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Wechat downloads surge in the United States

According to market research company sensor tower, after US President trump threatened to ban wechat, the number of downloads of Tencent’s wechat and QQ applications has soared in the United States. U.S. users want to install wechat before they get off the shelves of major app stores. They also turn to QQ, because Trump’s ban does not explicitly cover this app. According to the data, the average download volume of wechat in the United States in the last six days was 41% higher than that in the week before the ban was announced last Thursday, while the download volume of QQ has tripled in the past week.
Some Chinese worry that banning wechat will cut off their contact with their relatives and friends in China. How the US government banned wechat in mid September is unclear. It can ask apple and Google to remove wechat from the app store, or ask wechat to stop providing access or updates to U.S. users. Some users said that they plan to use wechat in the United States through VPN.
More than nine adults are willing to give up iPhone for wechat
Trump’s ban on wechat may damage Apple’s interests. About 95% of the 1.2 million people surveyed said they would switch to Android smartphones if the iPhone didn’t support wechat, according to a survey on Weibo. Apple spent years building China into a $44 billion growth engine. In the second quarter of 2020, Apple’s revenue in China accounted for more than 15% of its total revenue. Kuo Ming Chi, an analyst at Tianfeng international securities in Hong Kong, predicted in his latest report that if Apple was forced to remove wechat from its global app store, annual global iPhone shipments could fall by 25% to 30%. In addition, Apple’s other hardware, including airpods, iPad, apple watch and MAC, will also be affected, with annual shipments likely to drop by 15% – 25%.
Several US enterprises join hands to resist Trump’s “blocking” wechat
According to the Wall Street Journal, more than a dozen large US enterprises spoke with White House officials on the 11th local time, expressing concern about Trump’s plan to “block” wechat. The companies said the trump administration’s executive order could weaken their competitiveness in China. Any business transactions between the company and the US are prohibited. It is reported that apple, Ford Motor, Wal Mart and Disney and other enterprises attended the conference call. Other participants included P & G, Intel, MetLife, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UPS, Merck and Cargill.
In 2019, Chinese tourists spend more than $1.3 billion (about 9 billion yuan) in the San Francisco Bay area of the United States. With its payment function, wechat has played a great role in it. Zhao Cuiwei, executive director of the global office in San Francisco, said they had worked with wechat before. The office is committed to attracting investment, especially from China. Zhao Cuiwei is worried about the interruption of cross-border investment. For her part, she would also point out that, unfortunately, much of the investment to Europe may have gone to China.

The Forbidden City reappears Jiulong spitting water

14:50 at the Municipal Meteorological Station
Issued rainstorm yellow warning signal:
Affected by heavy rainfall clouds
It is estimated that it will be up to 20:00
Beijing will appear
Local hourly rain intensity
Precipitation above 50 mm!!
May bring a lot of pressure to today’s evening peak
We must take rain gear before going out
Torrential rain
It also brings a rare scene to the capital——
“Jiulong spits water” reappears in the Forbidden City
Other parts of the city
People are also experiencing the baptism of heavy rain

Thousands of unprotected Street hoppers

Haiwai.com, July 13 (local time) on the 11th, an open-air concert was held in nice, France, which attracted about 5000 people to the scene. They danced, cheered and played with music. Almost no one wore masks or kept social distance.
According to bfmtv12, French DJ “Avenger” held an audio-visual concert in nice on the evening of November 11. The venue was Anglo street, a local seaside Avenue. This street is the site of the annual nice Carnival and a place for local people to walk and relax on weekends. “It’s summer and carnival. If the city may be closed again in winter, we have to hurry up,” one participant said in an interview.
Few people wear masks (bfmtv)
The concert was crowded and almost no one took protective measures. One medical expert said, “even if only young people participate, once one of them carries the new coronavirus, others may infect their families and friends. They may have forgotten that more than 30000 people have died and the virus is still spreading.
The concert was jointly organized by the nice city government and the local radio station. Mayor esterosi also said in an interview, “I am very sorry now. The reason for approving this concert is that it has complied with the rule of no more than 5000 participants. However, the restlessness and fanatical atmosphere of the music attracted more and more people nearby. Almost no one kept a social distance or even kept a social distance Zero distance “. There will also be concerts in nice this summer, and the mayor said he would be vigilant and ask participants to wear masks and keep social distance.
People are watching a dancer (bfmtv)
After the relevant pictures and videos were exposed, there was also a heated discussion on the French Internet. One netizen angrily said, “I can’t understand, I can’t believe it, and I have no sense of responsibility”; another netizen questioned that “everyone stayed at home for two months, just for this? Are they crazy? Some netizens jokingly said, “this is dancing with the virus.”.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 170752 cases and 30004 deaths were reported in 10 countries, according to the data released by the Ministry of health of France. Experts are worried that the French have been accused of lax compliance with health and epidemic prevention regulations at this stage. Jean Francois delfleiscy, chairman of the French Scientific Council, said the French people’s sense of social distance was increasingly lost. This laxity was particularly serious among young people, as evidenced by photos of crowded outdoor seats in some cafes.

Trump epidemic prevention and Control Full Score

On the 16th of local time, President trump of the United States and his team held a press conference on the current epidemic in the White House. At the conference, trump commented that his anti epidemic policy was very excellent and he gave a very good call to himself. He also said that he took over an outdated system from his previous post, and he used the existing system and made improvements, which was very good.

Feng Timo and pan Weibo

Speaking of fengtimo, it can be said that she is a very special female artist. Both the entertainment circle and the live broadcasting circle have participated in it. It has to be said that Feng Timo recently stepped on the scene of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s cross year concert.
We all know that van tilmer is a shorter girl, but she has absolutely no short body. As you can see from the picture below, the vontimo curve of the high-heeled shoes on the ship is really beautiful. In addition, fengtimo’s face is very good, and the whole is very good.
Jiangsu TV’s new year’s party this year can be said to be very brilliant. As everyone who has seen it knows, Jiangsu new year’s party often invites some familiar stars, old stars.
On this basis, Jiangsu Satellite TV has made some upgrades this year. Wang Xi, the chief producer of Jiangsu new year’s Gala, said that many new generation singers have been invited to sing on the same stage with old stars, among which pan Weibo and Feng Timo’s on the same stage are a typical pair.
Feng Timo’s sudden appearance in Macao’s golden light variety hall caused fans to scream and attracted many media. I also answered the doubts of the whole show.
From the interview, we can see that Feng Timo’s mental state is very good, and his performance is calm and calm, sharing the experience of Macao with you.
Compared with the small space of the live broadcast room, the Macao golden light variety hall is quite magnificent. Although she is small, she will shine at the new year’s concert. Mushrooms have also been gathered in Macao’s golden light variety hall to help Feng Timo.
The guests of Macao variety hall are very strong. There are many first-line singers here, and some are leaders in Chinese music. After the program list of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s cross year concert was released, Feng Timo’s arrangement is also perfect.
Nicholas Tse was the first one to appear on the stage and stayed for a long time. The classic old songs are full of memories. The time of other singers is longer than that of Feng Timo, but his performance has not been affected.
Needless to say, many people have heard his “happy worship”. In that era when there was no intelligent machine, many people used MP4 to install this song and listened to it every day. At that time, the original songs were pan Weibo and Zhang Shaohan, and the part of Zhang Shaohan was sung by Feng Timo.
Feng Timo has been a singer for a long time. Although many people still have the impression of her on the Internet, no one in the Buddhist Department hasn’t heard that song. Last year, it was even more popular in the streets.
This time, fengtimo was not only invited to Jiangsu new year’s party, but also to the new year’s Party of station B, because fengtimo has signed a contract with station B and became a anchor of station B.

The best team in Chinese women’s Volleyball

Today, the latest poster of “Chinese women’s Volleyball” was released. This time, all the girls of the women’s volleyball team appeared. It’s really amazing. I have to say that this is the most powerful Chinese women’s volleyball team.
Zhu Ting, this time Zhu Ting participated in “Chinese women’s Volleyball”, and it’s amazing that Zhu Ting played in this time is Zhu Ting himself. Lang Ping’s guidance gave Zhu ting a very high evaluation, and even joked that she was “international”.
Hui Ruoqi, who led the girls of the Chinese women’s volleyball team to “join the war”, can be said to re show the heroism of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. As the former captain of Chinese women’s volleyball team, Hui Ruoqi has different responsibilities and missions.
Zhang Changning is a girl with beautiful appearance and strong heart. This time, they will recreate the highlight on the court, and people all over the country and even the world will share the highlights with them.
Ding Xia. This time, the lineup of Chinese women’s volleyball team is extremely strong. There are not only tiantuan composed of Chinese women’s volleyball girls, but also Gongli, Huang Bo, Peng Yuchang and so on.
Liu Xiao Tong
Lin Li, they are indispensable members of the Chinese women’s volleyball team
Yao di
Xu Yunli, from their faces, we can see the spirit of unyielding.
Yan Ni
Gong Xiangyu. Director Chen Kexin commented on them. From them, we can see the light, the light of victory.
Yuan Xinyue. The latest poster of Chinese women’s volleyball team was released. All the Olympic champion players participated in it to represent the strongest team of Chinese women’s volleyball team. We are looking forward to Gong Li, Huang Bo and Peng Yuchang to have a better performance with Chinese women’s volleyball girls.

Twins Killer Global Box Office

“Gemini Killer” was released in North America on October 11 and has been released for 10 days, but only $20.5 million in box office in North America. On Sunday, the global box office totaled $118.7 million. The Chinese market, which was originally optimistic, has only made a $20 million box office for the entire weekend since its release on the 18th.

It is reported that the film cost is about 140 million US dollars, in addition to about 100 million US dollars in marketing costs. According to sources and box office analysts, the film may eventually face a loss of $75 million, or even more.

“Hollywood Reporter” wrote in the article: “Even the Oscar-winning director and one of the most popular actors in the world can’t save the “Gemini Killer” at the box office.”

Gemini Killer Box Office Forecast
It is reported that the film cost is about 140 million US dollars, in addition to about 100 million US dollars in marketing costs. According to sources and box office analysts, the film may eventually face a loss of $75 million, or even more.

“Joker” scored an unbeaten box office on the second weekend of North America. The film topped the $55 million box office on the Columbus Day weekend, down only 42.8% from the previous weekend.

The box office revenue for the second week of the film exceeded industry forecasts, which were mostly around $48 million or even lower. The film, directed by Todd Phillips, currently has a $192.7 million box office in the US, breaking the $96 million first-week box office record set in October last year.

The film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, barely faces competition from two new films, The Addams Family and Gemini Man. The remake of the cartoon from the classic TV show won a box office of about $30 million on the first weekend of the show, ranking second in the US domestic box office.

The “Gemini Killer” directed by the famous director Ang Lee, despite his starring Will Smith, failed to bring dazzling achievements to Paramount Pictures. According to reports, the $140 million action movie won a box office of approximately $20.5 million in North America. The initial prediction was that the “Gemini Killer” and “Adams Family” would compete fiercely for the second place, but the latter easily won the runner-up.

“Gemini Killer” got a bad evaluation from the film critics, and the support rate on rotten tomatoes was only 25%. However, the audience had a better attitude towards the film and gave it an average “B+” rating on CinemaScore.