalization, and her family members were arguing about it everywhere. At present, local police have informed Xiaoyu’s family members to go to Shijiazhuang for psychiatric identification on November 11. But Wei county health bureau still no one to contact Xiaoyu’s family, the hospital also refused to provide medical records.
Xiaoyu, wife of Xiaohai (pseudonym) in Weixian County, Hebei Province, was born in 1997. She was sent to Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital on April 7 this year due to her abnormal behavior, not eating, not talking and sleeping well. She was treated in a closed way for more than three months. After discharge, his family found that Xiaoyu was pregnant. Guo, a male nurse in the hospital, admitted that he had done it, but insisted that it was voluntary. Since the end of August, Xiao Hai’s family members have repeatedly turned to the hospital, the Health Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and other departments to discuss their opinions. However, no one paid attention to it all the time and ran into a wall everywhere.
On November 10, Mr. Shi, Xiao Hai’s uncle, told reporters that after the report of “Yanzhao Evening News” on November 9, Weixian Public Security Bureau contacted them and agreed to go to the judicial appraisal center of the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, the provincial capital, on the morning of November 11 to conduct mental appraisal on Xiaoyu, and then decide whether to formally file a case according to the appraisal results. At the same time, Mr. Shi said that Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital and Weixian health bureau still did not contact them, especially the health and Health Bureau has always been indifferent and prevaricating.
According to Mr. Shi, Xiaoyu spent more than 6000 yuan in Weixian mental rehabilitation hospital, but the hospital did not give any receipt or even a white note. In addition, Xiaoyu did not provide the daily list, medicine, diagnosis and medical records of Xiaoyu during hospitalization. When he was discharged from hospital, he only gave a few packets of Western medicine wrapped in yellow paper, so that he could take it according to the doctor’s advice.
Wei county mental rehabilitation hospital charges do not invoice, do not provide patients with medical records and other issues, the reporter repeatedly contacted Wei County Health Bureau Director Zhai, which ignored.

The man threw his wife off the bridge

It’s very common for lovers to quarrel. Some things will pass in the past. If you can’t get over it, you can get together. But recently such a thing happened.
On September 3, this year, in Yiliang County, Zhaotong, Yunnan Province, someone reported to the police that a woman was found lying prone on the beach under a bridge. She looked seriously injured and had a lot of blood around her. Her leg was suspected to be fractured and could not stretch straight.
When women close to amenorrhea, the body will send out these six signals in time, which is aging waving to you
According to witnesses: at that time, it seemed that a couple of lovers were quarrelling because of their emotional problems. After a while, the man threw his girlfriend down from a ten meter high bridge. The ground was covered with stones, and normal people did not dare to lie on it. It’s cruel. She didn’t move after she fell. No one dared to move her.
A video was taken at the scene. The video showed that the woman was lying on the beach, motionless, and her life and death were unknown. The police were carrying out rescue.

Luo Zhixiang likes it quietly

Preface: on May 24, 2020, Catherine Yang posted the photos of dinner with Jolin Tsai and Wilbur pan on her microblog. “Have a meal with your brother and sister.” In the photo, Catherine Yang’s long curly hair is compared to the camera lens, Jolin Tsai’s long hair is gentle with a smile, and Wilbur pan is standing between them in a baseball cap.
At the same time, pan Weibo also released a group photo of the party with Yang Chenglin and Cai Yilin on INS. It is reported that this party is a treat for Pan Weibai. Five years ago, when pan Weibai finished his concert in xiaojudan, he had the same frame with Luo Zhixiang, Cai Yilin and Yang Cailin. Now, Luo Zhixiang is the only one missing in the party, which some people feel sorry for.
There are also netizens with big brain holes: “is Luo Zhixiang taking photos?” Luo Zhixiang ended isolation on May 23. If he wants to go, he can go. Although Luo Zhixiang didn’t appear in the group photo, he quietly praised pan Weibai’s blog. He wanted to keep a low profile, but he was found by netizens.
Why is Luo Zhixiang so low-key? Because he didn’t want to involve his friends any more. Since Luo Zhixiang was exposed by Zhou Yangqing, many of his friends have been suspected. Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainment commentator, pointed out that as early as 2010, Luo Zhixiang had been rumored to have X disease, which also spread to female stars such as Catherine Yang and Caijie Guo.
Luo Zhixiang held a press conference early and denied the rumor. Unexpectedly, 10 years later, the rumor came out again. Guo Caijie was so angry that she wanted to sue the rumor mongers. However, she didn’t make a sound. She didn’t think it was necessary to emphasize that the Qing people were self-cleaning. It also shows that Yang Cailin and Luo Zhixiang are friends, while Guo Caijie and Luo Zhixiang are not.
Cai Yilin has also been implicated by Luo Zhixiang because they have performed many ambiguous actions in public. At the beginning, Jay Chou and Jolin broke up and had a certain relationship with Show Luo. After all, who can bear his girlfriend and other male stars so ambiguous? And Luo Zhixiang is so much more handsome than Jay Chou.
Let alone pan Weibai, who is said to be one of Luo Zhixiang’s friends. It is said that Pan Weibo has a trumpet, which is specially used to hook up with netred. When pan Weibo learned that he had been on the hot search because of Luo Zhixiang, he shouted at the staff: “is there any mistake? If you hook up with netred, you will know how to scribble.”
Pan Weibai was so angry that he stuttered, but he still explained, “my trumpet is for my family and friends. Is there any problem?” So, in this stormy moment, Luo Zhixiang will definitely not appear at the Party of Pan Weibai, Yang Cailin and Cai Yilin. Even if we get together, we can’t take photos with them. It’s responsible for our friends.

Tsinghua new communication cancels undergraduate course

Beijing News (reporter Fan Shuo) in May 15th, Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication, WeChat official account, announced that the school decided to substantially expand the scale of postgraduate journalism school, and the future personnel training of the Institute is mainly at graduate level. The move is interpreted as the cancellation of undergraduate enrollment by the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University. In response to this, the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University responded to the reporter of Beijing News. As for the teaching adjustment, the school is also waiting for the official document notice of the school. All documents issued by the school shall prevail.
The article published by WeChat official account of the Youth League Committee of Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication shows that in May 14th, the Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication held the conference of all staff through on-site and online remote online. Peng Gang, vice president of Tsinghua University, announced at the meeting that he decided to substantially expand the postgraduate scale of the school of journalism. In the future, the talent training of the school will mainly be carried out at the postgraduate level. The college should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all teachers, and improve the training quality of academic and professional doctoral and postgraduate students in terms of training objectives, curriculum design and training links.
The decision is interpreted as the cancellation of undergraduate enrollment by the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University. An undergraduate from the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University told reporters that he did not expect to become the last undergraduate of the college. At present, they haven’t received the formal notice about the adjustment from the college.
On the morning of May 15, a staff member of the school of Journalism and communication of Tsinghua University told reporters that the school is also waiting for the official document notice of the school on whether to cancel the teaching adjustment of undergraduate course, all of which are subject to the official documents and enrollment plan of the school.

Italian death cases surpass China

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia) is more than 3405 cases in China. As of 18 hours local time March 19th, 5322 cases were confirmed in 24 hours in Italy, 41035 cases were diagnosed as new crown pneumonia, and 3405 cases died in Italy. As of 0:00 on March 19, a total of 3245 deaths have been reported in 31 provinces of China. ​

3 days of continuous growth in overseas import

From 0:00 to 24:00 on March 12, 3 cases (2 in Shanghai and 1 in Beijing) of imported confirmed cases were newly reported; from 0:00 to 24:00 on March 13, 7 cases (4 in Shanghai, 2 in Gansu and 1 in Beijing) of imported confirmed cases were newly reported; from 0:00 to 24:00 on March 14, 16 cases (5 in Beijing, 4 in Zhejiang, 3 in Shanghai, 3 in Gansu and 1 in Guangdong) of imported confirmed cases were newly reported.

Trudeau isolates himself

Beijing, March 13 (Xinhua) – Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is currently isolating himself, the prime minister’s office said in a statement, according to Canadian media reports on March 12. It is reported that his wife has flu symptoms, is undergoing a new coronavirus test, Trudeau himself has no symptoms.
Sophie Gregor Trudeau, wife of prime minister Justin Trudeau, is experiencing flu symptoms and has been tested for the new coronavirus, according to a press release from a Canadian government department.
The doctor’s advice to the prime minister is that, since he has no symptoms, he can continue his daily activities while conducting self-monitoring. However, for reasons of caution, “the prime minister has chosen to work from home in isolation.”.

More than 20000 koalas died in a mountain fire

With the frequent occurrence of extreme weather, the impact on the creatures is becoming more and more serious, even deadly.
More than 2500 hectares of land have been burned down in Australia as a result of recent fires, foreign media reported. Unfortunately for the local people, the nearby koala habitat and breeding ground were also affected.
It is reported that rescuers have found the burned body of Koala at the scene of a breeding ground. And a koala hospital in New South Wales said the forest fire may have killed more than 350 koalas. It’s sad!
Among the scorched earth, two koala cubs were rescued successfully, one of which was only 5 kg. When rescued, it was dehydrated seriously and contracted into a small ball pitifully and tensely.
Koala is one of Australia’s national treasures and symbols. The local government said that the current situation of saving koala is still grim. Local medical staff said that most koalas would climb to the top of the tree in case of a fire and shrink into a group to temporarily “protect” their own interior. But when they climb down from the burned trunk, they will burn their claws, causing them to not crawl normally.
And because the rescue needs time, many koalas have died of dehydration because they haven’t been able to eat leaves for several days. As a arboreal animal, they get nearly 90% of the water they need by eating eucalyptus leaves. For them, this is undoubtedly a terrible disaster!
In this fire, many small animals lost their lives and homes.