Give birth to nine baby man add 10th baby

9月 28, 2020 未分类

Remember the couple who had nine babies in Guangxi after 90? In July, a couple from Guangxi after 90, Wei Guo, born in 1991 and Xiaomeng, born in 1990, became a national sensation for “giving birth to nine children”.
After being famous, what is the family’s living condition now? Recently, the media visited the family again.
Wife Xiaomeng is carrying the 10th baby in her stomach, and she will be born soon. The pre delivery period will be around the national day. When the baby is born, there will be 12 people in the family.
Despite its popularity in the country, the family’s life has not changed substantially, and they still live in small buildings with 150 square meters of government subsidies donated by enterprises. The government also arranged a public welfare post for the men.
Although she was about to have a baby, the wife still cooked, brought children, and planted the fields. It was not a matter for her to have children.
The wife didn’t go to the hospital when she had four children before she was born. The mother-in-law would take over, so she was born at home, because it would save a lot of money. When she was born, she had no scissors in her family, and she cut off the baby’s cord with a sickle.
It cost more than 6000 to have six children. This should be the lowest production cost in the country, but because of the birth of too many children, it also brought about the physical damage to the post-90s woman. The whole body was dragged down and all over the body was sick.
The 90 year old wife is only 30, but she looks like a fifty year old woman because of overwork and a withered face.
The couple firmly said that after having the 10th child, they would never have any more, enough.
Because of poverty, the house basically has no furniture. The most prominent one is a few big beds, occupying nearly half of the space in the house. These beds are now 11 people asleep.
The eldest, the second, the third and the fourth are both in school, and the fifth and sixth go to kindergarten. Because the school is far away, older children are boarding in the school.
The couple can not care for so many children, basically is to let go. The 12-year-old boss takes on the responsibility of taking care of younger brothers and sisters. At present, the division of family is to take care of the small and the small.
Why have so many children? The husband Wei Guo’s explanation has caused great controversy. He said his wife was ill, so he couldn’t have contraception. He can’t use condoms when he has given condoms in the hospital.
He refused to ligate, believing that men would damage the body, worried that in case of losing their ability to work, no one came to support the home.
There was a previous claim that the family was living more to eat subsidies, and the village gave them a class a subsistence allowance of 350 yuan per month. It is also the highest level of low-level insurance, so that their family can get more than 4000 yuan of low-income per month.
By the time the tenth child was born, the income of the family would be 350 yuan more each month. The more than 300 yuan that comes out this month is of great significance to their families.
The village cadres revealed that “the couple have a more traditional idea, and they insist that more children and more happiness”. So they have so many children, mainly from their own will.
“What if you don’t care about it?”? Wei’s response was meaningful, he said: “rest assured that after having 10 births, I will let my wife put birth control rings.”.